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Posting this at the request of Corporal Levi

Disclaimer: This may not have been the best variant of this team and this team may not be 100% accurate since I'm doing it from bits and pieces of memory and replays, but it's still close. There was another one with Dwebble I think.

This team employs my most oft-used tactic: double <x>. But in this case, I decided 3 is better. I don't know how many versions of the team actually had Archen in it, but the Doduo+Fletch combo is still useful today. The idea is that Doduo is a beast and comes into break down Archen, Magnemite, Chinchou, Pawniard, etc. and that the rest of the Pokemon are taking Volt Switches and various rock-moves. Most of the Pokemon as you can tell have U-turn/Volt Switch and are slow. This is because getting Doduo in is very important.

BirdSpam Core

Ability: Gale Wings
Level: 5
EVs: 196 Atk / 252 Def / 60 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Swords Dance
- Acrobatics
- Flame Charge
- Roost

Doduo @ Life Orb
Ability: Early Bird
Level: 5
EVs: 236 Atk / 240 Spe
IVs: 30 Def / 30 SpA / 30 SpD / 30 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Knock Off
- Brave Bird
- Quick Attack
- Hidden Power [Fighting]

This is what's known as the bird spam core. Doduo is a more offensive, albeit less reliable Pokemon that fits in where Vullaby often does on a team. It takes sleep moderately well and can predict it's way into certain others. It's pretty straightforward, but Doduo weakens the Fletch counters and then Fletch sweeps. Both sets are fairly dated, but Flame Charge does help alot in fletch vs fletch situations. Swords Dance and Roost along with Acrobatics for the standard sweeping set. Doduo runs HP Fighting to BOP Pawniards and Knocked Off Magnemites. Brave Bird OHKOes all Fighting-types and is really hard to switch into without using a Pokemon that also loses to Fletchling.

VoltTurn Core

Chinchou @ Eviolite
Ability: Volt Absorb
Level: 5
EVs: 76 HP / 212 Def / 152 SpA / 60 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 1 Atk / 30 SpA / 30 SpD
- Hidden Power [Ground]
- Scald
- Volt Switch
- Heal Bell

The unreliable but still annoying bulky mons that Fletch doesn't break are all stopped by Chinchou (staryu, Ponyta, Slowpoke). It also brings some much needed heal bells and Volt Switch counters. It's also the chinchou switch-in which is kind of joke but I'd sacrifice my chou to weaken another with Dual Bird + Mag on the team.

Magnemite @ Berry Juice
Ability: Sturdy
Level: 5
EVs: 240 SpA / 236 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 1 Atk / 30 SpA / 30 SpD
- Volt Switch
- Flash Cannon
- Hidden Power [Ground]
- Recycle

Basically doubling up on spamming, Magnemite is a great oh-shit button when paired with Defog. It stops Fairies and generally weakens other Fletchling counters while also stopping Shellder which is a huge asshole to this team otherwise. HP Ground lets Mag take down Chinchou which is important for this team without a reliable switch. Flash Cannon rounds coverage and STAB out. Recycle is there to give MAgnemite some awesome longevity against mons like Porygon.

Mienfoo @ Eviolite
Ability: Regenerator
Level: 5
EVs: 156 HP / 156 Atk / 116 Def / 36 SpD
Impish Nature
IVs: 29 Spe
- Knock Off
- U-turn
- Drain Punch
- Fake Out

Idk what the EVs on this set were exactly but Mienfoo was needed to switch into Fighting-types, and U-turn out to Doduo, Archen, or Fletchling. Fighting-types weren't coming in on anything so I'm OK just using pivoting 90% of the time. Acrobatics was probably a better move here but Fletchling was rampant during this meta and Fake Out helped. Drain Punch and Knock off give great coverage to round the set out.

Room for one more?

Archen @ Berry Juice
Ability: Defeatist
Level: 5
EVs: 76 HP / 20 Atk / 76 Def / 76 SpD / 196 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Acrobatics
- Defog
- Earthquake

The final bird on the team is what the team needed to deal with FletchDig and reliable Defog which is paramount for a team with Mag and 2 other Birds. Fletchling was fairly rampant during this meta, so 3 checks may seem ridiculous but they really aren't. It also does a really good job of dealing with Foongus and cleaning weakened bulky offense teams once Doduo inevitably KOes itself. EQ/Flying coverage is pretty awesome, and the last move slot is reserved to get rocks up.

Missy counters are non-existent, so basically, I switch in with Foo and knock off, then U-turn out. I'm usually just burned by then, and then Fletchling can KO. I can also work on it with Mag and Chinchou.
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