The World Cup of Pokemon VIII - Finals [Won by Team USA East]

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the worst season
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hmmm i guess i should probably get around to doing some shoutouts..

STONE - the legendary fuckin dave..... you were honestly a great captain, giving words on encouragement when we needed them but also telling us what we needed to be told when it all boiled down. i wish you were around a lil more to team build with cause i think we could have made some baller fresh teams but hey sometimes you got stuff to do that you just cant skip. im sure your borderline embarrassing public comments on my facebook about US east wcop champions will go on for months to come, and i'm 100% okay with that. ps you owe me a best of 5 dpp ou sometime

YONDIE - the steamin man himself. i had never really interacted much with you before wcop outside of a couple funny pm conversations about the stupidity of certain users but i gotta say you're one of the most laid back users ive gotten to work with. you better believe ill keep you updated about everything, cause if not who would bring girls to my bachelor party / wedding for lizardman, jayde and shakeitup?? god knows those nigs have never talked to a girl ever. forreal though come to virginia sometime. also SMITHS for life son keep it real

AUGUST - who the fuck is this guy he gave up 40% of our total playoff losses. i'd bench him next year

BAD ASS - ive known you pretty much since i got into the smogon tournament scene like 5 years ago and you've always been ridiculously consistent and a great team builder. the fact that you're only 16 fucking years old is unbelievable, your maturity and incredibly dry sense of humor led me to believe that you were probably older than me. you were always around to test and thinking of new ideas and shit for us to use, and your long term thinking vs France and Germany allowed you to pull out some clutch wins despite somewhat poor matchups. doing the smogcast with you was hilarious and i hope we can continue to collaborate on uu teams and other stuff for grand slam. also we both look like MCLOVIN fuck yeah

BKC - kevin kevin kevin. you really broke out in this tournament and showed anyone who may have had doubts about your ability that you are not to be taken lightly. for fucks sake you 6-0d a dude in stall vs stall without a spinblocker, i didnt think that was even possible. you showed people that you can be ridiculously creative when you need to be (LO KyuremB tailwind team #newmeta), but you can still go back to the basics and fuck people up with stall. you're one of BWs best stall players (except for your frontier match vs limitless man wtf were you doing) and probably one of BWs more consistent players overall. 5-1, you're a fucking monster. glad to have you back in the states too and i really hope i have the pleasure of playing with you in another team tournament sometime (hint)

CTC - ayo bear forreal u fuckin suk mang 2ez thx4pts. ok now that that is out of my system.... you definitely get a bad rap for your forum postings and some of these nigs are all like "i dont want a moron like ctc to have a trophy". if you guys think ctc is a moron then yall niggas are single celled organisms. this man (along with hugo) produces so many solid, innovative teams which is pretty amazing in a rather stale metagame like BW2. we're team mates again for POCL so lets continue to build ballin teams and tear shit up :{|} IDM all day

DRAGONUSER (COBALIONUSER) - your team building is nothing short of spectacular and takes a back seat only to your playing. your game vs whitequeen was fucking flawless and im pretty sure i came when you used that Kyurem-N team in qualifiers and then motherfuckin COBALION. you're a super laid back guy who once again emerged as a top tier player this world cup. i remember last year wcop when i was just coming back to competitive mons and i watched a qualifier match of you vs some foreign dude and you were using a deoxys-d + magnezone team. i had never seen a fucking DEOXYS-D used in my entire life (yeah i was away for a while) and i remember not wanting to face you because you were steamrolling some dude with 3 layers of spikes + sr and lil aug was scare. expect some random PMs from time to time so i can get your advice on teams (i WILL make an all special rp ttar team and it WILL be good)

HUGO - imma start off his shoutout by saying this: if any of you have a problem with what hugo did during OST, feel free to take it up with me because hugo is too good to waste his time talking to you (BAN ME PLEASE). easily top 3 BW player who builds fantastic teams and is an all around great guy. websters definition of a team player, this guy was always ready to test and constantly churning out teams for us to mess around with. we're gonna teach you adv / dpp so you can win the smogon tour too and get 4 trophies. like i said, this man does everything in 3s, including but not limited to: fighting-types, bitches, and trophies. i hope we get to play together again for another team tourney sometime

SHAKEITUP - you are the luckiest, most annoying, cocky user i have ever met and i fucking love it. 15-1 between spl and wcop cannot be attributed purely to luck. people seem to forget that you are constantly presented with bad matchups and play well enough to negate the poor matchup anyway and win (see: germany match). you had some cool ass teams and you finally started to diversify your offense at the end (seeing you use a defensive cm reuniclus was heart touching). spl team mates for life. release your true indian and bump up your 670 SAT math or imma be real disappointed in you. also if we get paired up for anything in grand slam you better believe im gonna use alomomola and beat you. idgaf if its ubers

THATSJUSTPEACHY - you clutched the finals win when we needed it. AND you're a fucking girl. what more could i ever want??

IFM - you werent too active to be honest but you were around for some tests and always gave cool teams / ideas so that was definitely helpful!

NAILS - 6 pkmn toxic protect #newmeta. use hydro pump on rain dance kingdra next time :( :heart:

JAYDE - for all the shit we give jayde he was actually pretty helpful. who knows maybe next year you'll start :heart:

TOBES - this man built some awesome hyper offensive teams that were always a pain in the ass to fight when we were testing. sorry we couldnt get you in for a real battle but you are definitely the most deserving of the trophy out of all the subs.

LAMP - your league of legend playing is what got us to the finals. thanks for always updating me on who was playing and stuff when i wasnt around to spectate. if there was a tiebreak you bet your ass you wouldve been the one playing

LIZARDMAN - you really broke out this year in superstars and even though you didnt play in finals, im confident you'd have done well. you'll make chople scrafty work one day

PDC_ - you made some cool teams. i agree with hugo ebelt gyarados blows dick though

AERIAL_ACE_TM40 - without this guy victory wouldnt have been possible

alright thats it. kegger at my house 2nite in celebration of us east victory, all are invited. date for my wedding is to be announced still but you better believe itll be a us east wedding
[18:58] <&Lavos> hey uhhh bkc
[18:58] <&Lavos> wheres your trophy
[18:58] <&Lavos> i dont see it
[18:58] <&Lavos> did we beat you guys
[18:58] <&Lavos> are you perhaps not quite as beast as you claim?
[18:58] <&BKC> uh huh
[18:59] <&BKC> have your fun now lavos
[18:59] <&BKC> east is gonna win it all next year

saved this just in case the chicken turned out to be psychic and voila


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Warning: this post contains lots of sentimental tl;dr bullshit

OK it's story time. Last year I wanted to play in WCoP but I was only eligible for East since the Europe team I had tried out for to no avail didn't exist anymore. I wasn't too fond of some of the guys on East from past interactions, but I definitely didn't want to miss out on the whole WCoP thing again, after I'd discovered how fun team tournaments could be in SPL3 (#SCOOTERS), so I joined #east for a tryout. Stone had me bo3 dragonuser, who struck me as some noob (cmon man what kind of shitty ass username is that). After I mercilessly slaughtered DU (jk it was 2-1 and close as fk), I asked Stone for another tryout. He told me it was unnecessary and invited me to the $ecret channel. There I took part in Satanic cult rituals, such as spilling blood and pkmn battling. Originally I didn't have high hopes for the team, but as I got to know everyone, I realized that we definitely had a good thing going, and we were underdogs for sure. Plus, after getting to know them, the guys I'd previously, um, disliked turned out to be pretty cool! Obviously I was a pretty judgmental little prick, even though I obviously didn't go around telling people what I thought of them (at the time anyway).

We made it to quarterfinals, with me contributing a loss after getting subbed in for IFM, and Stone decided to start me against Oceania... heh what a crazy motherfucker. That was an incredibly intense series, and my game against Stallion was probably the second most important match I've ever played (before anyone asks, #1 is SPL3 semis vs McMeghan). If I hadn't won that we would've made a R2 exit. Unfortunately I proceeded to get my ass kicked in the (semi)finals, so I wasn't of much use there, but even though we lost in the finals, we had proved a lot of people wrong and we knew that winning the entire thing was definitely realistic. Most of us went our seperate ways for the time being, vowing that next year was our year...

In January, Stone messaged me, asking what I thought of his new WCoP recruits, gr8astard and CTC. I knew gr8 as one of the better ladder players, and more recently for the shit he pulled against the mighty double01 in ST9. I had met CTC in a Skype call full of PO (BAN ME PLEASE), and we immediately found a mutual interest: laughing at jason's incredible ability to throw away won games...

[01:51] <jas0n> u got the choking story wrong
[01:51] <&BKC> oh did i?
[01:51] <jas0n> i had
[01:51] <jas0n> a +3 salamence
[01:51] <jas0n> locked into outrage
[01:51] <jas0n> with all 5 of my other mons
[01:51] <jas0n> against his toxicroak
[01:51] <jas0n> 6-1
[01:51] <jas0n> and i switched
[01:51] <jas0n> and proceeded to lose

Anyways, I knew gr8 / CTC were good players, so I told Stone they had my approval.

WCoP started, and we also added Jayde, who I'd met on the Scooters. I really liked our roster, the only team who I really didn't want to go up against was France. So, after a brief period in which I was afraid we wouldn't make playoffs, we ended up facing ze Frensh. They are a scary ass team, but seeing how we worked together to get the win there gave me this feeling like, hey, we can do this... the rest is history.



THE reason this team has gotten as far as it has. Gave me and a lot of then-unknown players chances to prove themselves, never got mad at anyone if they lost, made shitloads of teams for us (I think we got like 6 wins with that Deo-D rain last year), knew when to be serious and when to mess with us... even beat the OST9 champion with a goddamn Mantine. I know we trolled you at a bad time, but it wasn't malicious and besides I don't think there's any question that the entire team wouldn't want anyone else as the captain. Talk about a leader. About time you got a trophy!

With his once-legendary skills (LOL who am I kidding) a thing of the past, the self-sacrificing yondie stepped into the co-captain role. He had to do all the shit no one likes doing, and in addition was always helping with teams etc. Plus he's a p. based dude in general. I'll head up to Trumbull sometime and we can have a Monica vs. Rachel debate (Monica with long hair > everyone j/s!)

July here is one of the most based motherfuckers I know. Besides your obvious pkmn ability, you are just straight up, there's no other way to say it, cool. I still don't know where you pulled mixed RP Ttar from, shame it didn't get a chance to shine. Don't worry about your playoff record, luck really wasn't on your side. Plus, you smashed Dice. I could go on but all in all I'm glad you came over to East :)

I'm still in disbelief that you're not like 19, I never would've guessed. Your battling skills are undeniable and your teams are pretty sick as well. Definitely a key member of the team. You troll a bit too much but overall you're really cool and I like your music taste!

Dude, your taste in music is incredible. Shame the same can't be said about your pkmn skills. Enjoy your retirement from this shitty game!!

Despite you acting like a complete dipshit on the forums, you are actually incredibly smart. Guess the Asian isn't wasted on you. You make a shitload of good teams, are a very solid thinker... but you know all this already so idk why I'm feeding your already ridiculous ego. However I will concede that you are without a doubt the Gased Bod and US East's Victorious Secret.

When you first Skyped with us, I expected you to sound like Apu, but your voice is actually sexy as hell no homo. One of my main nigs (I'm too much of a man to say "best friends" or some pussy shit like that) on Smogon. You're obviously an extremely based teambuilder / player and you're such a nice guy it's literally painful. I'll come to VA soon so you and your neighbors will come to appreciate bands with excellent names such as Carcass, Gorguts, Massacra etc.

Oh god a BW (BAN ME PLEASE) joins the triple trophy club I think I'm gonna be sick. Seriously however even though I'm not a fan of what happened in ST9, there is no doubt you are legitimately a really good, diverse player / teambuilder, especially since in your ladder days I swear all your teams were goddamn identical. Speaking of ladder days I remember when you and I would fight all the time on there, whenever I faced you I was always like "ugh I actually have to try in this game" since you were a cut above most of the other dudes on there. As a person, you're on par with cobalionuser in terms of ridiculous niceness. You do have some sort of sick fetish (I believe you call it a "special bond" or something) for Latias which you'll thankfully have to give up when I teach you ADV/DPP. Most importantly, your accent is fucking awesome.

You get a ton of shit for the way you act and honestly you deserve it. However you've had it beaten into your head a million times already and you have been trying to improve which is good! As far as your luck goes, there really are no adjectives that can accurately describe it, it really is something else, although that isn't your fault. You've been slowly deviating from your suicide lead HO lately... maybe, just maybe, you will one day use a stall team.

I remember I first heard of you in 2011 when a friend of mine told me he got his ass kicked on ladder by someone named Princess Peach. You're cool as hell, not as involved as you were last year but you proved that you've still got it by smashing everyone in test games and clutching like a goddamn boss in the finals. Also whenever you mess with someone (mainly Lizard) you do it exceptionally well. Glad you've finally gotten a trophy :)

I think you let people mess with you a little too easily and you're not as confident in your pkmn ability as you should be. I've known you for like 3 years, going back to the semifinals of that Serebii tournament we played in. You're an excellent teambuilder and your playing is very solid as well, as shown in Superstars. You work your ass off and you're definitely deserving of a trophy. Plus, your incredible quotes are half the reason I came back for this WCoP, this year's LizBin gave me a stomach cramp from laughing so hard.

We give you a lot of shit but it's all in good fun. You're a nice kid and a good player. Also I used your team against Squirrel and it won so thanks lol! You'll (probably) start for the Scooters this year, get ready...

Man, I thought I liked using Protect... you are a cruel person. On a more serious note you helped us a lot this time around. Of course it didn't match up to your phenomenal effort last year but not many people can surpass or even match that.

Not as active as last year but you did show me a cool team I was originally going to use a modified version of in the finals and you helped me get 100% on that quiz despite being drunk at 5 AM!!

I'm sorry I didn't use Cannonball... however you are incredibly creative and you helped with teams / ideas a lot. Good guy overall, I'm sorry we couldn't get you in a game... next year for sure if you're around though!!

You're a good kid who was extremely helpful. Talk about Frontier a little less though. EBelt Gyarados is trash ~_~

Our good luck charm. Nicest chick in the world, can't ask for anything more :)

Come back from LoL (BAN ME PLEASE)

I'm glad your friends cockblocked you. Hooking up with that girl would've been disastrous. Custap Bliss lead is pretty cool btw!

My man roscoe, my boy / life coach Smith, my girl Eggy, my nigga jason, everyone in #beastaroonis... too many to list.

Thanks to all of the above for putting up with my stupid shit, whether it's raving about my girl problems, some band I've just discovered that you have to listen to, constantly worrying about the team I'm going to use, and everything else... you guys are the best.

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Congratulations East. I've always considered you as the best team since the beginning of this world cup. This is why I was disappointed to face you so early, and I had the feeling that the winner would take everything.
Special thanks to dragonuser for what he said after our battle, and for the shoutouts to our whole team.
Out of interest, recently I decided to gather player records from all of the WCoPs in the modern era (2009-present) and place them into a spreadsheet that can be seen here.

Thanks to the scripting prowess of the resplendent Earthworm, this spreadsheet also includes overall records from said WCoPs for all to enjoy. Just remember that stats can be deceiving and don't necessarily reflect a player's true level of skill =]

Also, congrats to East for winning this year!


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Wtf Ciele, why not couting 3th/4th place battles that happened in 2011. :(
They mean as much as battles of normal rounds where the winner team has already been decided, imo. :(


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Out of interest, recently I decided to gather player records from all of the WCoPs in the modern era (2009-present) and place them into a spreadsheet that can be seen here.

Thanks to the scripting prowess of the resplendent Earthworm, this spreadsheet also includes overall records from said WCoPs for all to enjoy. Just remember that stats can be deceiving and don't necessarily reflect a player's true level of skill =]

Also, congrats to East for winning this year!
cielevator clearly has nothing better to do, wut a str8 faggit :{|}
Congratulations East, impressive and neat victories since semis. Just seeing a great player like Jayde in the subs shows the hell of a roster you had (jk), and your teamwork was surely one of the best.

Shoutouts to my fellow frenchies, i definitely didn't think we would come up with a solid roster like this one back in winter when i started replaying a bit. So much that i shouldn't have played with my current motivation, but i wanted one win in this tour since my computer let me down in 2010... So thanks Ojama (and maaf!) for trusting me a bit :toast: And kinda sorry for slacking when we were qualified because we probably could have gone further, and you deserved to. (Letting play Meridian was underestimating them a little too much I guess)

Special props to Ojama for your decisive influence on teambuilding (those clutch scarftrans), well for the others at least ;( To Reymedy for bossin' your first WC, boudouche for subbing me with class, and McM for obvious reasons - ly :toast:
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