They see me trollin', they hatin' - Coma's arabian dont tell him he doest know yet

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Original titles suck. Just throwing it out there. I’m betting a bunch of you have no clue who I am because I don’t usually hang out in a Forum, I’m not a great battler at OU, I’m not good at tournaments, and I spent almost all my time at Smogon on C&C. I’ve written over 35 analyses, the bulk of which for Little Cup. Speaking of Little Cup, I’ve been playing it for over a year now, hitting #1 on the ladder multiple times. I’ve finally hit 1000 posts, so I’ve got a few interesting stories for y’all below, and of course, what would a 1k be without shoutouts? I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for making my stay at smogon a memorable one. Hm. Last sentence seemed as if I was quitting – I’m not.

OK – so I also bet a lot of you have questioned my gender / relationship status over the past couple of months with my name change (which was really stupid looking back), and I have a few logs about that. To everyone that I’ve trolled in the past couple of weeks, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry, but you really set yourself up for it.

Troll #1: The troll I was playing here was an old one, where I claimed that I was a female and was in a romantic relationship with ShinyAzelf.

<elDino> can't tell in channel
<elDino> Moo told me
<comatt6> k
<elDino> since she's doing art for both of us
<comatt6> lol
<comatt6> she
<elDino> moo is a girl right?
<comatt6> ...
<comatt6> who told you that?
<elDino> moo did
<comatt6> um
<elDino> was he/she trolling me?
<comatt6> i thought he was a guy
<comatt6> he said and i quote
<elDino> so did I
<comatt6> "people think that I'm a girl"
<elDino> I was really surprised
<comatt6> were you surprised when i said i was a girl?
<elDino> you're a girl?
<elDino> !!!
<comatt6> yeah
<elDino> oh wow
<comatt6> the matt part of my name was my old tutor
<comatt6> for this game
<elDino> I really don't realise any of these things
<comatt6> and he gave me my account
<elDino> o, cool
<comatt6> and i kept the name since i wanted to give him my respect
<comatt6> (after he died in afghanistan)
<elDino> ah, I see
<elDino> oh
<elDino> that's sad
<elDino> I'm sorry
<comatt6> but i realized i couldn't keep the name after that
<comatt6> yeah
<comatt6> he was really nice and stuff
<elDino> is that why you're aroma now?
<comatt6> yup
<elDino> ah, ok
<elDino> well, lemme ask Moo again
<elDino> one sec
<comatt6> wait so you don't know that ShinyAzelf and I are dating?
<elDino> huh?
<elDino> you know each other irl
<elDino> ?
<comatt6> mhmmm
<elDino> nah, that's a lie
<comatt6> no
<comatt6> i went to hong kong back in june
<elDino> no
<elDino> way
<comatt6> that's when we met irl
<elDino> how old are you?
<comatt6> well i was going there to meet family
<comatt6> elDino you should never ask a girl her age
<comatt6> 66
<comatt6> *
<comatt6> ^^
<elDino> lol
<elDino> SA is like 15 though
<elDino> I thought you were olde
<elDino> r
<comatt6> yeah
<comatt6> um
<comatt6> not really
<elDino> he's not 15?
<elDino> or you're not older
<comatt6> the latter
<comatt6> i'm 16
<elDino> ok
<elDino> well, that's cool
<elDino> and really strange
<comatt6> how is it strange?
<elDino> had you never met before>
<elDino> an you just met him over internet?
<comatt6> well we talked on smogon all the time
<comatt6> and then we friended each other on facebook
<comatt6> and one thing led to another
<elDino> wow
<elDino> that's awesome
<comatt6> yeah
<elDino> I'm happy for you guys
<comatt6> ^^
<comatt6> thanks
<elDino> how long has it been?
<comatt6> um
<comatt6> quite awhile now
<comatt6> since january
<comatt6> so that makes it 6 months
<elDino> and do you guys see each other a lot?
<comatt6> our .5yr anni is coming up
<comatt6> well i live in america
<comatt6> so no
<elDino> damn
<comatt6> but we skype and stuff
<elDino> that's nice
<elDino> how long were you together for
<elDino> before you elft
<elDino> left* HK
<comatt6> i stayed there for a week
<comatt6> i wanted to stay longer but i had to go to a science program
<elDino> did anything happen? ;)
<comatt6> as in sex?
<elDino> well, I assume you didn't go that far
<elDino> did you?
<comatt6> ofc not
<comatt6> i'm 16
<elDino> yeh, exactly
<comatt6> well i guess 16 and pregnant really isn't a good
<comatt6> um
<comatt6> example
<elDino> but, anything on a smaller scale?
<comatt6> uh
<comatt6> we kissed a little
<comatt6> but that's pretty much it
<elDino> :D :D :D
<elDino> holy shit
<elDino> that's awesome
<elDino> two people meet over the internet
<elDino> and begin dating
<elDino> I never really thought that would happen
<comatt6> we're like the younger, more asian version of lanturn314 and morm
<elDino> since my parents kinda make it like a taboo
<elDino> lanturn and morm are together?
<comatt6> omg
<comatt6> you're really out of the loop, aren't you
<elDino> yeh
<elDino> xD
<elDino> I knew you and SA were like tight
<elDino> because SA had "is in a relationship with comatt" as his custom title
<comatt6> ^
<elDino> but I thought it was just for fun
* comatt6 facepalms
<elDino> didn't realise it was actually real
* comatt6 facepalms
* elDino is embarrassed
<comatt6> it's ok
<comatt6> a lot of people were too when i told them
<comatt6> especially natgeo
<elDino> lol natgeo
<elDino> he's such a kid
<comatt6> his head pretty much spontaneously combusted
<elDino> hahahaha
<elDino> I am gonna have words with SA soon
<elDino> when I next talk to him
<elDino> since me and SA are getting along well
<comatt6> that's cool
<elDino> he's awesome
<elDino> you too
<comatt6> ^^ thanks
<elDino> np, I'm serious
<elDino> so you're from Hong Kong?
<comatt6> well my dad is
<comatt6> my mom's chinese as well but was born in NYC
<elDino> descent would be the best way to describe it
<comatt6> yeah
<comatt6> i suppose
<elDino> ah, ok
<comatt6> well i have to eat dinner
<comatt6> um
<elDino> that's pretty cool
<comatt6> i'll talk to ya in like 30 mins?
<elDino> since I live in SE Asia
<comatt6> eating dinner's cool?
<elDino> yeh, ok
<comatt6> REALLY?
<elDino> yeh
<elDino> been to HK like 3 times
<comatt6> nationality?
<elDino> nice city
<comatt6> THAT'S AWESOME
<comatt6> ikr?
<elDino> I'm English
<comatt6> oh
<elDino> but live in Brunei
<comatt6> ahhhhhh
<comatt6> ok
<comatt6> bbs
<elDino> Dad's work
<comatt6> ahhhhhhhhh
<comatt6> that makes sense
<elDino> anyway, have fun eating
<elDino> xD
<comatt6> lol

[user: Moo also helped me out with this]

01[01:21] <Moo> i didnt know that aroma x was a girl for a while either
01[01:21] <Moo> lol
01[01:22] <Moo> i had a very interesting conversation with her
[01:22] <elDino> just now?
01[01:22] <Moo> yeah
01[01:22] <Moo> just some girl talk
[01:22] <elDino> go on
[01:22] <elDino> lol
01[01:23] <Moo> i probably shouldnt go on
01[01:23] <Moo> its not suitable for all eyes :\
[01:23] <elDino> is it about her and SA?
01[01:24] <Moo> its about lots of things
01[01:24] <Moo> was
[01:24] <elDino> ok, well
[01:24] <elDino> good you guys are becoming better friends x
[01:24] <elDino> xD *
[01:24] <Moo> yeah
[01:24] <Moo> i can show you if
[01:24] <Moo> you promise not to show anyone else
[01:24] <elDino> Moo
01[01:24] <Moo> and you promise not to laugh
[01:24] <elDino> there is one thing about me
[01:24] <elDino> I never betray friends
01[01:25] <Moo> ok
[01:25] <elDino> ever
01[01:25] <Moo> one sec
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:01] <comatt6> what's sex feel like?
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:01] <comatt6> i mean, i want to wait until at least i'm 18 but
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:01] <comatt6> the way things are progressing with me and SA....
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:01] <Moo> its the best
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:01] <Moo> why wait?
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:02] <comatt6> i don't want anyone to like be calling me a slut or anything
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:02] <comatt6> b/c SA might tell his friends
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:02] <Moo> wait
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:02] <comatt6> and they don't really "approve" of me
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:02] <Moo> he lives in hong kong
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:02] <Moo> how do you guys...
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:03] <comatt6> well i travel there sometimes
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:03] <Moo> oh
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:03] <Moo> thats nice
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:03] <comatt6> since i have family there
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:03] <Moo> i heard
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:03] <comatt6> but i don't speak chinese
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:03] <Moo> that asian people have small dicks :o
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:03] <comatt6> yeah....
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:03] <comatt6> i really hope he's an exception
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:03] <Moo> i couldnt be with an asian person
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:03] <Moo> i a big cock
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:04] <comatt6> well they say love is blind
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:04] <comatt6> mm
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:04] <Moo> and wide helps too
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:04] <comatt6> how does it feel?
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:04] <comatt6> yeah
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:04] <Moo> its indescribable
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:04] <Moo> but
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:04] <Moo> its the best feeling
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:04] <comatt6> but is it really good?
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:04] <Moo> yeah
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:04] <comatt6> omg
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:04] <Moo> if only some guys could hold out long enough :\
01[01:25] <Moo> [01:04] <comatt6> 0.o
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:05] <comatt6> have you had an orgasm yet?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:05] <comatt6> during sex?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:05] <Moo> a few times
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:05] <comatt6> well endurance comes with age iirc
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:05] <Moo> i told someone
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:05] <comatt6> does it feel better than while masturbating?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:05] <Moo> to have a wank before we did it
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:05] <Moo> and we lasted like
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:05] <comatt6> oh so they last longer?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:05] <Moo> 30 mins
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:05] <comatt6> 0o
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:06] <comatt6> that must've felt amazing
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:06] <Moo> he didnt cum that much
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:06] <Moo> but the length made up for it
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:06] <comatt6> <comatt6> does it feel better than while masturbating?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:06] <Moo> it depends
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:06] <Moo> on a lot of things
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:06] <comatt6> ok
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:06] <Moo> but
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:06] <Moo> usually it does
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:07] <comatt6> have you ever squirted?? I've tried by myself but I've only gotten to do so like twice
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:07] <Moo> not during sex
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:07] <comatt6> oh
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:07] <comatt6> ok
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:08] <Moo> so umm
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:08] <Moo> why dont you wanna have sex?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:08] <comatt6> idk
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:08] <comatt6> i just don't feel like i'm ready yet
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:08] <comatt6> i've asked SA about it
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:08] <comatt6> and he didn't really give me a definite answer
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:08] <comatt6> our 1-year seems most likely
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:08] <Moo> you two
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:08] <Moo> should just get drunk
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:08] <comatt6> since I'll be in HK for it
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:08] <Moo> and fuck like rabbits
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:09] <comatt6> does being drunk help?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:09] <Moo> it helps
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:09] <comatt6> ok
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:09] <Moo> if you dont feel ready
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:09] <comatt6> ok
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:09] <comatt6> i'll make sure to tell him that when he comes back
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:09] <Moo> tell him to have a wank before
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:09] <Moo> also
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:10] <Moo> if you cum before he does
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:10] <Moo> do it anal
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:10] <comatt6> ok
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:10] <comatt6> so i don't get pregnant, right?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:10] <Moo> yeah
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:10] <Moo> but also
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:10] <Moo> it feels so good
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:10] <Moo> its really tight
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:10] <comatt6> 0.o
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:11] <comatt6> oh i bet
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:11] <comatt6> i'll make sure to tell him everything
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:11] <comatt6> so we should do it raw then?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:11] <Moo> no
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:11] <comatt6> oh okay
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:11] <Moo> use something
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:11] <Moo> to get it in
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:11] <Moo> its a tight fit
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:11] <comatt6> like what?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:11] <Moo> like
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:12] <Moo> first it'll feel wierd
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:12] <Moo> him poking you
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:12] <Moo> then it'll go in
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:12] <Moo> further and further
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:12] <Moo> and thats when it starts getting good
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:12] <comatt6> just thinking about this kind of stuff with him is getting me a little wet
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:12] <comatt6> omg
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:13] <Moo> me too
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:13] <comatt6> um
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:13] <comatt6> should i tell him to wear a condom?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:13] <Moo> it feels better without it tbh
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:13] <comatt6> okay
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:13] <Moo> maybe you should go on the pill
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:13] <Moo> a month before
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:14] <comatt6> k
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:14] <Moo> but you have to take them the same time every day
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:14] <comatt6> okay
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:14] <comatt6> where can i get them?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:14] <comatt6> since my parents'll never approve of this
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:15] <Moo> the pharmacy
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:15] <Moo> thats where i went
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:15] <comatt6> okay
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:15] <comatt6> do you need a perscription?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:16] <Moo> i dont think so
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:16] <comatt6> cool
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:16] <comatt6> and i'll make sure to use cash so my parents don't find out
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:16] <comatt6> they'd be like
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:16] <comatt6> "Jess what are you doing?"
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:17] <Moo> yeah
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:17] <Moo> its for the best
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:17] <Moo> btw
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:17] <Moo> whats your bra size?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:17] <comatt6> um
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:17] <comatt6> 27B
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:18] <comatt6> yours?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:18] <Moo> 28c
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:18] <Moo> lol
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:18] <Moo> my tits are pretty big
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:18] <comatt6> guys like that
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:18] <comatt6> i'm asian so i mean
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:18] <comatt6> yeah
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:18] <Moo> i dont
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:18] <Moo> they shake
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:18] <Moo> whenever i have sex
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:19] <comatt6> 0.o
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:19] <Moo> sounds wierd
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:19] <Moo> its really annoying
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:19] <Moo> they just bounce all over the place
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:19] <Moo> like when you jump up and down
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:19] <Moo> especially with doggy
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:19] <comatt6> omg
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:20] <comatt6> i really want to go to HK now
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:20] <comatt6> lol
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:20] <Moo> if you're asian
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:20] <Moo> why dont you speak chinese?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:20] <Moo> i mean
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:20] <Moo> what do you speak?
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:20] <Moo> lol that sounded racist :\
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:20] <comatt6> well my parents speak different dialects
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:20] <Moo> oh
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:20] <comatt6> so I couldn't talk to both of them
01[01:26] <Moo> [01:21] <comatt6> and neither dialects are mandarin
[01:28] <elDino> oh wow
01[01:29] <Moo> i guess you can see why i told you not to show it around
[01:29] <elDino> yeh
[01:29] <elDino> now I know what girls talk about all the time
[01:29] <elDino> lol
01[01:29] <Moo> not all the time
01[01:29] <Moo> but now and again
01[01:29] <Moo> we do
[01:29] <elDino> just
[01:29] <elDino> wow
01[01:30] <Moo> well
01[01:30] <Moo> tbh
01[01:30] <Moo> i've had a drink
[01:30] <elDino> oh, I see
[01:30] <elDino> [01:12] <comatt6> just thinking about this kind of stuff with him is getting me a little wet
[01:30] <elDino> that part
01[01:30] <Moo> which is why i was having such a slutty conversation
01[01:30] <Moo> hmm?
[01:30] <elDino> nothing, that's just
[01:30] <elDino> wow
01[01:31] <Moo> i guess she cant wait to have sex
[01:31] <elDino> lol
[01:31] <elDino> I can see that
[01:31] <elDino> I know her real name now
[01:31] <elDino> what's yours?
01[01:33] <Moo> dannielle
[01:33] <elDino> wow
[01:33] <elDino> mine's Daniel
[01:33] <elDino> xD
01[01:33] <Moo> o.o
[01:33] <elDino> too similar
01[01:33] <Moo> wierd....
[01:34] <elDino> yeh
[01:34] <elDino> weird*

[02:00] <elDino> amazing
01[02:00] <Moo> amazing?
[02:01] <elDino> doesn't matter
04[02:01] <elDino> Moo likes big cock
[02:01] <elDino> xD
01[02:01] <Moo> ._.
01[02:01] <Moo> well
01[02:01] <Moo> you like big tits dont you?
[02:01] <elDino> true
[02:01] <elDino> makes sense
01[02:01] <Moo> there you go
[02:03] <elDino> but
[02:03] <elDino> having big tits doesn't really matter in sex
01[02:03] <Moo> sometimes it does
[02:04] <elDino> in what way?
01[02:04] <Moo> some people like to squeeze them
01[02:04] <Moo> play with them
01[02:04] <Moo> suck them
01[02:04] <Moo> etc
[02:05] <elDino> yeh, but it doesn't really make a difference
[02:05] <elDino> in the "feeling"
[02:05] <elDino> whereas
[02:05] <elDino> having a big dick inside you
[02:05] <elDino> is different to having a small one
[02:05] <elDino> I imagine
01[02:05] <Moo> yeah but
01[02:05] <Moo> holding someones tits
01[02:05] <Moo> while you fuck them
01[02:05] <Moo> makes a difference
01[02:05] <Moo> having someone squeeze you
01[02:05] <Moo> same thing
[02:05] <elDino> does it feel good for you?
01[02:05] <Moo> yeah
[02:05] <elDino> really? I didn't know that
[02:06] <elDino> :S
01[02:06] <Moo> yeah
[02:06] <elDino> and do girls get "wet" all the time?
01[02:07] <Moo> i wouldnt say all the time
01[02:07] <Moo> but its easier to tell if a guy is hard obviously
[02:07] <elDino> lol
[02:07] <elDino> what does being "wet" really mean?
[02:07] <elDino> like, your pussy is moist/?
01[02:08] <Moo> yeah
01[02:08] <Moo> so it can open
[02:08] <elDino> oh, ok
[02:08] <elDino> and do most girls masturbate?
01[02:08] <Moo> yeah
[02:08] <elDino> wow, interesting
[02:08] <elDino> I thought it was kinda taboo for girls to do it
01[02:09] <Moo> not everyone does it
01[02:09] <Moo> and all the time
01[02:09] <Moo> but its not uncommon
[02:09] <elDino> well, I know that pretty much all guys do it
[02:09] <elDino> xD
01[02:10] <Moo> so do i lol
[02:10] <elDino> cool
[02:11] <elDino> oh, another one
[02:12] <elDino> do girls watch porn?
01[02:12] <Moo> not normally
[02:14] <elDino> but some do?
01[02:14] <Moo> yeah
[02:15] <elDino> ok

[and then later…]

<comatt6> hey
<ShinyAzelf> hii
<comatt6> um
<comatt6> so
<comatt6> i heard that you don't share the same feelings for me anymore
<ShinyAzelf> who told you that?
<comatt6> elDino
<comatt6> since i made a joke about wanting him
<comatt6> and you really have been acting like a total douche to me as of late
<comatt6> do you not have romantic feelings for me anymore?
<ShinyAzelf> I do!
<comatt6> are you sure?
<ShinyAzelf> yes
<comatt6> then why have you not shown them recently?
<comatt6> *shown them to me recently?
<ShinyAzelf> I've been very busy
<comatt6> with your ping pong camp and flirting with other cute girls?
<ShinyAzelf> no...I wasnt flirting
<comatt6> and how do i know that?
<ShinyAzelf> I cant give you proof either way
<comatt6> i understand that
<comatt6> and i want to trust you but
<comatt6> given that we really haven't been on the same page for a bit of time now
<comatt6> i don't know
<comatt6> I think i might have to reexamine what I really want at this point.
<comatt6> I'm going to ask this *once*
<comatt6> Do you really want to be in a romantic relationship with me?
<ShinyAzelf> yes
<comatt6> okay
<comatt6> now that that's all settled
<comatt6> i was thinking of going to hk again before the summer ends
<comatt6> would you like that?
<ShinyAzelf> sure!
<comatt6> ^^
<comatt6> yay
<comatt6> hey
<comatt6> then i was thinking
<comatt6> maybe when i come over we could do more then just kiss?
<ShinyAzelf> that would be great =)
<comatt6> ^^
<comatt6> i'm assuming then that you're ready for
<comatt6> um
* comatt6 whispers *sex*?
<ShinyAzelf> of course ^^
<comatt6> you better as fuck be good though
<comatt6> and one of my friends told me a way how you can ^^
<ShinyAzelf> =)
<ShinyAzelf> whatever you want
<comatt6> ok so now or later?
<comatt6> ok later then
<ShinyAzelf> *whenever
<comatt6> can't wait to see you ^^

[The reaction]

<elDino> I can't get over that pic being SA
<comatt6> lol
<comatt6> was a really young pic of him
<elDino> he looks so Chinese xD
<comatt6> ikr?
<elDino> I expected something else
<comatt6> lol
<elDino> hey comatt
<elDino> did you listen to my advice earlier
<elDino> are you gonna follow it?
<comatt6> mhmmmmmmm
<comatt6> wait - what did you tell me to do?
<comatt6> i forgot lol
<comatt6> (was tired)
<elDino> to not follow Moo's advice
<elDino> :D
<comatt6> wait
<comatt6> you told me to do something else though
<comatt6> what was it?
<elDino> BJ
<comatt6> oh yeah
<comatt6> should be fun
<elDino> DO IT
<comatt6> getting to taste his sweet cum in my mouth
<elDino> lol
<elDino> you're too horny
<elDino> xD
<comatt6> shaddap
<comatt6> what can i say?
<elDino> imma cp that part to SA
<comatt6> i'm in love
<elDino> :D :D :D
<elDino> lol
<elDino> more than that
<elDino> oh btw
<elDino> if you do give him one
<elDino> chances are
<elDino> he'll give you one back
<comatt6> ^^
<elDino> if you get what I mean
<elDino> xD
<comatt6> yuppppppp
<elDino> enjoy yourself
<comatt6> oh i will
<comatt6> i will
<elDino> xD
<elDino> you're too funny
<comatt6> ^^
<comatt6> i aim to pleaes
<elDino> please*
<comatt6> yeah
<elDino> so, what else
<comatt6> other than lusting for SA
<comatt6> nm
<elDino> he seems so laid back about it
<elDino> and you're totally in love lol
<comatt6> well
<comatt6> maybe he just doesn't feel the same way i do about him
<elDino> I think he likes you, Jess
<elDino> it's just
<elDino> 15 year old boys
<comatt6> yeah
<elDino> perhaps think a little differently to 16 year old girls
<elDino> but he
<elDino> will mature
<comatt6> i hope so
<comatt6> in more ways than one ^^
<elDino> -_-
<elDino> elDino: you're too horny
<comatt6> is that a problem?
<elDino> elDino: you're too funny
<comatt6> thanks
<elDino> that's the two phrases I need to describe you
<comatt6> lol
<elDino> wait
<comatt6> thanks
<comatt6> really
<elDino> comatthew6 in 3 phrases
<elDino> 1. elDino: you're too horny
<elDino> 2. elDino: you're too funny
<elDino> 3. totally, irrevocably, in love with SA
<elDino> you should make that you're sig
<elDino> xD
<comatt6> i can't say anything there is false
<comatt6> nahhhhh
<elDino> (it was a joke xD)

[and then there’s a bunch of random miscellany after including this:]

<elDino> why don't we go back to the original game
<elDino> my question:
<comatt6> ok
<elDino> what is a sexual fantasy of your?
<elDino> yours*
<elDino> more interesting ;)
<comatt6> 0.o
<comatt6> ummmmmmmm
<comatt6> lemme think
<comatt6> ok
<comatt6> being covered in chocolate and being licked everywhere
<comatt6> one of yours?
<elDino> wow, serious?
<elDino> xD
<comatt6> is that weird?
<elDino> not really
<comatt6> kay
<elDino> my question now
<elDino> do you masturbate?
<comatt6> not recently
<comatt6> but sometimes
<comatt6> whyyyyyyyyyy would you ask that?
<elDino> it's the question game
<comatt6> ok
<elDino> you're supposed to ask dirty ones
<comatt6> same question to you
<elDino> xD
<elDino> of course
<elDino> every guy I know does
<comatt6> how often?
<comatt6> like once a week
<elDino> erm
<elDino> whenever I feel like it really
<elDino> sometimes not for 2 weeks
<elDino> but other times
<elDino> 3 times a day
<elDino> actually no
<elDino> I've never done 3 times
<elDino> your question
<comatt6> um
<comatt6> how far have you ever been with a girl?
<elDino> make out
<comatt6> nice
<elDino> but honestly
<elDino> not really...
<elDino> it wasn't real
<comatt6> k
<comatt6> 0.o
<comatt6> what do you mean not real?
<elDino> like, it was more of a dare
<elDino> than
<comatt6> oh
<comatt6> still counts imo
<comatt6> was she pretty?
<elDino> I don't really count it tbh
<elDino> nah
<comatt6> oh
<comatt6> ok
<elDino> like I said
<comatt6> your question
<elDino> dare
<elDino> wait
<comatt6> yeah
<elDino> you?
<elDino> with a guy
<comatt6> ummmm
<comatt6> i gave a guy head once
<comatt6> (no it was not the matthew in my username)
<comatt6> ok
<comatt6> your question
<elDino> really?
<comatt6> don't tell sa
<comatt6> please
<elDino> did you like the taste?
<elDino> and I won't
<comatt6> i don't want to come off as a sult
<comatt6> *slut
<elDino> dw
<comatt6> again
<comatt6> don't tell him
<comatt6> but
<comatt6> yes
<elDino> !
<comatt6> cum tasted so nice
<elDino> ok
<elDino> don't worry
<elDino> I shan't tell a soul
<comatt6> kay
<comatt6> thanks
<comatt6> your question
<elDino> erm
<elDino> do you like the taste of your own?
<comatt6> of my cum?
<elDino> y
<comatt6> yuppppppp
<comatt6> whenever i masturbate i always lick my fingers off when i'm done
<comatt6> ;)
<elDino> are you wet right now?
<comatt6> no
<comatt6> are you hard right now
<comatt6> ?
<elDino> nope
<elDino> you're going to have to try harder
<elDino> would you ever let a girl lick your pussy?
<comatt6> uh
<comatt6> maybe
<comatt6> if she was hot
<elDino> that matters to you?
<comatt6> ofc
<comatt6> if she wasn't i wouldn't let her
<elDino> what if she was reaallyy good
<comatt6> well how would i know that beforehand?
<comatt6> ooo i'm getting a little wet now
<comatt6> ;)
<elDino> lol
<elDino> :D
<elDino> one more
<comatt6> ok
<comatt6> hurry up!
<elDino> do you own or have ever iused a dildo?
<elDino> used*
<comatt6> no
<comatt6> and no
<elDino> damn, shit question
<comatt6> my fingers are fine ^^

Was that funny? Gosh I hope so. Anyways, my next troll was aimed at user: NatGeo, another up-and-coming member of C&C. This was a funny troll imo; I got him to believe that I was dating Moo.

<comatt6> did you know that moo's a girl?
<NatGeo> yeah i heard
<comatt6> lol it's true
<comatt6> i didn't believe it
<NatGeo> awesome
<comatt6> i was like
<comatt6> are you pulling a comatthew?
<NatGeo> she has a miltank
<NatGeo> as her avatar
<comatt6> yeah
<NatGeo> implications
<comatt6> mhmm
<NatGeo> im gonna put my avvy as a tauros
<comatt6> lol
<NatGeo> just to raise suspicions
<comatt6> um
<NatGeo> B)
<comatt6> i kinda asked her out
<NatGeo> oh
<NatGeo> OHGOD
<comatt6> and she said yeah
<comatt6> um
<NatGeo> lol
<NatGeo> good job
<comatt6> thanks
<NatGeo> wait
<NatGeo> is she your age?
<comatt6> she's 16
<NatGeo> any pics yet lol
<comatt6> her facebook
<NatGeo> link me yours lol
<comatt6> MY FACEBOOK?
<NatGeo> do you have one?
<comatt6> ...
<comatt6> no....
<NatGeo> oh
<comatt6> i never needed one
<NatGeo> lol
<comatt6> lol
<NatGeo> its fine
<NatGeo> ok you link me her facebook imma friend her
<NatGeo> im already friends with ninahaza
<comatt6> lost the link
<NatGeo> and cosmicexplorer and jrank
<comatt6> it was like a week ago
<NatGeo> damnit man
<comatt6> ask her lol
<NatGeo> lol
<comatt6> lol
<NatGeo> its fine
<NatGeo> ok you link me her facebook imma friend her
<NatGeo> im already friends with ninahaza
<comatt6> lost the link
<NatGeo> and cosmicexplorer and jrank
<comatt6> it was like a week ago
<NatGeo> damnit man
<comatt6> ask her lol
<NatGeo> lol
<comatt6> jeezzzzz
<comatt6> *jeeeeez
<comatt6> the first one sounded like jizz
<NatGeo> lol
<NatGeo> you listen to lonely island
<comatt6> no
<NatGeo> look it up
<NatGeo> best shit ever
<comatt6> well
<comatt6> i don't have her fb
<NatGeo> lol
<comatt6> but i have a pic
<NatGeo> ill just ask her for her fb
<comatt6> k
<comatt6> oh wait
<comatt6> h/o
<comatt6> she doesn't have a facebook
<comatt6> i think i was looking at someone else
<comatt6> um
<NatGeo> get your facts straight man
<NatGeo> lol
<comatt6> i suffer from short term memory loss
<comatt6> like legit
<NatGeo> serious?
<NatGeo> oh wow
<comatt6> i can't remember anything that happened like up to 2 weeks ago
<comatt6> that's why i always write shit
<NatGeo> oh ok
<comatt6> that's why i'm so bad with my analysis efficiency
<NatGeo> dude
<comatt6> i constantly look on my thread search to see what i have to do
<NatGeo> nice
<comatt6> oh man i really hope i don't forget her birthday
<comatt6> dude nice what?
<NatGeo> lol
<NatGeo> when is it
<NatGeo> ill pm you
<comatt6> FUCK
<comatt6> hold on
<NatGeo> you dont remember do you
<NatGeo> also
<comatt6> June 17
<comatt6> yeah that's it
<comatt6> gotta write that down
<comatt6> k

[02:04] <comatt6> should i say that someone else told me stuff about the things that "you" "do"
[02:05] <comatt6> ?
01[02:05] <Moo> yeah
01[02:05] <Moo> idk
01[02:05] <Moo> then say
01[02:05] <Moo> ask her
01[02:05] <Moo> i dont want to in case she gets mad
01[02:05] <Moo> and breaks it off
[02:21] <NatGeo> *working up guts to ask a woman if she's a virgin*
[02:21] <NatGeo> SHIT did i just put that
1[02:21] <Moo> hehe
01[02:21] <Moo> im not
[02:21] <NatGeo> lol its fine
[02:28] <comatt6> that's where it ended
[02:28] <comatt6> ?
01[02:28] <Moo> ye
[02:28] <comatt6> i'm gonna ask him if he asked you if you've ever done it in the butt
01[02:28] <Moo> k
[02:31] <comatt6> <comatt6> wait did you manage to find out if she's ever taken it up the ass?
[02:31] <comatt6> <NatGeo> nope
[02:31] <comatt6> <comatt6> can you?
[02:31] <comatt6> <NatGeo> that would just be awkward lol
[02:31] <comatt6> <NatGeo> well put it this way
[02:31] <comatt6> <comatt6> ?
[02:31] <comatt6> <NatGeo> you guys can have a lively conversation over coffee at Starbucks
[02:31] <comatt6> <NatGeo> when you're there
[02:31] <comatt6> duuuuuuuuuuuuude
[02:35] <NatGeo> *works up the guts to ask her if she's taken it both ways*
[02:35] <NatGeo> GODDAMNIT FUCK
01[02:35] <Moo> o.o
01[02:35] <Moo> you mean like
01[02:35] <Moo> in my mouth?
[02:35] <NatGeo> uh, no
01[02:36] <Moo> huh?
01[02:36] <Moo> OH
01[02:37] <Moo> well dont tell anyone
01[02:37] <Moo> but yes
01[02:37] <Moo> i have
[02:37] <NatGeo> you mean l'rear?
01[02:37] <Moo> yeah
06[02:37] * NatGeo stitches mouth
01[02:37] <Moo> its ok
01[02:37] <Moo> actually
01[02:38] <Moo> it felt great
01[02:38] <Moo> it was the best feeling ever
06[02:38] * NatGeo ....
[02:38] <NatGeo> lol i'll keep shut
01[02:38] <Moo> i was a little drunk
01[02:38] <Moo> at a part
01[02:38] <Moo> y
01[02:38] <Moo> and this guy started talking to me
01[02:38] <Moo> before i knew it
01[02:39] <Moo> we were in an upstairs bedroom
01[02:39] <Moo> and i was on my knees
01[02:39] <Moo> it felt so good
01[02:39] <Moo> and tight
01[02:39] <Moo> at one point
01[02:40] <Moo> he fucked me so hard, my ass made a clapping sound off his body
01[02:40] <Moo> and i screamed
06[02:40] * NatGeo ....
01[02:40] <Moo> sorry if i've shared too much
01[02:40] <Moo> i've had a bit of a drink :p
01[02:41] <Moo> and afterwards
01[02:41] <Moo> he came all over my asscheecks
01[02:41] <Moo> it was so good
01[02:41] <Moo> dont tell comma though
[02:41] <NatGeo> won't
[02:41] <NatGeo> shh <------ (lol)
01[02:41] <Moo> i dont want him to think im some kind of whore
[02:41] <NatGeo> yeah
01[02:42] <Moo> it only happened once
01[02:42] <Moo> or twice :p
01[02:42] <Moo> lol
01[02:42] <Moo> i couldnt sit down for like a week
[02:42] <NatGeo> lol
06[02:43] * NatGeo seppuku
01[02:43] <Moo> ?
[02:43] <NatGeo> japanese suicide
01[02:43] <Moo> .-.
[02:43] <NatGeo> lol i kid
[02:43] <NatGeo> ill keep mum
01[02:43] <Moo> thanks
[02:44] <NatGeo> np
[02:40] <comatt6> <NatGeo> this is getting kinda awkward for me
[02:40] <comatt6> <NatGeo> she's getting into the fucking details

OK – just to clear some things up. I’m a guy. My name is Matthew. People have added me on Facebook and stuff. I’m a 17-year old high school student that lives with his mom. I enjoy Pokemon, golf, FPS video games, FPS Russia, Chemistry, and long strolls on the beach. And to clear something else up, Moo is also a male. We did that shit for epic trolling.

I’d just like to take this time to personally thank my good friends on Smogon. And morm.

(I don’t really have a lot to say on most people j/s)

The GP Team: I’m not going to list each and every one of you because you’re all awesome people who don’t get mad at me when I ask for checks. Fate, Natty, BMB, Flora, elDino, Aeron, Ray Jay, Chou, Atheno, C_P, cosmicexploer, Fizz, Ereb, Genny, Honko, jc, Nix, Ogles, Wek, zdrup, and Telamonian, thanks for taking time out of your day to make my analyses writing not suck!

Aerrow: dude in charge of the LC C&C reservation list, keeps shit in order. He’s a good guy, but we don’t talk much.

Al_Alchemist: such a great guy, and an even better LC player. I look up to him when it comes to battling, but he’s kind of a troll otherwise. No, you’re not a female. Get over it.

Badalcristiano: another awesome person, he claims L&O analyses faster than the speed of light. He’s a cool guy who I wish would come on IRC more often but our timezones are off so we don’t get to talk much.

Blarajan: we play Scrabble together. A nice friend to have, though I wish he was good at scrabble.

BlocksRcool: you quit =[

Charmander: he’s a great guy, who’s also smart to boot. Great with scripting, he created a trivia game that has like 5 questions. Um, he’s a great friend who I like talking to about random stuff (like supersoaking), and we talk all the time on IRC. Apparently black.

Crux: <Crux> you have potential to become a good user
Thanks man ^^

Darkamber8828: IT’S A GIRL! Cool person who QCs my stuff for LC and is an overall good help. Should play LC more. Good friend. Needs to get off her lazy arse and write some shit for a ladybug ^^

Delko: Good person, though we really haven’t talked much recently. Has a weird obsession with Hail teams.

Diana: an awesome person, and another member on the LC QC team. I have a lot of respect for her since she’s the only person with more BWLC analyses than me. Should ladder more. I also hope she gets her teardrop soon! (along with moo and Charmander ofc)

Don Honchkrorleone: shares a mutual liking with me for the Big Bang Theory (show).

elDino: I just wanted to say thanks for not taking this personally and I hope you don’t hate me since I will need you to GP more shit for me in the future.

Eos: another awesome user, we talk and stuff.

Iss: another awesome user who plays LC, he’s really nerdy and Asian and I can’t do anything but laugh at the photo where all he does is look at his DS and cybertron is doing the squinty eyes thing. He’s good and I can’t wait to see the day he hits #1.

Kokoloko: we’re going to hang out. We WILL.

Lady Salamence: no comment.

Lanturn314 / morm: banned deucers. Cute couple, though I’m really questioning if I should have added them (esp. the latter) on facebook.

Me: Is it weird if I have a favorite weapon?
Morm: Do you look at children when sharpening/cleaning it?
Morm: Is your favorite weapon your penis?
Me: No / no it’s the FN Scar-L

Lord_Liam: <3’s some singer that isn’t really hot.

Lucalibur: I don’t see you on anymore =[

Macle: an awesome guy, he nom’d me for a ladybug way back when. It’s really funny to see him hit on Diana on #littlecup, since he has a girlfriend and whatnot (not sure if I should be posting this). One question – is your username pronounced maycle or mahhcle?

Moo: Trollmaster general, I really enjoyed pranking NatGeo and ShinyAzelf into thinking that he was actually a cute blonde girl. He’s a great guy, a very strong LC battler, and unfortunately will be leaving for a week. He wants me to go the the UK so he can give me anal. Also he’s a perv and sucks ass.

Nails: What an awesome guy. We met on ShoddyBattle last year when he got really good at LC and only lost to like Psykout. We were big rivals during the Dppt LC era, with his second team absolutely raping my first team, but I was incredibly happy when I overtook him for #1 on the ladder. I can’t compete with him anymore though, he’s too good at everything. I need to make another kickass rain dance team just to piss him off. He also plays golf, and we need to schedule something sometime. I need to be better than you at something lol

NatGeo: a nice guy to talk to, he’s always been fun to troll. I got him twice. TWICE. He was the first person to believe that I was a female and thought that I was dating moo. I have to say that he’s gullible, but he’s a good person and pretty damn decent at LC. My first tutee, I hope nothing but the best for you. STOLE SMASHLLOYD FROM ME 9.9.

Polelover44: go red sox. Go.

ShinyAzelf: man can I write paragraphs about this guy. A great LC player, an efficient writer, and a good friend all around, I enjoy talking to him about whatever random shit comes to mind. He also did really well setting up the troll on elDino too and played along on our bigger troll back in May. He’s going to get his kanto badges in order. Sorry for trolling you into thinking about Moo and me. Also shown in Charmander’s avatar and I can’t stop laughing at his young face. I’m going to stop there so people don’t tl;dr this.

SMZ: fuk logic

TheFemaleTyrouge: is a guy. Also quit.

Tobes: hangs out on #littlecup, is another strong battler and good friend, and is an avid fan of megaman. Got a wing and I hope he votes in more suspect tests.

Xaqwais: a new friend that I recently met, we don’t talk much now but we used to play LC a lot and he beat me countless times.

EDIT: and some stuff about my contributions to smogon.
30 something analyses
1 suspect check
~a dozen amateur gp checks stamped or used as templates for stamps

So, that’s my 1k. Thanks for everything guys, and feel free to ask me anything about my life. I’m not going to troll you this time. I PROMISE.


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Thanks for the shoutout comatt. I've been a bit negligent of LC lately but maybe I'll start up again sometime soon once the server is fully functional.


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Well I could have a sex change, but I don't want to be a girl ?_?.

Good job on your post count man.

edit: o wtf you changed your name back :o good


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Yeah I'm really a dude. Sorry for trolling you, I normally don't, but I was super bored! I hope you guys don't get mad :3

Nice thread comma


to find better ways to say what nobody says
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I cant believe Ive never heard of you, you are a strong troll.


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Nice 1k, im gullible as fuck sometimes though you're a real bro

also damn there really aren't any girls on the internet
Weren't you gonna make some really gay FBI story or something?
Glad you didn't...
Grats man, it's been fun knowing you up to now. Hope we can do more stuff together in the future :D
Oh btw I'm not actually black


This isn't even my final form
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Fatecrashers tells the truth.

Should ladder more. (apparently, so does comatt)

Thanks for the shoutout, and yeah I'll get a Vine Whip Ivysaur and beat Misty for that badge or something!


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here's the deal: if you want to make a 1k thread, put some effort into it that stretches beyond just a bunch of shoutouts (this unfortunately applies to crosswords as well, which are the same thing disguised)

there are so many users now the milestone thread situation is getting ridiculous
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