TKOWL's New Art Thread

Decided to make a new art thread for myself because gah my old one got cluttered with old stuff

Hello my name is Ryan G and I've been doing art seriously for almost 2 years now. I originally started off with using Mac Paint, then finally contemplated to getting a tablet at the beginning of 2012. Since then, I've improved a hell of a lot on my general artistic abilities, but I still feel that I have a fair way to go. I was recently accepted and am going to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia when I graduate high school this year, so I hope that it broadens my artistic capabilities.

Anyway, this is just select stuff I've done in the last 35 days or so:

I also have an art blog
Monthly update, going to split this up into what is Pokemon and what is not Pokemon:

I'm officially going to University of the Arts in Philadelphia now, on my 4th quarter of senior high school with nearly everything done for my AP portfolio.
I'm really enjoying that Aerodactyl.

Cool stuff in this here thread. It'd be great if you polished up your outlines. Tedious stuff I know, but it really does make things look more cohesive and classy.

Congrats on getting your Uni placement!

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