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  • F: IMO only F is truly deserving of S tier. It conveys a lot of useful information that's very easy to understand, i.e. don't fucking use it. The cognitive overload this prevents is invaluable.

  • S: Note: this tier viability ranking is meant to be topic-agnostic. So while S is definitely S tier for ranking Pokemon, where it tells you that the Pokemon in there is so meta-defining that you're putting yourself at a huge disadvantage by not using it, it's not so important in other domains, like pudding. The opportunity cost of not eating S tier puddings is somewhat marginal.
  • A+: The nuance of A+ puts it firmly in A territory. Sometimes the gap between S and A is so big (bigger than any other tier gap) that you need the + qualifier.
  • B: I think the distinction between "excellent" and "good but has some notable flaws" is pretty important - because that's the difference between something that's splashable and something that could cause you serious problems if you didn't consider its weaknesses.

  • B+, B-, C: Pretty self-explanatory.

This is empty but I think that's just because by their generalised usage tier viability rankings don't leave a lot of room for middle-of-the-road options. Either a tier is useful, or it isn't.

  • D: Honestly this could be replaced with C-. However it does have some very situational uses where something that is almost always universally garbage is going to be completely overlooked unless someone sticks it in a non-F tier to make a point of its niche use. However, this is incredibly rare so I wouldn't find myself putting things in D tier very often.

  • A-: Come on, lol. A tier is effectively segmented into A, A+ and S already. Everything that's "excellent" should fit into one of those three. Stop getting anxiety over ranking and lump A- into A or B
  • any other letter this viability ranking doesn't use: If it was used it wouldn't be F tier now, would it?
The tier metagame has slowly but surely become overcentralized around F much like it did with Z before it got banned. This is literally a repeat of the previous tiering format and thus the tier council have decided to suspect test F.

More updates coming soon.

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