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Galladite was banned in an RU Quickvote unanimously (9-0)

Mega Gallade is a major threat, no doubt about it. It wields a base 165 Attack stat, which is unheard of for RU standards, while also having a base 110 Speed stat that outpaces all but the fastest of Pokemon in RU. Offensive teams are forced to run the likes of Mega Pidgeot, Jolteon, Dugtrio, and various Choice Scarf users (Meloetta, Rotom-C, etc.) to keep from being taken apart by Mega Gallade's powerful coverage in Close Combat, Knock Off, and Zen Headbutt. Because Mega Gallade already has its bases covered in 3 moves, it is able to run Swords Dance, thus allowing it to ravage more defensive teams that rely on defensive switches to take care of powerful Pokemon like Mega Gallade. As if this versatility in a single set wasn't enough, it gets a Defense buff through Mega Evolution that allows it to take most neutral physical attacks if they aren't boosted, stomach *most* priority (looking at you, Fletchinder) quite easily, and retaliate with a powerful attack of its own. The boosted Defense also lets Mega Gallade set up on many more threats than it would be able to without Mega Evolution, and the switches it forces due to its coverage only amplifies this fact. Between its ability to perform well against offensive and defensive teams alike with just a single set, and the heightened ability to withstand revenge killing attempts, the RU Council has decided to enact a quickban on the Galladite, thus removing Mega Gallade from RU.

People who voted ban on Galladite: The entire council

Lopunnite stayed in a very close vote (4-4-1)

With a base 136 Attack and base 135 Speed stat, it's no wonder why Mega Lopunny was quickly put up on the chopping block. When you combine this with a newfound Fighting-typing and Scrappy to hit Ghost-types, Mega Lopunny becomes very difficult to switch into. What's more is that Mega Lopunny really only needs to have Frustration / Return and High Jump Kick to deal damage to most opposing Pokemon. This gives it two moveslots to either further enhance its sweeping capabilities, give it the ability to Mega Evolve against more Pokemon, or support its team. Surely a Pokemon with this much power, speed, and versatility would be ban-worthy, right? While all of these qualities make Mega Lopunny a fantastic Pokemon, it does have some drawbacks. First and foremost, it has a very difficult time overcoming bulky Psychic-types. Reuniclus, Cresselia, and physically defensive Slowking can easily take hits from Mega Lopunny. Without Ice Punch, Mega Lopunny struggles to get past Gligar. Poison-types like Weezing and Golbatare also a thorn in Mega Lopunny's side thanks to their great physical bulk and Weezing even has access to Will-O-Wisp to cripple Mega Lopunny. Amoonguss is also a decent check that fits on a larger variety of teams and can cripple Mega Lopunny with Spore. Aromatisse is also a good response to mega Lopunny that is easy to fit on defensive / balance teams. While Mega Lopunny is very strong against offensive teams, it can struggle with certain Pokemon on these teams. Mega Sceptile and various Choice Scarf users, such as Moltres and Meloetta, can outspeed Mega Lopunny and dispose of it with their powerful STAB moves. Priority users such as Hitmonlee, Fletchinder, and Gurdurr also make life difficult for Mega Lopunny. While answers to Mega Lopunny aren't super plentiful, the RU Council believes that there are enough to choose from on all team archetypes to let it remain RU for the time being. It is also important to keep in mind that a Pokemon is only quick banworthy if it is 100% broken beyond any reasonable doubts, which is slightly different than the criteria for banning a Pokemon by the normal suspect process. While on paper Mega Lopunny certainly sounds overwhelming, in practice it didn't seem nearly as game breaking.

People who voted ban on Lopunnite: HotNCold, Omfuga, New Breed, -Tsunami-

People who voted do not ban on Lopunnite: atomicllamas, SilentVerse, EonX, Afro Smash

People who abstained: Molk

Link to the original announcement: http://www.smogon.com/forums/thread...ives-read-post-89.3522572/page-5#post-5898998

Also i like how UU has held at least 4 votes that would apply to this thread since the posting of the OP but hasn't posted here at all.
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Oh I forgot to post in this thread.

Results of NU Quickbans

Altarianite quickbanned from NU
Altarianite was the only suspect that was unanimously banned. Fairy/Dragon is one of the best defensive typings in the game, and Mega Altaria proves it with the bulk and typing to set up on virtually anything. Pixilate gave it a very strong STAB with no immunities, so on most Dragon Dance sets, Mega Altaria had the room to run moves such as Heal Bell and Roost since it often only needed one attack. Mega Altaria had the perfect storm of typing, moveset, bulk, and power, leaving the majority of the tier helpless to stop it after it nabbed a boost (and the remaining few couldn't handle much beyond that). On top of the ease that Mega Altaria's physical sets could cleanly sweep the NU metagame, Mega Altaria could easily go special with Draco Meteor, Hyper Voice, and Fire Blast, punching holes through teams that way.

Lopunnite quickbanned from NU
Lopunnite has perfect neutral coverage in its two STAB moves alone, thanks to Scrappy. While defensively frail and reliant on HJK not missing / the opponent not having Protect on everything, Mega Lopunny had no trouble walking (kicking?) all over offensive teams thanks to being faster than everything barring Mega Beedrill, Mega Sceptile, Accelgor, Electrode, and some Choice Scarf users. On top of having a fantastic 136 Attack and a handful of high-powered STAB moves, Mega Lopunny sports one of the tier's most diverse support movepools. Mega Lopunny could do everything from running Fake Out to help check other offensive teams, to running Healing Wish to punch holes and set up another Pokemon's sweep, to Baton Passing Substitutes to teammates when defensive answers like Weezing came out. Mega Lopunny's flexibility was considered too much for NU, and was banned by a 8-1-1 vote from ORAS NU.

Sceptilite quickbanned from NU
Sceptilite was one of the more controversial suspects, considering that it simply took one of the better Pokemon in XY NU (Sceptile) and gave it upgrades all-around, leaving us with Sceptile+. These upgrades were pretty huge, however - Grass/Dragon is a fantastic typing on its own, and Sceptile's coverage options more than make up for the 4x weakness to Ice. Additionally, no Pokemon with access to STAB Ice Shard could reliably switch in on Mega Sceptile, meaning that offensive teams were forced to run either Mega Altaria or sack Pokemon mid-battle to check it. The boosted Speed meant it could run a Modest set and outspeed everything in NU up to Swellow, while still hitting harder than Life Orb standard Sceptile could.

252 SpA Life Orb Sceptile Leaf Storm vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Audino: 188-224 (45.8 - 54.6%) -- 7.4% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery
252+ SpA Sceptile-M Leaf Storm vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Audino: 201-237 (49 - 57.8%) -- 55.5% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

It also had the ability to run a Swords Dance set, surprising any defensive checks to the offensive special variants. All in all, the buffs for Mega Sceptile were deemed too much for NU to handle even with Mega Altaria around, and thus it was banned from ORAS NU in a 7-3 vote.

Slurpuff quickbanned from NU
The only major change that Slurpuff got in ORAS is Drain Punch, but access to Drain Punch has fixed 2 of the main issues that kept Slurpuff easily checked beforehand. First of all, Steel-types are no longer counters to the Belly Drum set - instead they are turned into complete liabilities vs Slurpuff, since only the most physically defensive Steel-types can remain checks at full HP. But the primary reason that Drain Punch became such a gamechanger for Slurpuff is that Drain Punch makes it incredibly difficult to revenge kill with priority moves. In XY NU, one of the best ways to handle Slurpuff was to KO it with a priority user such as Kangaskhan or Hariyama, both of which could take it down once Slurpuff was low on HP. But with Drain Punch, Slurpuff can easily heal away the damage it takes during its setup turn and any chip damage from Fake Outs, leaving only Poison-types as reliable answers to the Belly Drum set.

But Slurpuff also has a Calm Mind set, which although not broken on its own, can surprise and eliminate nearly all of the counters to the Belly Drum set. So, thanks to the ability to double its speed and maximize its Attack in a single turn, coupled with Drain Punch as a coverage and recovery option, Slurpuff could terrorize offensive and defensive teams alike with just a single opportunity to set up. With no real counters, very few checks, and mid-sweep recovery, Slurpuff was banned in a 7-3 vote from ORAS NU.

Dragalge not quickbanned from NU
Dragalge was the most controversial of all of our suspects, evidenced by the even vote. Adaptability sets had the potential to 2HKO the entire tier, but several members pointed out that this is no different from our other impressive wallbreakers like Choice Band Sawk and Rampardos. The difference between Dragalge and other wallbreakers was established to be its defensive typing and statistical bulk - it had many more opportunities to come in and wreak havoc on teams. Its slow Speed still holds it back, though, and being Choice-locked into any of its moves allows Pokemon with immunities or solid bulk to come in after it gets a KO and set up on it (especially after a Draco Meteor, when it's sitting at -2).

Adaptability Dragalge's raw strength is indisputable, and everyone acknowledges that. The council members who voted ban generally felt that the opportunities garnered by its bulk gave it too much room to work with, while those who voted do not ban (obviously) believed the opposite. The vote ended in a 5-5 tie, and since banning needs a supermajority (or just a majority at all), Dragalge would remain NU if it were to fall back down by usage.

Ofc 4 of the mons moved by usage, but it serves as a base to tier them if they ever move back to NU

link to announcement: http://www.smogon.com/forums/thread...ver-read-post-221.3522559/page-9#post-5897127

voters: Raseri, Zebraiken, Soulgazer, Montsegur, tennisace, Hollywood, Brawlfest, Punchshroom, scorpdestroyer, FLCL


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Houndoominite was banned to BL2 in an 8-0-1 vote

Mega Houndoom is a very fearsome threat in the RU tier. The most common set is Nasty Plot, Fire Blast, Dark Pulse, and Flame Charge. With this set alone, Mega Houndoom is able to destroy nearly the entire tier on its own. Nasty Plot gives Mega Houndoom the ability to break through bulky teams while Flame Charge ensures that offensive teams won't have an easy time revenge killing it. On the subject of revenge killing Mega Houndoom, this can even be diificult to do without it using Flame Charge thanks to decent bulk and a solid set of resistances. Even Life Orb Hitmonlee can't OHKO with Mach Punch after Stealth Rock, meaning you'll generally need something that naturally outspeeds Mega Houndoom and hits it for super effective damage. That list is severely limited to Dugtrio, Mega Lopunny, and Mega Sceptile. Of common Choice Scarf users, Meloetta is the only one that can run a super effective move against Mega Houndoom, but not only does it rarely run Focus Blast, but it also is very shaky against Mega Houndoom regardless. While Flame Charge is the best move in the last slot, Mega Houndoom can choose to run Substitute, Destiny Bond, or even Sucker Punch in the last slot if needed. Perhaps the only downside to Mega Houndoom is that it's weak to Stealth Rock, but this doesn't come close to making up for all of the ridiculously good qualities it has. Because of this, the council has decided to quickban Houndoominite to BL2, thus effectively removing Mega Houndoom from RU. Of course, this only affects Mega Houndoom. Regular Houndoom is still perfectly legal in RU.

Written by EonX

People who voted ban on Houndoominite: Molk, SilentVerse, atomicllamas, EonX, Omfuga, -Tsunami-, New Breed, Hot N Cold

People who abstained: Afro Smash

People who voted Do Not Ban on Houndoominite: nobody did lol

Results from NU quickban wave 2:

Glalitite and Pangoro are banned, Cameruptite remains

Glalitite has been banned from NU

Glalitite was banned due to the massive amount of power Mega Glalie has. With Refrigerate-boosted attacks, Mega Glalie can OHKO or 2HKO nearly every offensive threat in NU. Mega Glalie's access to Refrigerate-boosted Explosion almost always guarantees it one KO per game in all but the absolute worst case scenarios. Beyond this, Mega Glalie has a lot of different options it can use to get past the few Pokemon that can still beat it. Ice Shard lets it stop many would-be revenge killers from taking it down. Super Fang allows it to stop any defensive counter without reliable recovery, essentially shutting down Steel-types as counters, while Earthquake also gave it good coverage to hit potential counters such as Metang and Probopass.

Because of Mega Glalie's overwhelming power, it has been banned from NU in a vote of 8 ban, 1 do not ban, and 0 abstain.

People who voted ban on Glalitite: Raseri, Zebraiken, Montsegur, Soulgazer, Punchshroom, Brawlfest, Hollywood, FLCL
People who voted do not ban on Glalitite: scorpdestroyer

Pangoro has been banned from NU

Pangoro has been banned from NU due to its overwhelming STABs and power. Pangoro has the ability to 2HKO nearly every defensive Pokemon in NU, while outrunning nearly every wall, making defensive teams nearly unusable. In addition, Pangoro has a great movepool that got a huge buff in ORAS, giving it better moves in almost every slot. Pangoro is also reasonably bulky, which lets it survive most non-STAB Super Effective hits, meaning it is also a threat to offensive teams, because it is very powerful.

Due to Pangoro's ability to defeat most defensive teams single handedly, while also having the tools to threaten offensive teams, it has been banned from NU in a vote of 5 ban, 2 do not ban, and 2 abstain.

People who voted ban on Pangoro: Zebraiken, Soulgazer, Punchshroom, Hollywood, FLCL
People who voted do not ban on Pangoro: Raseri, Montsegur
People who abstained from voting: scorpdestroyer, Brawlfest

Cameruptite has not been banned from NU

While Mega Camerupt has great typing and is quite powerful, its terrible Speed tier and lack of any recovery outside of Rest led to it not being banned from NU. On offensive teams, most Pokemon can cleanly 2HKO it, while defensive teams usually have multiple Pokemon that can take it on as well. Camerupt's terrible Speed means that nearly everything outside of Ferroseed will be moving before it, allowing the opponent to whittle down Camerupt very easily. Camerupt's lack of recovery also hurts its viability as a pivot, as despite having great typing and defenses, in practice it has proven to be underwhelming.

Due to Camerupt's low Speed and lack of recovery, it has not been banned from NU in a vote of 1 ban, 8 do not ban, and 0 abstain.

People who voted ban on Cameruptite: Zebraiken
People who voted do not ban on Cameruptite: Raseri, Montsegur, Soulgazer, Punchshroom, Brawlfest, Hollywood, FLCL
Forgot to post serp here. Serperior quickbanned from NU

Raseri: Ban
Zebraiken: Ban
Bad Name Change Cased: Ban
Brawlfest: Ban
Dat Blast: Ban
Hollywood: Ban
marilli: Ban
Montsegur: Ban
Punchshroom: Ban
Soulgazer: Ban
scorpdestroyer: Ban

Contrary Serperior has been deemed clearly overwhelming for NU, and it's really no question why if you played the metagame with Serperior at all. Having a STAB base 130 Nasty Plot at your hands whenever Serperior comes in reshapes the metagame entirely, and even all of the supposed checks for Serperior can be beaten by Serperior itself thanks to moves like Gastro Acid and Dragon Tail. Serperior is so uniquely dominant that it makes Pokemon like Samurott and Feraligatr (traditionally fantastic NU Pokemon) suboptimal team choices, and transforms the metagame into "who checks Serperior better". The ability to boost to +2 in a turn combined with Serperior's naturally high speed and ability to outmaneuver its checks and counters absolutely warrants a ban from NU.

Feraligatr quickbanned from NU

Raseri: ban
Zebraiken: ???
Soulgazer: Ban
Punchshroom: Ban
Hollywood: Ban
Montsegur: Ban
Brawlfest: Ban
Dat Blast: Ban
scorpdestroyer: ban
marilli: ban
Rich Homie Cased: ???

Feraligatr has been banned from NU due to its its ability Sheer Force, which made an already top threat ridiculously powerful, as most of its common moves got the Sheer Force boost. Feraligatr has excellent typing, above average bulk, and many different options that can all destroy different kinds of teams. All of Swords Dance, Dragon Dance, and Agility are viable as set up options, and all work very well against different kinds of teams. Even a special attacker set is viable to lure in traditional checks and counters to physical sets! The amount of power Feraligatr has compared to the rest of NU is ridiculous, as many teams were forced to run multiple subpar Pokemon in hopes of beating Feraligatr.. If you want more information about why Feraligatr was banned, read some of the many great posts in this thread, such as hollywood's post here.


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Feraligatr quickbanned from RU

Gaining Sheer Force gave Feraligatr three crucial boons that resulted in its ban: the ability to hit tremendously hard straight off the bat, have the capability to run Dragon Dance and even Specially Based-attacker sets to limit its pool of checks, and accentuate the power of its already fearsome Swords Dance sets. Between its above average bulk and pure Water typing, Feraligatr found many opportunities to set up all the while being incredibly difficult to revenge kill once it got going. This significant increase in power made Feraligatr very difficult to check and nearly impossible to counter outside of a select few defensive Pokemon, especially when it employs the use of Substitute, and outside of Choice Scarf Rotom-C, very few if any Choice Scarf users have the capability to revenge kill it. In the end, the addition of Sheer Force made Feraligatr, an already good RU Pokemon, too powerful and versatile for the RU metagame to handle.

afro smash - ban
New Breed - ban
Omfuga - ban
Spirit - ban
EonX - ban
Molk - ban
-Tsunami- - ban
Hot N Cold - abstain


Banned deucer.
Grav + Sleep was banned from Doubles in a 7-1 vote with the remaining member abstaining

Simply put, sleep was balanced by the fact that its users were mediocre, and that the only viable sleep moves could be stopped by Grass-types or Goggles. With Hypnosis and Grasswhistle from fast and good users such as Gengar, Darkrai, and Skymin, Sleep was simply too much, but rather than reinstate a sleep clause (because Spore etc have been a balanced part of the metagame for a while), the council decided to use the least intrusive option to remove the broken strategy.

Stratos - Ban
Mizuhime - Do Not Ban
srk1214 - Ban
finally - Ban
Arcticblast - Ban
Laga - Ban
Audiosurfer - Ban
Darkmalice - Ban
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Kingdra quickbanned from RU

Kingdra is an extremely versatile Pokemon that depending on the set renders Stall, Balance, and Offense unviable. The Critdra set has a total of 0 viable defensive responses in the tier (unless you count AV Shell Armor Lapras as viable, which I do not), while maintaining its prowess against offense thanks to Agility. Against more offensive teams, Rain Dance Kingdra has very limited checks, and if given one free turn to set up Rain Dance, it is often "good game", this can be made even more threatening by using another Pokemon to provide Rain for it. On top of the ease with which RD Kingdra batters offensive teams, it is also extremely difficult to deal with for defensive teams do to the sheer power of LO Hydro Pump in the rain, and the fact that there are pretty muchno viable Pokemon allowed in RU that resist both Water and Dragon. And this doesn't even mention the Dragon Dance set(s) which can easily dismantle balance, and hit the opponent from the physical side unexpectedly beati. While all of these sets need a turn of set up in order to sweep, this is actually very easy for Kingdra to obtain given its good defenses for an offensive Pokemon, and excellent defensive typing with only two weaknesses, while holding some key resists such as a 4x resistance to Water and Fire. Overall, Kingdra's lack of checks and counters, and the ease with which it can set up and sweep mean that Kingdra is far to much for the RU tier and thus has been unanimously quick banned by the RU council.

Spirit - Ban
Eonx - Ban
galbia - Ban
New Breed - Ban
-Tsunami- - Ban
Arikado - Ban
49 - Ban
atomicllamas - Ban
Omfuga - Ban
Molk - Ban
Nails - BAN


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Linoone quickbanned from PU
After the most recent tier shift especially, the already extremely threatening Linoone has become even more dangerous due to offensive builds gaining more and more popularity. Linoone's lack of both defensive and offensive answers (especially ones that can't be easily crippled or are mediocre metagame picks) makes it en extremely difficult threat to be dealt with especially since PU has a decent amount of viable and great Memento users (Jumpluff and Misreavus mainly) and some very effective Dual Screens users as well. The extreme effectiveness and brokenness of this threat can be seen at its peak in the PU seasonal in which many players abused rather cheesy builds to get easy wins including Metang with Pursuit for Kadabra or Knock Off lures for Tangela even against supposedly better players that came as prepared as they could against this threat. We are sure this is the best decision to make PU a better suited tier for tournaments and laddering alike
Anty: BAN
Megazard: BAN
Magnemite: BAN
Dundies: BAN
galbia: BAN
trc: BAN
grim-: BAN
2xthetap: BAN
For the reasoning of each vote just click here


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Honchkrow QBed from RU

Honchkrow was banned for its ability to harry offensive teams with Moxie-boosted Sucker Punches, while having the power and coverage options to rip through many defensive cores. Honchkrow was also capable of running Pursuit so that it can pick off weakened foes and interfere with the opposing team's attempts to stop it from getting a Moxie boost. Furthermore, Honchkrow's various coverage moves meant that only heavily physically bulky Alomomola or Rhyperior could switch in and reliably check it, while other defensive checks, such as Diancie, Registeel, and Mawile, were at the mercy of whichever coverage moves it chose to run, whereas offensive checks, primarily faster Sucker Punch resists, were incapable of stomaching a Brave Bird. Honchkrow's incredible power and Moxie also imposed an unhealthy amount of mind games with Sucker Punch / Pursuit / Brave Bird, turning many matches into guessing games due to the reward for the Honchkrow user being so immense if they guessed correctly.



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Swagger was banned from Doubles OU

Swagger historically was considered a low-usage yet legitimate strategy to both disrupt the opponent as well as having some utility such as giving your Safeguard-protected or Lum Berry pokemon an +2 Attack boost. However, as of recent Swagger usage has really come to the forefront of competitive play and has had a profound impact on games throughout the tier.

On the initial turn of use Swagger creates a 50/50 dilemma between both the user of the move and the target, though in the vast majority of instances that dilemma is one that would not have been there at all if the move Swagger was not an available option. Specifically, examples such as a weakened bulky Thundurus against a Kangaskhan, Gardevoir, or Landorus-T are, in a perfectly competitive environment, would reward the non-Thundurus user for having played to a position where they have the definitive edge. Another commonly occurring instance is Swagger being used in situations where the players have only a few Pokemon each and switching out to remove Confusion is not safe. It's in these situations where Swagger is fundamentally imbalanced because these are the moments where the conventional counterplay, which is to simply switch the afflicted Pokemon out, is either unavailable or incredibly costly to attempt. What Swagger does in this situation is remove that element of the game and artificially induce a 50/50 dilemma. Because of this, the move has the potential to drastically alter the outcome of a game where if the option was unavailable the outcome would normally favor the player that had positioned themselves to have the greatest competitive advantage.

The council ultimately decided to straight up Ban Swagger from the tier as opposed to a complex confusion clause mod, whose main positives were preserving the strategy of self-Swagger as well as lowering the influence of other confusion moves. Self-Swagger was a very minimally used strategy that was not worth preserving with a complex clause. And one thing that our council has pride in is maintaining the tradition of Doubles OU being the only official Smogon tier which preserves Pokemon cartridge mechanics, which the Confusion Clause Mod would have broken.

Phase 1:
A. Restrict Swagger
B. Leave Swagger

if there is a majority vote on Option A in the 1st phase then we proceed to Phase 2

Phase 2:
A. Ban Swagger
B. Confusion Clause Mod
- Moves whose primary effect is Confusion will fail if used on the opponent. This will effect the following moves: Swagger, Supersonic, Confuse Ray, Sweet Kiss, and Flatter. Dynamic Punch is exempt

Phase 1 Results: 5 Restrict Swagger, 1 Leave Swagger, 1 Abstain
kamikaze17: A. Restrict Swagger
Memoric: A. Restrict Swagger
Dawgie: Abstain
Level 51: B. Leave Swagger
qsns: A. Restrict Swagger
SamVGC: A. Restrict Swagger
shaian: A. Restrict Swagger

Thus we moved to Phase 2

Phase 2 Results: 6 Ban Swagger, 1 Confusion Clause Mod
kamikaze17: A. Ban Swagger
Memoric: A. Ban Swagger
Dawgie: A. Ban Swagger
Level 51: B. Confusion Clause Mod
qsns: A. Ban Swagger
SamVGC: A. Ban Swagger
shaian: A. Ban Swagger
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