To Rome with Love [Completed]

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Hello Christian

Pokemon requested: xerneas
Pokemon deposited: fearow level 55 female lonely nature nicknamed Christian in luxury ball
Ign : GBunglezippy

Message: please trade pokemon with me thanks in advance

Have a great new year Christian

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Pokemon Requested: Giratina
Pokemon Deposited: Zubat, Level 13, Male, Ultra Ball.
IGN: Random
Message: I want to trade for a Pokémon that is strong in battles.

Thanks in advance!
Requesting: Yveltal
Deposited: Fearow, male, lv 54, ultra ball
IGN: Annine

Many thanks!
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Requesting : shiny mewtwo:)
Depositing : global level 48 female(really sorry but I didnt have any of the Pokémon you listed and I’m in the middle of soft resetting in a ultra wormhole so I couldnt Leave:( let me know if this won’t do )
IGN: red
Message: I want To fill my pokedex
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