They call me Mr.200%

Whenever I start something I can't do it casually. Thats why my buddies get mad at me and call me Mr.200%. Also at 20 years old pokemon in a casual format is boring to me. I want to start playing pokemon bw competitively. I have no idea where to start. I read up on styles. Due to my magic playing past (in which I played esper control) soo I was thinking counter or stall(which is what I really want to play) I have heard good and bad about the style in the same way that you will hear the same about control. Can anyone take me under their wing? I'll only bother you for a while till I get the basics and then you won't have to help if you don't want to. Also I could show you a few things about magic if you're interested. PM me or reply. I am sorry if this wasn't the right thread I looked for an intro thread and didn't find it.
Well, I don't do much stall, but I could help. Just a word of advice, because of the power creep stall is near impossible to play in this gen, but maybe it'll become more viable again when x/y launches.


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if you're interested in playing in vgc, stalling turns is a major component of doubles formats. you can learn more about them either on the doubles subforum under smogon metagames or nuggetbridge (which is a separate website). you're in the vgc subforum so i assume this is what you were looking for. if it isn't, lurk more.
I was looking more for a place to introduce myself and figure out how to start playing. I've been researching a little and am now leaning more towards weather

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