Project Top 10 Titans of NDOU

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Heatran takes the #2 Titan spot, Voting will now commence! Vote for the #3 Titan spot from these options! Voting will last for 3 days!

:weavile: :kyurem: :magearna::tapu-fini: :mew: :lopunny-mega: :latias-mega: :metagross-mega: :greninja-ash: :zapdos: :serperior: :genesect: :clefable: :dracovish: :toxapex: :kartana: :spectrier: :Cinderace:

What effect did Pokemon have on the metagame?

Mega Latias increased the viability of balance a lot, and it could be said that with out it, fat balances would not be viable. It offered a lot of defensive utility as well as a good wincon with calm mind.

In what main roles was Pokemon used?

Mega Latias's great speed stat and typing allowed it to be a great cm wincon, as it had many opportunities to set up cm throughout a match. It also gained access to aura sphere, which allowed it to threaten darks and steels that troubled it in the past.

What caused it to have a significant impact?

Mega Latias had a great speed stat of 110 and a great ability in Leviate. While it's typing made it pursuit weak, it also gave it helpful resistances to water, fire, grass, electric, and fighting. It could be paired with other calm minders such as clefable and reuniclus to overwhelm other teams and in the case of reuniclus, pursuit trappers. Weavile was also a great partner, using knock off to weaken the oppossing team and pursuit to trap psychics that troubled mega latias.

How do/did you deal with this Pokemon in NDOU?

Toxic was incredibly crippling for meta latias. Dark types such as ash-grenina and weavile also threatened it a lot, with weavile and ttar being able to pursuit trap it. Blissey and chansey could wall it to some extent but didn't like psyshock. Steels also generally walled meta latias but didn't like repeated aura spheres.
Mega Latias can set up on many fairies and a well played one can beat rain
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