The World Cup of Pokemon V - Round 1

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Earthworm vs Scofield
Deep Though vs Scofield

I've set a time with deep thought on friday, I was ready since monday and that was the earliest he could do it. earthworm and I will do it either later tonight or friday sometime after deep thought.


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Style rbk vs Stallion

So yeah he still hasn't responded and it's been three days or something. Seriously, why the fuck would you sub someone in with 4 posts who rarely checks smogon >.<
Hey, if Royal Flush can't battle until midnight here at GMT -3, I'll sub him, but I would like a response from DaPlayaFlow about the time he will be online, so I can sub with the most appropriated substitute for his available time.

So please, pleeeease DPF, if you or your captain can give me some info about your available time (better if it is in GMT time), I will be happy.

Post here or send me a PM, it doesn't matter, I just need to make sure the sub can find you.

This is what I sent to Royal Flush on the first day:
DaPlayaFlow said:
Royal Flush said:
Oh hey, we must battle for the World Cup. I can play pretty much any day after midnight, GMT -3.
Ok cool, I can play from 4-10pm GMT + 11. I'll try and see if we overlap at all.
Ok, Royal Flush had the battle in his hands and for some unknown reason (prolly he was jerking off to some Gay Hentai Porn between Ash and Pikachu to relieve the battle stress calculatin damage to choose his last move) he lost to timeout on the last 2 turns. I know timeout is a rule and I know that Royal Flush didn't complain (that's because he's a pussy gentleman) but come on it happened on the last 2 turns and he would win if he didn't nap, it's not liek the time he took changed the battle/tilted the enemy or something

Here is the proof btw

Ok, he didn't have the game won but he win regardless of anything, and the time he spent before moving didn't change a thing of the battle. And yeah, I think Royal Flush didn't complain because we are almost in the round2, but that doesn't take our right to bitch around look for justice

edit: also, we have to applaud the fair play and spirit of battle Dark Lucario has
EQ KO on a Starmie at 66% is exactly a 45%~ chance so I wouldnt call the game "won".

Justice? I am justice!
Hey Rey, if you put the chance of a critical hit happening, I'm pretty sure, by my calculations, that would do 48,x%, really a coin flip. Whatever, it is still, by my considerations, a big lack of sportsmanship, but no worries, I'm not wanting to get that win.

Also at the ideal time for DaPlayaFlow, I don't know who will be available and Royal Flush travelled, so I'll do the following. I'll be at work tomorrow, but someone (probably our girl and mascot, Fallen Alice) will anounce the sub, he will go after DaPlaya, I'll just say that if you could go online just a little earlier than 4pm, it would be better, as 4pm for you is around 2am for us.

Well, I'll try to know tomorrow who will be available, Royal Flush took to much time to seriously go after you and our timezone are really divergent.

See ya
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