Metagame Tier Shift [OM of the Month]

Goddamn it Drampa...Quag is in UU.
Which is a quite a hit to stall teams. The tiering has been so unstable lately so Im unsure of saying whats good and what isn't.
But the posts so far have given me a general understanding.

Machamp looks like a nightmare.Vap gives me wonderful stall feelings.
And the fatasses such so hard this gen.


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Sirfetch'd, Machamp, Indeedee-F, Sceptile, Tauros, Exploud, Kingdra, Raichu-Alola and Duradulon are all banned from PU, and therefore get +30 to all stats. I will closely monitor if these nerfs are enough for some of our top hitters (namely the fighters and Indeedee-F), if not they will be banned outright.

Edit: Apparently Porygon Z and Toxtricity are also banned from NU, so they only get +20 across the board.
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