Pokémon Toedscruel

Calm Nature
EV's 252 SpD / 128 HP / 128 SpA
Item: Leftovers
Tera Type: Grass
-Leech Seed
-Giga Drain

Basically, I have been destroying teams with this build. The only real realistic counters, are multi hit moves. Maushold and Population Bomb especially.

If you don't stop Spore, you typically end up in an infinite loop. Setting up Toxic Spikes beforehand can make this all the worse. This is a setup where, it has to be taken right away or it's over.

Giving up the Ground STAB was not ideal, but after over 100 battles with this, I can say it hardly ever matters.

I wanted to contribute this. Been reading Smogon for many years, you all do a great service for Pokemon players everywhere. Thank you!
what evs?
The reason I spread the EV's the way I did was to take advantage of his SpD and substitute. The idea of the build is constant absorbing, while causing sleep and always preparing for the next substitute. He needed HP and SpA to be balanced. I found this worked the best.

The idea is, first Substitute. Protect yourself.
Next Spore. Put them to sleep. Leftovers is healing at this point.
Use Leech Seed, start absorbing health back.
I'd typically use Spore here as I feel the sleep will usually wear off. Even if they switch out seeing the imminent threat, there switch in gets put to sleep for the rinse repeat process of this Toedscruelty setup.

Once your opponent is asleep, you have your substitute and Leech Seed and leftovers healing you. You Giga Drain to start damaging, while also healing.

A shield, three heals, two chip damages and a stab, Tera-boosted healing move.

I really feel the benefits, outweigh the disadvantages with this combination as I have rarely have had it stopped. The counters are as I said before, multi hit moves. Extreme physical attackers if they can get a big hit in, fast. Those are the only real weakness. As for the grass types walling him, the constant chip damage I find, helps this. I haven't had issues with them.

Now, I have a shiny Glimmora I use beforehand to setup Toxic Spikes. ...there was no real thought process here. I just happened to get a shiny and wanted to use him. And it turned out to be a good partner for him, so it oddly worked out. Glimmora can annoy before ultimately setting the stage for the ultimate annoyance.

Glad to see interest in the build. I wouldn't mind taking videos of it in action for anyone interested.
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