The World Cup of Pokemon VII - Semifinals

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pretty sure most people know this already but mostwanted is getting the win over badabing after badabing timed out in their game. i really hate doing this but the timer clause is a rule for a reason. thanks for LA for being understanding about this
so you make such a ridiculous and pathetic activity post, just to miss our scheduled time? been here waiting for myzozoa, we agreed to play at 11-12 my time and its 12:30 right now and im going to sleep. youre busy tomorrow so thats a shame man, if only you werent and i wasnt.

theres no better way to describe this than mtaba.
I lost, gg blue and west. Sorry team I just couldn't win that. Love you all it was a pleasure to work with you guys.


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Thanks to all of LA for making my (what i hope to be) last wcop amazing. You guys are all fantastic battlers and it was an honor to play by your side. To west, I believe and hope you weren't the ones making snarky remarks after every single instance of luck (except for lavos spawn, he's legit hopeless), since I'm sure you guys know how annoying those circumstances are. Either way, ggs I guess for the sake of the tournament's sportmanship people claim I've never had.

To LA, I wish you guys the best of luck on future wcops if I don't stick around, our luck is absolute shit but without my curse on the team I'm sure you guys have the skill it takes to get the blue trophy.

I guess all of you trolls can now spam "gg LA luck, bitch forever etc etc" now because it seems very fun; so enjoy it as well.

Oh yeah and best of luck to Folgorio in his League of Legends endeavors, I hope you don't quit before level 20 :)
LA people, you guys did a fantastic job, result was extremely unfair but what can we do. props to rewer for clutching it when needed, we know you had that game without the luck bro, to folg for coming back from retirement and bossing it, hanke for the same and leading us, bluewind and enzo for postponing their quits to play, noodlez for joining the better team, bro_fist for stepping up when we were in need, badabing for joining us again and doing good, am for his good display, mizuno and dc for the support, and bluestar for being an idle ass.

could possibly be the last year LA is the favorite to win it all due to all the retirements, but you guys did awesome. hopefully next year we will be just as strong and may our luck be much better than this year, we got it if that happens for sure.

congratulations to west too, lucking 4 matches to win the series is no easy feat, may your luck be just as good in finals.
Well it was a good ride. Great work guys, it was a privilege to play on a team alongside such a fun bunch of people. Thank you for being amazing and good luck to all of you in the future. :)
Well, it is time to share a couple of closing words.

Thanks LA for picking me up when I was the noob next door circa 2010. I will never forget the first invite by no other than, tito himself. Since, we have grown as a one of the strongest teams in this tournament and have made memories to cherish. It was a true pleasure working with you guys in my final tournament. I am sure you guys have what it takes to win it next year.

MizUN0, hanke, THE_F0LG0RI0, BW (Black/White), rey, brofist, badabing, noodle, am, tito, dc, Revvver

Good luck to all of you in your future endeavors!

Peace BR0s ;)
Well, now I know what it feels like to be left at the altar. And with my luck, and at this rate, that will happen too.

I normally try to not complain about hax and accept defeat graciously, but this semis round was complete and utter bullshit. West are the most undeserving finalists ever, not a single person on that roster deserves a final spot for this WC season. Latin America were a better team and outplayed West and somehow managed to lose by conditions we had no control over. If ever a winner deserved to have an asterisk by their names, this would be it.

No, this wasn't any sort of cosmic balance, karma, or whatever you want to call it, not that I believe in those anyway. If those did exist, we would have won. This was nothing short of highway robbery that allowed an unworthy team filled with unworthy players and personnel to get (notice how I didn't say "win" or "earn") a trophy. No, it wasn't "meant to be", because nothing happens because it's supposed to. West "wins" came down to: 2 crits, 2 crits + 5 hurricane hits in sand, a Focus Blast miss, and a burn + miss. Not a single convincing win in the bunch. Not a single instance of being out-teamed or out-played. West might get finals, but it is definitely not deserved, as deserve had nothing to do with this. Latin America was better. Latin America is better. LA know this, and anyone who paid any attention to this series would know that, hell West probably know that. It is nothing but a meaningless finals.

And yeah, let's reward constant asshole behavior from West, from the top to the bottom of the organization. Speaking of which... look at Scofield, thinking this final makes any sort of a difference, acting like it allows him to act like even more of an asshole than usual. You are still just the same player as before this all started, a player that has never accomplished anything. And if you did ghost any of those finals matches? You should be embarrassed if that is the best you could do. You and I both know just how much you lucked out here, no matter how you try to justify it to yourself. Funny thing though, if we won I was going to make a post bashing every single one of West players, and it would have been a hell of a lot better than your weak ass post.

I have no idea how a team can be bailed out by such improbable last minute luck time and time again. I guess the saying is true, "No one wins, one side just loses more slowly." This wasn't just "hax is part of the game" or "those are the breaks" kinds of hax, it was literally "no fucking way that could possibly have just happened" hax, in every important turn of every game. Hell, it was so improbable Smogon promptly shut down for a week afterwards rather than process it (and I should've followed suit...). West has to tell me, what demon did you sell your soul to for this? Because I obviously sold mine to the wrong one. I guess it isn't true that the devil you know is better than the one you don't...

To LA, now. First, thank you to all of our fans and everyone who supported us and helped us out throughout the regular season and the playoffs. To the players and management: we had a good run, I'm sorry it had to end that way. Semis is still plenty impressive. You all individually exceeded my expectations, you guys won, rose to the occasion, and had my back whenever I needed you guys to. I'm proud of every one of you, and you are all champions in my book, for whatever that is worth.

But fuck Lavos Spawn, and fuck this game, I'm through with it.
Maybe you should re evaluate your life if you're going to get so worked up over a bunch of temporary pixels under your username.
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