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Hello, friends! Welcome to the first iteration of TLT (Tours' Leaderboard Tournament)! This is a Tournaments Room event that focuses more on individual play, in contrast to our usual team-tour room event known as BLT (Best "Leaderboarders" Tournament.)

What is TLT, and how do I participate?

Essentially, whenever we have a scripted tournament within the room, the top four players get a certain number of points based on the prominence of the tour. There are also four official tournaments every day, the formats of which decided on beforehand in our monthly schedule. Every time someone receives points from a tournament, it is documented by our room-bot, Lady Monita. At the end of each cycle (around two weeks), we look to see who has the most points on the leaderboard, and the top player is recorded in our Hall of Fame.

This will be the basis for the qualification for TLT.

The top sixteen on the leaderboard for the cycles in September and October will be guaranteed a spot in the 64-player tournament. Throughout the tournament, players will battle in a best-of-three format each round, with Smogon's standard tiers being the metagames played. This tournament is also double elimination, so if you're defeated once, you're still in the loser's portion of the bracket.

Good sportsmanship in the Tournaments room is required to participate in TLT. Overwhelming toxicity, collusion, or otherwise going out of your way to bypass the anti-scouting measures in the room will not be tolerated and will result in a ban from competing in TLT. If you are a victim of any of these during our room tours, please contact a staff member (with room %, @, or #) with relevant screenshots as evidence.

What are the tiers that will be played, and how will they be fit into a best-of-three format?

The tiers that will be played are:

SM Ubers
SM Doubles OU

In order to fairly determine the three of these seven tiers played in each individual matchup, players will take turns eliminating tiers among themselves. They'll both eliminate two tiers, thus leaving three tiers to be played. The lower seeded player will eliminate the first tier, followed by the higher seed player, and it will repeat in that order once more. The higher seed player picks what tier is played first of the three tiers. After that, the loser of game one picks which of the two tiers is played for game two. Naturally, game three will be played in the last remaining tier.

(Example: Eyan is a one seed, while Natalie is a sixteen seed. Natalie, the lower seed, chooses to first eliminate UU. Eyan follows with RU. Natalie then eliminates Doubles OU, and Eyan eliminates LC. Of the three tiers remaining, Eyan, the higher seed, chooses to play NU first. Eyan then loses game one, and chooses to play OU next. Should it go to game three, the game mode would be Ubers.)

How is seeding determined?

Seeding is determined through your points earned in qualifying cycles. Whoever earned the most points in all four cycles is the one seed. Whoever earned the second most points is the two seed, and so on. In the likely event of a tie in points among the 64 competitors, points earned in TLT formats will be added up for each tied user. The one with more points in TLT tiers will become the higher seed.

Qualifier Check-in

Each cycle, when the qualified users get posted, we ask these users to confirm their spots in this thread. We have a one cycle deadline for each user to confirm their spot. This means that the users who clinched their spot in the first cycle have until the end of the second cycle to confirm their spot and so on. Players who do not check-in before the deadline will lose their spot. The information that should be present in the posts are as follows:

PS! Username:

How will the substitutes work?

In the event of an inactive player, substitutes will be available for all of week one as well as the loser's bracket of week two. These players will have to have placed 17th-20th on the leaderboard in at least one cycle between September and October. The order of players picked to be a substitute is the same as seeding described above. The person with the most points of these sixteen users is the first to be substituted in, and so on.

Activity Calls & Extensions

Make contact with your opponents early! The most effective way of proving communication is to post a VM on your opponent's Smogon wall to try to set a date for the battle. If you do this via any other medium, save logs and screenshots so that in the event of an activity call, you get it to go your way. Leave time zones, preferred time to play, and be specific. If neither party displays active scheduling and the set doesn't get done, the match will be coinflipped. I will grant slight extensions if needed, though please try not to make a habit of it every week.


This will be the longest event the Tournaments Room has hosted, and is expected to last three months. If you're not willing to commit to playing one set a week for this range of time, please consider qualifying carefully.

Will there be prizes?

To encourage people to qualify, complete their matches on time and make sure they don't go inactive once the tournament starts, we will have a prize. The prize is as follows:

A nomination for Voice (+) rank in the Tournaments room: This will be awarded to the winner of the tournament. Keep in mind that this is not a guaranteed promotion and is subject to change. Each nomination will be discussed among the staff, focusing on sportsmanship throughout the tournament, activity, and chat presence. To be clear, if you're a rude or distasteful user throughout this tournament, your prize may be voided.

Custom Title on Smogon: If the winner of the tournament isn't badged on Smogon, they'll be permitted to choose a Custom Title to be applied to their profile!

Player entry in the Hall of Fame: The winning player will be recorded in the Hall of Fame which is displayed on our website for all to see!

Feel free to use this thread to discuss TLT and ask any questions you may have. However, I will be moderating this thread and will have any posts deleted that are offensive, irrelevant, or anything of the sort so do make sure to keep things civil. We hope to see you all in Tournaments chat! Good luck, and have fun!

As an added reminder: Qualifying begins when our first September cycle starts!
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