Theorymon Ladder on CAP server

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This is just an idea I thought up while chatting with Zystral about the possibilities on Swords Dance Flygon.

What if we had a Theorymon ladder?

There could be nominations and a voting and an approval process for moves that we might want to test on certain Pokemon (for instance, Close Combat on Dragonite). Any moves that successfully complete the approval process would be open for testing on this ladder. We could finally test the merits of DD Flygon, Sucker Punch Tyranitar, and maybe even Flare Blitz Flareon.

Maybe Shoddy 2? What do you guys think?
dont want to be mean, but this is dumb. There are so many possibilities that no one would ever agree on a single one. Not to mention there would probably be like 5 people on the ladder MAX... EVER.


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You can mod your own server and do it, but neither CAP nor Smogon as a whole will support this.
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