Tournament TLT VI: Tours' Leaderboard Tournament (qualifiers complete)


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Welcome to the sixth iteration of the Tours' Leaderboard Tournament (TLT)! This is a tournament held by the Tournaments Room that focuses on individual play rather than the team tour event BLT (Best Leaderboarders Tournament). This year's iteration will be hosted by myself and Swiffix !

What is TLT and how do I participate?

Every time a scripted tournament is held in the room, the top four players are given a certain number of points based on the size of the tour. There are also four official tournaments every day, the formats of which decided on beforehand in our monthly schedule. Every time someone receives points from a tournament, it is documented by our room bot, Lady Monita. Points from both regular and official tours count towards qualifying!

The first cycle of qualifications will begin on August 31st. Both cycles in September and both cycles in October will be qualifying cycles. The top eight players on the leaderboard from each of these cycles will automatically be qualified to play, and the ninth and tenth player will qualify as subs.

You can find the schedule of officials here.

Good sportsmanship in the Tournaments room is required to participate in TLT. Overwhelming toxicity, collusion, or otherwise going out of your way to bypass the anti-scouting measures in the room will not be tolerated and will result in a ban from competing in TLT. If you are a victim of any of these during our room tours, please contact a staff member (with room %, @, or #) with relevant screenshots as evidence.

In order to play, you must confirm that you are playing before the end of the next cycle (for the first three cycles) or before week one goes up (for the last cycle) using the format below:

PS! Name:
Once qualifying is over, players will face off in a best-of-three bracket for the first five rounds and a best-of-five bracket for the remaining rounds. This tournament is double elimination, so if you're defeated once, you will move to the losers bracket for a second shot at victory!

What tiers will be played and how will they fit into a best of three/five format?

The tiers that will be played are:
SS Ubers
SS Monotype

In order to fairly determine the three of these nine tiers played in each individual matchup, players will take turns locking and eliminating tiers among themselves. They'll both lock one tier, followed by eliminating three tiers, thus leaving three tiers to be played. The lower seeded player will lock the first tier, followed by the higher seed player. Then the lower seeded player will eliminate the first tier, followed by the higher seed player, and it will repeat in that order two more times. The higher seed player picks what tier is played first of the three tiers. After that, the loser of game one picks which of the two tiers is played for game two. Naturally, game three will be played in the last remaining tier.

(Example: PrinceOfAllTacos is seed #1, while Swiffix is seed #16. Swiffix, the lower seed, decides to lock PU, followed by PrinceOfAllTacos locking RU. At this point, neither PU nor RU can be eliminated. Swiffix, the lower seed, chooses to first eliminate Ubers. PrinceOfAllTacos follows with OU. Swiffix then eliminates LC, and PrinceOfAllTacos eliminates Doubles OU. Swiffix then eliminates Monotype, and PrinceOfAllTacos eliminates NU. So thus the three tiers that would be played are PU (what Swiffix locked in), RU (what PrinceOfAllTacos locked in) and UU (the tier that didn't get banned). Of these tiers remaining, PrinceOfAllTacos, the higher seed, chooses to play RU first. PrinceOfAllTacos then loses game one, and chooses to play UU next. Should it go to game three, the tier to be played will be PU.)

From Round Six on, the process will be the same, except players will eliminate two tiers instead of three for a total of five to be played.

How will seeding be determined?

Seeding is determined through your points earned in qualifying cycles. The cycle in which the player earned the most points will be used for seeding calculations, not a sum of all cycles. Whoever earned the most points in all four cycles is the first seed. Whoever earned the second most points is the second seed, and so on. In the event of a tie in points among the 32 competitors, points earned in TLT formats will be added up for each tied user. The one with more points in TLT tiers will become the higher seed.

How will substitutes work?

In the event of an inactive player, substitutes will be available for all of week one as well as the loser's bracket of week two. The order of players picked to be a substitute is the same as the seeding process described above. The person with the most points from these eight users will be the first to be substituted in, and so on.

Point transfers

The room owners can transfer leaderboard points that people have between their own alts. On this note, I wanted to remind everyone of a policy we have where we won't transfer points between alts within 48 hours of the cycle ending. The second part of the rule states that, you may have points transferred no more than twice during a cycle. This rule exists because our leaderboard is public, and we don't want people getting 40 points on a few different alts and combining them together on the last day of a cycle to suddenly jump ahead of people. Finally, we firmly check that the alt is yours before transferring points, so please don't request to have points transferred from a friend, or you will be heavily punished and we may take this feature away. If you have any questions about this rule, this thread probably isn't the best place, but feel free to pm any member of the tours room staff.

To make it clear, it's fine to use an alt to qualify for TLT, as long as you confirm your spot in the thread after qualifying. Using a bunch of different alts and constantly asking to have points transferred is forbidden.

Activity Calls & Extensions

Make contact with your opponents early! The most effective way of proving communication is to post a VM on your opponent's Smogon wall to try and set a date for the battle. If you do this via any other medium, save logs and screenshots so that in the event of an activity call, you get it to go your way. Leave timezones, preferred time to play, and be specific. If neither party displays active scheduling and the set doesn't get done, the match will be coinflipped. We will grant slight extensions if needed, though please try not to make a habit of it every week.


The tournament is expected to last about two and a half months. If you're not willing to commit to playing one set a week for this range of time, please consider qualifying carefully.

Will there be prizes?

The champion of this year's TLT will win a Custom Avatar, a disabled name change or a color change!

Player entry in the Hall of Fame: The winning player will be recorded in the Hall of Fame which is displayed on our website for all to see!

Feel free to use this thread to discuss TLT and ask any questions you may have. However, we will be moderating this thread and will delete any posts that are deemed offensive, irrelevant, or anything of the sort so do make sure to keep things civil. We hope to see you all in Tournaments chat! Good luck, and have fun!​
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I’m recruiting people who are willing to qualify in more than one cycle, if we get enough repeat qualifiers we can have someone on page 2 of the .top qualify for playoffs. PM me on discord at Crunchman#2686 or on my smogon wall if you are interested in partaking in this endeavor and we can start coordinating.


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Heyy, congratulations to our Cycle One qualifiers!

1. jay (273)
2. Failbor (211)
3. Elfuseon (188)
4. lkapkd1 (148)
5. Meminger21 (146)
6. Thiago Nunes (146)
7. JJ09LIE (145)
8. RichardPepper (145)

9. vanillacoke (133)
10. Kaneki-san (95)

If I tagged you above, you must post in this thread with the following information:
PS! Name:
Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

You have until the next cycle ends on September 30th to post your confirmation. Thanks to everyone participating so far, and good luck to those hoping to qualify in the next cycles!
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Hello everyone I am very interested in participating in this tournament I hope I am not too late could someone inform as to wether or not I can still enter the tour thank you.
In order to qualify for this tournament, you'll need to partake in tours in the tournaments room and gain points. Entering the tournament requires you to be Top 8 in one of the 4 cycles. First cycle has ended and second cycle is currently on going. So you have quite a while to still have a chance at entering the tournament. Hope this was helpful and good luck :)
the concept of a double elim tournament in series of multiple tiers is super sick, its a shame its locked behind the worst fuckign thing on showdown. Ive played so many players fucking frothing at the mouth with the inability to comprehend the most basic situation that I think Ive lost the ability to write in English. The experience of having to play on average 3/4 games to AT LEAST get a few measly points, without getting ridiculously haxed, getting a super terrible match up (hello monotype), without getting terrible bracket luck and getting a good player r1 when theres like 1-2 that signed up, without any single preparation AT ALL, is just a recipe for mega tilt. If you arent working from home, a neet, or sacrificing ur real life, you basically have no fucking shot. Imo the barrier to entry is fucking mind blowing when u consider that like 95% of tours room regular are pretty much complete noobs for smogon tournament, I am genuinely completly mystified as to any of them are supposed to qualify. In any case if any one reads this and doesnt believe me, pls, by all means, try to qualify yourself, see how it goes, I GARANTEE you will come out the other saltier than the fucking Dead Sea. Oh and btw, if u ended at 9th with like 100 pts, congrats, u wasted ur fuckign time, see you next cycle!

gl to the cycle 3 ppl btw :3
Congratulations to our Cycle two qualifiers!

1. Fragments (290)
2. wesh papillon (185)
3. TDR (159)
4. hjkhj (155)
5. dunoks (141)
6. DOOR MONEY (139)
7. udongirl (133)
8. vanillacoke (128)

9. Danny (99)
10. RoyalReloaded (89)

If I tagged you above, you must post in this thread with the following information:
Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

You have until the next cycle ends on October 15th to post your confirmation. Thanks to everyone participating so far, and good luck to those hoping to qualify in the next cycles!
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