Announcement TJ and Ticken are the new B101 Leaders


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Hey guys! I'm stepping down from B101 leader due to lack of time and interest in the game. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone (tutors, tutees, other staff, etc.) that helped make the program great during the few years I was staff here. It was my favorite experience on site and I would never trade it for anything else on here, so shoutouts to bossman Plus for putting trust in me in the beginning and making it happen. With that said, TJ and Ticken will be the new leaders of B101, they have acted as my pseudo co-leaders for quite some time and are extremely deserving of leading B101 moving forward.

I'll still be around in minimal capacity w/ random tours and discords if anyone wants to talk, but for the most part this is it for me as far as being active on Smogon goes. Thanks again and see you guys around!
Thanks Shiba for carrying out this project and for your hard work.
I'm sure TJ and Ticken will continue on the right path and do their best!
I take this opportunity to congratulate them here too!


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B101 Leader
Thanks for overseeing the new gen transition and being B101's rock for 4 years Shiba! You've always been an inspiration to me as you stick in even when times were rough and that's a great attribute to have.

Farewell and I wish nothing but the best for you! Ik you'll still be on Discord so if you ever want to chat hmu!

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