The Yin-Yang Tournament - Semifinals

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The Yin-Yang Tournament
aka Pound-for-Pound III


The main goal of this single elimination tournament is to challenge players in the array of BW metagames ranging from BW Ubers to BW LC. It also serves as a little prelude to what the Smogon Grand Slam will require from players that have their sights set on the teal trophy. Each round players will get a different BW metagame to play, which will be picked randomly by me. For those that are not aware of all the BW metagames, they are: BW Ubers, BW OU, BW UU, BW RU, BW NU, and BW LC. Let's see who can prove themselves a master of Black and White!

Tournament Rules, Guidelines, and General Information

Clauses and Banlists

By now you guys have managed to prove your prowess in five different BW metagames. To make things more interesting and further test your dominance in Black and White, you will be facing each other off in a best-of-five with one of the BW metagames being randomly left out of the series.

randInt (1,6) spoke 3, which means BW UU will be left out. You will be battling each other in BW Ubers, BW OU, BW RU, BW NU, BW LC. The choice of which to play first is determined by mutual agreement between the players. If you guys cannot agree, let me know through PM and I will randInt that too.


Omicron vs Ordile
McMeghan vs Zebraiken

Deadline: August 12th @11:59PM (GMT -5) EST


Have fun!!!
You guys have a two day extension to finish your sets. After that, it goes down to activity and coin flips. Not kidding.

Extended Deadline: August 13th @11:59PM (GMT -5) EST
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