Tier Shift Tournament - Round 2

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And after many long delays brought on by various causes, we finally enter round two. I was unfortunately forced to drop a few people and this will no doubt be a mess going into later rounds, but we'll see how it goes.
  • All standard OU clauses: Sleep, Evasion, Species, etc
  • All UU and BL Pokemon gain +5 to all Base Stats.
  • All RU and BL2 Pokemon gain +10 to all Base Stats.
  • All NU and BL3 (Of which there are currently none regardless) Pokemon gain +15 to all Base Stats.
  • All battles must be played on the Pokemon Showdown! Simulator.
  1. Qwilphish vs Ciele
  2. Icicle Fissh vs Bad Ass
  3. Hyperbeem vs The Unlucky one
  4. HSA vs Laurel (Formerly Pkftmfw)
  5. Frizy vs Lunatic Lies
  6. MadBull vs XxP0RP01S3M4ST3RxX
  7. CBTerrakion vs levenl00s
  8. Dice vs youngjake93
  9. Nglittleguy vs Audiosurfer
  10. The Immortal vs Pat Labor
  11. yoshinite vs DC.
  12. BlankZero vs Cicada
  13. Chimpakt vs Houndoomsday
  14. dragonuser vs ShineD0wn
  15. SoulWind gets a pass
  16. Knight of Cydonia gets a pass
Deadline: 9 PM EST, July 20th, 2013
Won against Qwilphish, good game.

Also, there should be more than 13 pairings as otherwise you'll need to give byes in the future.
As I said in the last round thread, I'm out of town currently, and idk when I'll be able to get my match done. I had to drop from one Tour already due to this, and if I get booted from this one, even though I had that match done within the original 3 day time window...

I'm going to contact Cicada now though.

Bad Ass

Serious as a heart attack!!
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it doesn't work like that. you're going to have an odd number of people next round. it's not 'it's going to be a mess', it's going to be a completely unviable tournament.
It's not like I can conjure people from the ether.

I can try to pull in a couple more people from the last round, but there's only so much I can do about people who didn't manage to get a battle in for round 1.
lol, no I was there. It was you I didn't see. I hope you were on main server under audiosurfer because I did not see you on. That aside, you should have been on 9-10pm, which is right now.


I'd rather be sleeping
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1) I agreed to be on between noon and 4 your time (which I was, I even chatted in some of the new rooms so you could ask there) not 9-10. You just assumed I'd be able to make it just because you mentioned you'd be in then, when in fact I can't make it then.
2) Not only was I on ps main, I also was on irc and checked for you in #pokemon but didn't see you there either.
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