The World Cup of Pokemon VI - Semi Finals

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Strong Canada and cute Atticus had their hopes crushed the same day; I'm devastated =,(

Go Oceania (except for Earthjohn)
The team that almost never existed... now in the finals... you guys make me so proud :')

Great job undisputed... I taught you well :P


Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh, Kate.......
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Okay, some final thoughts.

First, great series canada, I had been wanting to play you guys for 3 years since my first wcop because I just wanted to know how it would go. You are definitely a tough team and we definitely acknowledge that.

It's great being able to be on a team that is strong enough to win when I don't even have to play myself. Undisputed and everyone else definitely picked up the slack. So, sorry we didn't get to play krack, I'm sure it would have been a fantastic game.

And I am greatly looking forward to rematching with oceania who eliminated us in the first round last year, severely putting a damper on my summer. I will definitely not let that happen again.


acta est fabula
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something can't be ongoing if it never started and will never start in the first place -_-

man why did i let you in GP
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