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every RMT needs a pointless music video. plus t stebbin's voice is sexy

backstory to this RMT: Dilemia: i needed to make a 1k post, but i needed a good excuse. Loophole: RMTs are still allowed in the main CAP forum under the exact word of the law. Solution: make a RMT to be my 1k.

CAP has been a part of my life for awhile now. Two years, over four hundred posts, six projects, and one ladybug badge later, and here I stand, at 1000 posts. CAP, and the userbase around it, has taught me many things, and has been a huge amount of fun. The road to this point has been bumpy, sure, and lord knows I was an awful user starting out, but I'd like to think I'm a good one now, thanks to the trust and help that was put forth.

It's this same trust and help that I and the rest of us will have to impart to the new users, as we stand on the precipice of CAP20. This project is going to be difficult - we're going into this with a significantly different approach on moderation, a dramatically different concept process, and the benefit of a long ass PRC session's worth of debate to guide us. There's a lot of uncertainty, a lot of doubt, and a lot of confusion. But we can weather the storm, and come out all the better for it - we've done it 19 times now, what's a 20th?

i don't really have much to say I guess. i've never been fond of overly long posts, and this is no different. i just love yall and I hope we can keep being a solid community. now onto the shoutouts.

DougJustDoug you made CAP the place it is today, you lead us, and you've helped me out. benevloent dictator, may his reign be long.
Birkal while you can be notoriously hard to actually get to do things, you're still super cool, you've helped mentor me, and you help CAP be what it is today.
Deck Knight while you may have decked out, you will be missed. hopefully you can contribute more in the future
Yilx for providing great designs, some laughs, and v-creaet.
paintseagull for doing your best to try and keep the chaos in order + leading art
bugmaniacbob thanks to you i know my speed reading isn't entirely useless.
Imanalt for allowing me to make the dumb anal t joke so many times
ginganigga for helping to guide CAP and providing a voice of competitive reasoning. also your new username is racist.
jas61292 for proving that not all numbered users are bad
srk1214 like jas only with fewer numbers
DetroitLolcat go detroit lolions
DHR-107 thanks for your hard work in keeping the pre-evo project going (also im shout outing you so in the future you put in a good word for me w/ skynet)
capefeather for being the best power up in super mario bros
trc [20:04] <trc> shoutout me!!!
the showdown room / CAP meta community: it's great to see some of you starting to participate in the main process, and ya'll a part of the process just like any else of us in CAP.
the rest of the CAP community: love yall too, no offense meant if i missed any of you, there's just so many people to name and so little time.

shoutouts to the fallen:
Bull Of Heaven Theorymon DarkSlay Rising_Dusk Korski Texas Cloverleaf and whoever else i forget, rip. the best of luck in whatever you do now.

now onto the team.

Peter Molluxdeux (Mollux) @ Enigma Berry
Ability: Dry Skin
EVs: 44 HP / 44 Atk / 44 Def / 55 SpA / 66 SpD / 77 Spe
- Heal Pulse
- Acid Spray

Heal Pulse makes complete sense. it's a lava lamp pokemon, and watching lava lamps is very soothing. Pulses of light = healing properties.

also shoutouts to peter mollydeux for being able to sell insane dreams.

rising duck (Necturna) (F) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Forewarn
EVs: 85 HP / 85 Atk / 85 Def / 85 SpA / 85 SpD / 83 Spe
- V-create

it can learn any move in the game, once. so clearly the only solution is to give it the best move in the game: v-create

vary riksy (Aurumoth) @ Weakness Policy
Ability: Weak Armor
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 SpA / 4 Spe
Lonely Nature
IVs: 0 Def / 0 SpD
- Close Combat
- Final Gambit
- Giga Impact
- Heal Pulse

aurumoth is risk incarnate, and this set embodies that. first you have weakness policy, which means you have to take a SE hit, so that's risky. then final gambit kills you, risky. weak armor lowers defenses, VERY riksy. close combat drops your defenses, giga impact wastes a turn, and heal pulse heals your opponent, all very risky.

Darkslay (Cawmodore) @ Lucky Punch
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 31 HP / 55 Atk / 123 Def / 15 SpA / 66 SpD / 123 Spe
- Belly Drum
- Acrobatics
- Drain Punch
- Water Sport

cawmodore is just a cool pokemon it's a shame he was OP.

hiss snake (Malaconda) @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Harvest
EVs: 4 HP / 44 Atk / 44 Def / 44 SpA / 44 SpD / 44 Spe
- Glare
- Spikes

Malaconda is a snake. Hiss…..

Heatran (Plasmanta) @ Charcoal
Ability: Storm Drain
EVs: 124 HP / 55 Atk / 55 Def / 34 SpA / 123 SpD / 111 Spe
- Hidden Power [Fire]
- Substitute
- Protect

plasmata is just a electric/poison heatran. however unfortunately it does not gain access to any fire or steel moves so we have to improvise with hidden power. #ohmagate was dumb.


here's looking forward to a good CAP 20! remember people, even if we get frustrated, we're all here to have fun and make a fakemon, so have fun~

As for how successful CAP20 will be? Only Time Will Tell.

holy shit i can't believe i've written 1000 posts how time flies


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Hi there, this violates the official Smogon RMT rules. For each Pokémon, you must have at least three lines of descriptions. You can read the rules here. Welcome to Smogon by the way!
Hi there, this violates the official Smogon RMT rules. For each Pokémon, you must have at least three lines of descriptions. You can read the rules here. Welcome to Smogon by the way!
You're saying Welcome to Smogon to nyttyn? But yes, I think this lacks 3 lines of description and this would probably be better off in the CAP Metagame subforum.

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Needs more Kinesta.

Congrats on your 1k! I don't actually remember you being a bad user, but I know that CAP is lucky to have you committed to the project now. Creating a Pokemon might be familiar ground by now, but it's still the active contributors that make the whole thing work.

As for me, I don't think I've quit yet, but apparently thought ≠ action. That said, I plan to stick around for at least one more CAP.

Will revisit this post when it isn't 3 am to see whether it still seems to make sense.


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Dude this team is fantastic I wish I could be you. The only thing I would do is make your Cawmodore not be named DarkSlay, otherwise he'll leave in the middle of the first turn he's out.


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Just stopping by again to say I would totally like some of these posts if they weren't disabled

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