The World Cup of Pokemon VI - Round 1

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alrite so i've been in contact with McMeghan and he needs a few days to prepare, we will hopefully get our battle done this week.

Strum and Drang's last activity was the 16th of June.

I pmed JLei2k, hopefully to organize something asap.

I would be so pissed if someone on my team did that.

Have a nice day.
Yep same here. I've haxed people before, I never gave them the win, nor would I expect anyone else to do the same for me. I understand lb was just trying to do the right thing, but pokemon is a game of luck.
I beat Eternal.
A miss made the battle much easier.
gg, and gl in future battles mate
Yea, that miss blew me off really big (if it did hit, the battle would've been so easily in my favor). Which then put me in a position where I had to go sweeper on sweeper for the win and I lost.
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