The World Cup of Pokemon V - Signup Thread [UPDATED With Captains(Post #2)]

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Shoddybattle Username: husk
Country/State of Residence: Maryland, USA
Nationality: Indian
Other Eligibility: Normally play for Asia.
Team: Team Brown if it is formed, otherwise Asia.
Shoddybattle Username : Pedrock
Country/State of Residence : Brazil
Nationality : Brazilian
Other Eligibility : Latin America

I also support Quantum Mechanics as captain of Team Brazil.
Shoddybattle Username: d i s, danger is sickk, lots of alts =x
Country/State of Residence: west virginia
Nationality: RUSSIAN
Other Eligibility: i can do USA south, east, europe


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Shoddybattle Username: nex_us
Country/State of Residence: United States/ New York
Nationality: Dominican
Shoddybattle Username: Pagz
Country/State of Residence: Australia/Oceanic
Nationality: Australian
Other Eligibility: Half-Italian, woo.

Lets bring it home!
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