Top 10? Cutest Pokemon from gen 6


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This is just an idea for the time being but if no one has reserved an article similar to this one, I would like to give it a try. The article would describe who, in my opinion, are the cutest Pokemon of the region and why. Any suggestion are welcomed.


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Bumping this. Personally, I won't approve seeing as there are so few species revealed as of now (even though all of 'em will be known after 12th Oct). And unless there's another twist to it, just talking about cute pokemon in general won't do it for me. Will leave this thread open for others to either agree or prove me wrong.


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I agree with Bummer for this issue, however I have another suggestion. You could wait a few issues and do something similar to this article: It could be something about how looks are deceiving in Gen 6 and which cute ones are surprisingly good, and the manly ones that... just aren't great. Or you could do it exactly like that article but given it is still kind of recent it might be better if you did an idea a little different to that. But yeah just an idea if you're still looking to go down that route. For now though I agree with Bummer, since there really isn't enough information or much content to discuss.

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