Tournament TLT VII: Round 10 (Grand Finals) [Won by JJ09LIE]


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Welcome to the seventh iteration of TLT (Tours' Leaderboard Tournament)! Throughout this tournament, players will battle in a best-of-three/best-of-five (from the 6th round on) format each round, with Smogon's standard tiers being the metagames played. This tournament is also double elimination, so if you're defeated once, you're still in the loser's portion of the bracket.​

The tiers that will be played are:
SV Ubers
SV Monotype

In order to fairly determine the three of these nine tiers played in each individual matchup, players will take turns locking and eliminating tiers among themselves. They'll both lock one tier, followed by eliminating three tiers, thus leaving three tiers to be played. The lower seeded player will lock the first tier, followed by the higher seed player. Then the lower seeded player will eliminate the first tier, followed by the higher seed player, and it will repeat in that order two more times. The higher seed player picks what tier is played first of the three tiers. After that, the loser of game one picks which of the two tiers is played for game two. Naturally, game three will be played in the last remaining tier.

(Example: Tranquility is seed #1, while Daki is seed #16. Daki, the lower seed, decides to lock PU, followed by Tranquility locking RU. At this point, neither PU nor RU can be eliminated. Daki, the lower seed, chooses to first eliminate Ubers. Tranquility follows with OU. Daki then eliminates LC, and Tranquility eliminates Doubles OU. Daki then eliminates Monotype, and Tranquility eliminates NU. So thus the three tiers that would be played are PU (what Daki locked in), RU (what Tranquility locked in) and UU (the tier that didn't get banned). Of these tiers remaining, Tranquility, the higher seed, chooses to play RU first. Tranquility then loses game one, and chooses to play UU next. Should it go to game three, the tier to be played will be PU.)

Basic tournament rules - read these, especially if you're new to forum tours
Sportsmanship: Don't be an ass. Not to your opponents, not on PS, not on Smogon, not to me. A bit of friendly banter is ok, but please know where to draw the line. Think before you type, please.

Scheduling and Activity Wins: Contact your opponent as quickly as possible on their Smogon wall, and look out for them on PS. You will have one week from the posting of the week's matches to get it done. Extensions will be for two days after the scheduled deadline, and no further. If your opponent is not responding to your post on their wall, cannot be found on PS, or miss multiple scheduled times, make a detailed activity post in the thread letting me know why you deserve the win. No activity post means no activity call. As long as you have visible attempts at scheduling (such as wall posts), you will be fine.

Disconnections and Timer: A timer loss is a loss. No if's, and's, or but's about it. If your opponent is nice enough to replay that's fine, but they are by no means obligated to.

Ghosting and Identity: Don't take or give battle advice or make moves based solely on the suggestions of others, and don't pretend to be someone else in order to play as them. You will be caught, and you will be disqualified from this tournament as well as future PS! tournaments (BLT, PSPL, etc.).

Substitutions: Substitutions will be made only for rounds one & two, with round two subs only being allowed for any participants in the loser's bracket.

Round Ten Matchups:

Grand's Bracket

28. JJ09LIE [Winners] vs 11. Tanish [Losers]

You can find the full bracket here. You may not play battles for the next round until it has been posted.

The deadline for this round will be Sunday, January 14th at 11:59 PM EST.

Replay are mandatory.

Good luck and have fun, everyone!

JJO9LIE would just have to win 1 best of five series to win the tournament, while Tanish has to win 2 straight to win.
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