The World Cup of Pokemon VII - Round 2

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A wild Zubat appears!
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Obviously since I am french I will probably be ignored, but still... I have to agree with Hipmonlee's post. Some of us have this weird thing called honour.
Yo hip. no timer clause in our matches to avoid this bs okay? Sogeking....its okay...its quite clear your team wont win this if you have to rely on time outs to win. just proves your skill as a battler! Btw akola deserves to lose anyway for abandoning his spl team. lets just make it a draw
100+ turns without any lag and suddenly in a decisive turn with 0:45 left you guys decided to blame lag in a server which was chosen by akola? And of course, all of you guys lagged at once, because that has to be the reason why no one said anything about lag until the timeout finally ocurred.
Actually, Akola said that he was lagging on all the servers before the battle.


^ Sport de raquette + Service pas rattrapé
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Rurushu, sure it was obviously necessary for us to ghost 45s for such an obviously switch like this one ^^
And we totally needed to ghost one of our best player !
is there a rule prohibiting players to act like dicks?

better luck next time, akola and team france, but I don't think that extending yan's attitude to all brazilians is in anyway fair


i've been crawling through the falling
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you are all fucking terrible lol

grow some balls seriously who the fuck are you guys


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