The World Cup of Pokemon VII - Round 1 [UPDATE: SEE POST #1024 & #1039]

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Grind Pantera

Won vs Stigmata in probably one of the best games I've played during my time playing this shitty game. Came down to a 50/50.

To Team Spain: I am sorry I disconnected but we redid the exact same scenario and I disconnected at the 50/50 which didnt matter cause all we had to do was do the 50/50 again. Now I don't understand why people would claim I ''Faked'' the DC during the 50/50 what the fuck would that have possibly changed? I don't understand the frustration comming from the spanish team.

I really don't care, GG Stigmata thanks for the game.


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- Repeating with a missigno on his team ( but he "didn't" change anything heh ).

If he had changed something you'd have noticed during the replay (and don't bs me with "last turns" because after redoing all the battle there were barely 3-4 turns with nothing fishy on them until they reached the 50/50 scenario)
You disconnect and you replay with the exact same teams, how is that cheating?
Anyway, gg GP and Stigmata.

EDIT: Well okay, I guess that if you dc twice in a row you should consider changing servers.

Grind Pantera

I don't know, the replay proves there was no cheating.. And I explained the missingo. I posted to iconic damage calculations of Dragon claw vs Virizion. I changed one of my pokes on team builder to virizion to check its defense to make Damage Calculations. I forgot to load the team again when i challenged Stigmata again. That's why it only took me 1 second to fix that missingo thing i just had to load my team again. The replays proved nothing was changed. and if you try it yourself (Change a pokemon without moves or evs close team builder challenge someone) you'll end up with missingo lol.

Edit: This will be the last post over this shitty situation. Shows how fucking pathetic spain are and so desperate to claim an unrighteous win.
Malekith speaks for all of Spain with this post, not to mention that he probably plays for all of them. (Except Mdragon cause hes my boy)
Again with that, exactly the same you said the only time we played
You should learn to lose ;)

Shows how fucking pathetic spain are and so desperate to claim an unrighteous win.
I don't think we are the desperate, look: Spain 9-3, Benelux 6-6 lol
If Malekith the captain of the opposing team says it is over, let us put this controversy out of our he says himself, the tournament must go on

Grind Pantera

Why you PM us so peaceful and now you post this?

The battle is finished. GG, GL and the tournament must go on...
Yeah I did post a respectful message, up until I read you people are making so many false accusations. And i agree drop it. Good luck to Spain aswell.
Benelux showed us how to win a battle without skill or hax. CHEATING. I think having 5 countries on your team was not enough for you

- DC
- Repeating with a missigno on his team ( but he "didn't" change anything heh ).
- Time Out

"""""GG""""" Benelux, gl with your tourney.

"lol" is the only word worth posting and a good definition of what im thinking atm

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