The World Cup of Pokemon VII - Round 2

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A free win is for the French! (They usually need it)

Why are you doing this Brazil?!

I guess if it's handed on a plate, most will eat it up


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well it was a situation in which badabing had the game won unless the mighty triple scald burn crit happened (and even then i think it was proven later that even that wouldn't win meghan the game); and despite french claims the game wasn't nearly as won as that.

go paulo y/n


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After discussion with the Tournament Directors and some outside input, we are going to rule Akola vs. yan[sogeking] in favor of Team Brazil, or in other words, as a win for yan[sogeking].

There have been exceptions to the timeout rule in the past, but after some careful discussion, we came to the conclusion that this specific case does not qualify for an exception. The only time exceptions to the timeout rule are given is usually when one side is physically prevented from making a move either due to lag or other computer related problems, as was the case in SPL with badabing vs. McMeghan where badabing's computer was lagging throughout the course of the game and ultimately caused him to timeout after being in a clear winning position. Some may bring into question the Nelson-X vs. Lamppost timeout situation as well in round 1 of this World Cup, but that is uniquely different as well seeing as Nelson-X timed out during turn 3 of the game, whereas Akola vs. yan[sogeking] was 120 turns in. I mention both of these cases because I think some people are misleading themselves with the adherence to timer clause.

The situation between yan[sogeking] and Akola bears similarities to Gouki vs. Taylor from last years World Cup. Gouki timed out, not due to lag, but due to taking too long to calc a move and received the time out loss to Taylor. In essence, a similar ruling is being made here. Akola showed no signs of lag throughout the entirety of the match and ended up timing out during the last 45 seconds of a crucial point in the game. Subsequently after timing out, Akola immediately said something in the battle chat, which leads us to believe that he wasn't experiencing any problems with lag and such, especially since he was moving fine during previous turns from what I saw while watching the game. Some may argue that Akola had a 100% victory, but we've reviewed the log carefully and determined that yan[sogeking] had a chance to emerge victorious depending on the remaining moves one of Akola's Pokemon had (two moves remained unrevealed on said Pokemon so there's absolutely no way of knowing which moves the Pokemon had). It was still anyone's game depending on the aforementioned, so it's not reasonable to argue to give Akola the win. Arguing for a replay is not feasible either due to the ridiculous amount of variables that occurred in their game.

It is the responsibility of the player to make sure they don't timeout and are cognizant of their timer for the duration of the battle. Exceptions may be granted depending on the circumstances, but in this case, we don't feel an exception applies, and as such, we're going to follow the timeout rule here. Hate it or love it, that's the decision. I know it is an unfortunate situation for Team France and for that I apologize, but I hope you guys can understand where we are coming from with this decision.
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