The World Cup of Pokemon v2.0 - Representation Thread

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Preferred: USA East
Backup: South America
(I live in Puerto Rico, which is part of USA, but I guess it can also apply to South America)
green pikachu:

usa east.

all the way!!! also, would italy be europe east or west? that could be my backup. i lived there for a little while. :koffing:


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I got your message Jackal, the other format would have something new from last time except for the format. You could do something like 4 ADV, 2 GSC, 2 RBY. That way you still have ADV representation while not forgetting the older generations and then people who prefer the other gens can participate in it too. It could also be like 2 ADV, RS200, RBY, GSC.

Just a suggestion, I would say that it would be more fun but its upto you.
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