The World Cup of Pokemon VI - Round 1

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It wasn't you, my dear, it was your teammate...

I'm just tired of that, once again some insignificant hax is taken like it decided the game and a bunch of people are getting annoying in mIRC talking about it

And my poor english is much better than your portuguese, so I'm not really worried =)

No hard feelings though...

And to make my post at least a little useful, everyone in my team already scheduled their matches, sorry for taking so long Jackal, and, rest assured, we will complete our matches.
Activity post. I sent Roizen a PM stating my available times on the 2nd. He responded explaining his Internet situation on the 5th, and I sent him another PM on the 7th explaining my situation. He did not respond to that PM, but on the 9th, I saw him online and sent him a VM asking if he wanted to play. He said he had to make a new team and requested to play the next day; however, I did not see him when I was online, even at the times he said he would be available in his first PM. On the 12th, I saw him online again and asked if he wanted to play; he said he couldn't and suggested playing this weekend. I requested a time range from him and am currently awaiting a response.

Just talked to Roizen in the mobile phone and he told me he's replying the pm and scheduling the time tomorrow, hopefully the battle will get done :D

The worst part is that he was in a bar, why would you go to a bar when you can stay home playing pokemon, seriously?
JCPdragonx and requiem had their match the other day and requiem dc'd. We have decided to avoid the rematch and give requiem the win, requiem had the win anyway.

GG to both.
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