The World Cup of Pokemon VII - Semifinals

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Royal Flush

in brazil rain
is a Past WCoP Champion
Salty end I guess, and kinda sad to see the 2 teams from south america not proceeding, but still, I believe we made a good campaign.
Being an ass captain this year makes me get a different vision of WC as a whole, and that was a remarkable experience.
Anyway GG Stone and East. Like I said to Lizardman few weeks ago, I was really looking for to my boys face your team. Regardless of any hax from both sides, it was still entertaining.
late but anyways thnx for letting me on again la. solid group of dudes and it was a great ride hax and and all. hopefully we'll get it next yr. also props to rewer for being a clutch motherfucker, those games vs scim and blue were something to be proud of.

go east !
gg East... it was nice battling you guys and coming back from retirement to play this ... have fun and good luck in the finals :D

I would also like to congratulate all my teammates for the awesome campaign (Brazil's best) and I know we have potencial to go even further next year so let's keep our heads up, that's not the end of the world
Like Oceania was before you, Brazil was very classy and very nice even with unfortunate luck. We will try our best to win the civil war to make sure it wasn't in vein. Not only that, but we would all love to see Earthworm with a Harry Styles avatar.
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