The World Cup of Pokemon VIII - Finals [Won by Team USA East]

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Let's be real, we all knew East was a Beast team and would win this season from the start. Stone Cold did a phenomenal job recruiting this year.

Great Game, BKC - you have overcome hax and won. Who would've thought you would use Sun, though :eek:

Also the year of gr8astard! :D:D:D
No tie break all season = lame

However, congrats East! You guys dominated every team. It's a shame we couldn't face you in the finals to defend our title :p

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I want to thank Asia (as well as Germany and France) for being great opponents in this world cup. A bunch of really good series with you guys and you all were very deserving. I'm glad my boys at East were finally able to win it. I wouldn't have ever imagined East could be here if I look back to 2011 WCOP and it was Stone, myself and zephyr sitting in an empty IRC channel for the first week of signups. It's a testament to the work of the guys who stuck with it the last few years practicing with each other in our channel year round. So congratulations guys!

I'll do some quick shout outs here, because I guess that's what people do in these threads.

First-off shouts to Stone_Cold22: you and I would get into arguments a lot the past few years when we didn't see eye to eye on things, but I think you know it was with good intentions. You are a really good captain for our group of guys, because you are serious when needed but also able to boost team morale in the channel or on skype in a fun way. Even if guys like to troll you a little bit (I think you know what im talking about) don't think they don't appreciate you for what you've contributed to East over the past 5 years.

Next: IFM, Lamppost, Uragg, Tobes, Nails and PDC. I believe you guys are the reason East was able to get to where it is now. In 2011 were basically a group of mid level players and no names that were slated to come in last place. For whatever reason we all worked really well together, and got along well, so we were able to make it past round 1. After that we didn't just disband the channel, but stuck together and made fun of zep.....I mean kept the core together. So even if most of us have dropped off the main roster, the fact that you all stuck around to keep the channel/team chemistry going for the newer guys was really important in my opinion.

Now, I'll do shout outs to all the starters, because they've all put in an incredible amount of work this season and they deserve it.

august: Mr. Smith, I know that you had to make a tough choice coming over to East this year, but don't let people put you down for it. You are an awesome fucking dude who really cared about our team and helped bring along some of these young fools (ctc) on our squad. Even though you had a really bad luck streak this year everyone knows how strong a player you are so I don't think I need to say much more about it. Make sure you stick around after this so that I can be there to meet Ellen Smith ;). Otherwise Lizardman won't have a date.

badass: I'm glad you decided to come back to WCOP this year badass. You always add an element of hilarity to our channel and you've been a really strong battler for us. Regardless of the fact that DD Lapras is shit, you have always been a good team builder and provided our team with some really exciting battles this season. Considering you are 16 and not 20 like we all thought for so long, I'm sure we'll see you around next year and East should be really happy about that.

BKC: maboy from the norwalk. It's funny because when you tried out last year I was pretty skeptical about you. All I knew about you was you made / spent way too much time making dpp OU RMT's. You really surprised me though in the channel though. You clearly had the most metagame knowledge and were the best with numbers on our team. You really elevated your game between 2012 and 2013 turning yourself from a sub all the way to one of our premier players, you deserve congratulations for that. One of the best teammates anyone can ask for. You need to chill out on skype though =].

CTC: really really gay. Seriously. NAH but for real CTC I didn't like you at all until you came to our channel for this years cup. I think you're really misunderstood. People who think CTC is dumb couldn't be more wrong, I haven't seen many players who can think out battle strategy like you can. Your ability to see ahead perfectly is unreal. You are a very based user CTC who I hope to see around for generation 6 tearing it up and posting terrible gifs in the tournaments forum. :{|} is a terrible face tho.

dragonuser: Everyone knows dragonuser is my favoriteuser :]]]]. This man has a great ability for pokemon and an even greater taste in manga. Since you found your way onto US EAST last year I had to have you on my SPL team and I'm glad you've stuck around. You are one of the best teammates I've seen, always willing to test with anyone at almost anytime, or help build teams, anything really. You've had great success in all the team tournaments you've been in because of tha work you put in day to day.

hugo, "gr8astard": Shitty username aside, hugo is one of my favorite "new users". A lot like CTC I didn't know much about you going into this world cup other than everyone hates you for the OST drama. I'm always down for some bandwagon hate so I was skeptical myself. You also proved me entirely wrong this world cup being a huge contributor to the team and also being an awesome guy to chat with. I think I was really sold when you posted around 40 teams into our reddit database for us to share and every single one of them was a great team. There's no question you are one of the best battlers (if not the best) in the OU metagame right now regardless or what your record might have been this year. I know haters don't really bother you, but I'll still say it don't let them get to you. You should stick around for gen 6 and keep racking up your trophy count. Besides I'll need you to stay around and discuss The Breaker with me.

Jayde (aka Gayde): Normally I wouldn't do a special shout out for a random sub like yourself Jayde, but I feel like you deserve one. I just want to say that even though you got more shit from me ,and some of the guys on our team, than jasonpwn and laurel get combined in #wcop I did enjoy your presence on our team this year. Not only did I successfully convert you from anime/manga hater into One Piece fan in 1 world cup season, but I think you have the ability to do something like BKC did between 2012 and 2013 by the time next year comes around. Don't give up on pokemon yet your time has yet to come bud.

Lizardman: Ah, Lizardman. You are truly an enigma. You are a really good guy, and a smart battler, but you need more confidence in your own ability (not just your Pokemon abilities). I noticed you were quieter in the channel as the season went on, but I hope you stick around smogon for a while longer, I would miss our discussion in east channel. Just know that my collecting of your legendary words is not an insult, but a service to mankind. Now that I've said that I'll present you all (for those who haven't had it leaked to them...) with the coveted LIZBIN: . Enjoy.

Peachy: Obviously you are a strong battler and I'm glad you got motivated later on in the season so we could get you into the starting lineup (Even if the finals). You proved you are still someone to be feared nonetheless. I'm always glad to have you around as you get Lizardman riled up as well even if you have a bad taste in manga.

Shake: Luckitup, fuckitup, (BAN ME PLEASE), asshole, piece of shit :| .... no matter what people called you, you never got that upset about it this year. I thought how people started hating on you for talking some shit in a battle was really immature. They liked to forget that you were getting flamed the whole game too... so ya don't feel bad about that. Even though you are one lucky son of a bitch it shouldn't discredit your skill an ability to win games. Between SPL and this WCOP you have a combined record of 15-1, so even if there was luck you can't really dispute that good of a record with "just luck". If you stick around for next year (and if WCOP sticks around...), I'm sure you'll be one of the pillars for East.

I would also like to make quick shoutouts to: Snype, Dittocrow, Fabbles, and sirndpt who were great moral support throughout the season in our channel. Also shoutout to Fried Rhys, hope jail doesn't suck. You are all part of the family it's too bad you all can't get trophies :(. Fuck Zeph
np: Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

Edit: Shit, I almost forgot. I need to take a line or two to say thank you for Snunch. After everything you did for us last year i don't think East would ever have made it to this point without you. You are a genius and an inspiration.
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Congrats East. I'm glad that if we didn't get the trophy, you guys did (besides august, he's a (BAN ME PLEASE)). Asia had a solid run, and I'm proud to have started for a WCOP team in the finals.

Asia shout outs:

Dice--ily, never talked to you before WCOP, you're a good ass friend now. your teams suck though...

Squirrel--once a bro always a bro, log on sometime before next WCOP and actually talk to me

Yusuke--you live the dream and are the 5-1 wonderboy, we butted heads but you still did great. make new teams though...

ToF--wish you were playing at the level you did last year, but your run was still great and knew we could on you for wins.

pttp--no one loves you

Luck--i pray for your health that you learn to sleep

WhiteQueen--you are the most fabulous player and even though you didn't always perform at the level expected of a Queen, your natural fabulousness was beauty to our eyes

AkhiMarth--i cannot even hope to describe how cancerous you were to our results and to the team. what kind of member wants another team to win from the beginning ?_?

Mop--great captain, great player, etc. you turned the team that no one thought would made it to playoffs into real contenders for the trophy. glad to have played with you, look forward to doing so next year if you're around.

Sandshrewz--you're a cutie

Bryce--who are you again?

Non Asia shout outs:

Mostwanted / Soulwind / Panamaxis / Philip7086 / AB2 / Malekith --i appreciate the help you guys gave us, mw and phil especially, and really loved your presence in the chat

US East -- great finals opponents though really annoying at times, congrats on getting the trophy

LA -- for being courteous opponents with a very reasonable captain. This shoutout applies primarily to reyscarface, for keeping us punctual with our matches, being incredibly pleasant in the #wcop chat, and for properly super sleuthing his way into figuring out Brii cteamed Draco by using Sleep Talk Landorus-T on a team that had 5 Pokemon smashed by Breloom.

M Dragon / Aldaron--for hosting #wcop in a relatively okay manner.

Good job Asia, see you next year.

edit: gene isn't a bot?
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Thanks everyone for the joy of playing! My first tournament ever and I had fun :)! Congrats East on winning!! and special thanks to Brii for inviting and Mop for taking me in his arms like the sexy man that I am.

Nice run Asia, hope all of you had fun!
Good games East; although it's depressing that Asia didn't win, I'm glad that august, BKC, CTC, dragonuser, and gr8astard all got a trophy. Asia was seen as the underdog the whole tournament, and I'm glad we proved that we were formidable. I'm disappointed in a few of our games in the finals, but overall I felt like we did our best. Thanks for being such a great team everyone! :) Obligatory shoutouts are obligatory.

MoP / bitchass: I didn't know you before World Cup, but I'm glad you gave me a chance to play despite your uncertainty about whether or not I'd be an asset to the team, and I'm thankful for that. You kept everyone in line and kept the bitchassness out, and you are easily the best team captain. Between your constant eagerness to continually test teams on the ladder and see what works and what doesn't along with your "realness" and ability to help any player out, you were easily one of the most important people on the team even though you only played once. If you do leave Smogon, I wish you the best.

blarajan / why the fuck are you our starter??: I'm really glad I got to meet you from our team. You became a really good friend, and you're not too shabby at OU. At first your disappointment of not starting before Marth was manifested, and when Marth decided to jump shit, you were there to help us out! Your games vs Ohmachi and CTC were clutch, and you worked your ass off to learn OU. Thanks for everything :)

Squirrel: Indiana ftw. Despite what your record says, you're a really tough player who is underrated. Although you were disappointed with your finals match, there is nothing to be ashamed of. I'm glad I got to talk to you, and good luck in the future!

Yusuke / breakthrough: When I recruited you, I wasn't sure if you could pull through, but a 5-1 record is respectable and you definitely held your ground against some tough opponents. Despite the fact you could act like a bitchass if you didn't get to use your Zapdos / Gastrodon sand shit, you were definitely an asset to the team, and you are a good player for sure. Be sure to stay on Smogon and become involved man!

WhiteQueen / my lover undercover: The image you portray on Smogon definitely isn't who you are as a person. You may hate on a lot of people, but inside you're a really good player and person. You're pretty funny and fun to talk to, and you had some good ideas regarding teams. That comedy skit about the Asian ladies at the nail salon made me laugh for like an hour. Although you didn't do so well in the finals match, I don't think you should let that get you down. Get on IRC more often and stay out of trouble!

Luck: I knew you before the tournament, so we've had a long lasting "relationship" whether be it love/hate. You won in the finals and had some pretty clutch matches, so that was cool. Our time zones weren't the best, so I didn't see much of you; however, you pulled out when it counted!

PttP: I never talked to you before this tournament either, and you're now a close friend too. You are really clutch as fuck, and you are the 50/50 prediction Genius. Despite the fact you type like a (BAN ME PLEASE) fairy ass smarmy marmoset, you are really cool and involved. I'm glad I got to know you, and I can see why you continually do well in team and individual tours alike.

ToF: Another player I didn't see much of since he's rather busy, but he is a good player and he often was helpful to the chat. Thanks! I hope I get to know you better.

Sandz: You're cute as fuck omg. BUT YOU NEVER DREW MY DOGS.

Marth: Thanks for being a cancer, leaking information, and saying you didn't care about the tournament when you didn't have gr8 to ghost you like you did in SPL so you choked 3 times. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to the Asian team!

Reyscarface: Thanks for being a master detective and finding out I counter teamed you all after my Loom weak team had a Sleep Talk Landorus-T which Whitequeen used.

Other special shoutouts go to AB2, Philip7086, Malekith, panamaxis, Soulwind, and mostwanted who helped us out in the playoffs and finals.

Also regarding a certain user:

20:16 MoP: pocket is like the equivalent of a pocket pussy in a high security prison

Thanks for a good series East, and thanks for hosting World Cup Aldaron and M Dragon!
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