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I'm tired of this happening every single season, so I am going to just say this here.

If you haven't hosted a Smogon Tour before, you have absolutely no idea how difficult it actually is to do. You are bombarded with a ton of private messages, issues that arise along the way due to some things people decide to stupidly do, among other things and it's definitely overwhelming at times for a host. It's not as simple as posting match-ups and calling it a day. There's a lot more to Smogon Tour hosting and many of you don't seem to understand this.

Every single season we have an annoyingly large amount of people spamming "WHERE IS ROUND 1" and generally snarky comments regarding how slowly the host of the tour is moving. I understand that some Smogon Tours tend to drag on for a long time and that it's annoying for the participants. However, this is no reason to harass the hosts with comments such as the aforementioned every 2 minutes in the chat. You are making a time commitment by joining tour. If you join, you are expected to stay for its duration, not constantly complain about having to wait. It's extremely irritating to see people make snarky comments about how slowly a hosts tour is moving along, as if they themselves can host a Smogon Tour in a speedy 30 minutes from start to finish. Most of the people complaining haven't a clue what's involved with hosting a tour and their comments are largely unwarranted.

With that said, I and the other TDs are going to start infracting people who keep spamming things like "WHERE IS ROUND 1" and other such comments on the server a Smogon Tour is happening in. The first time I and other TDs see someone make comments like this, we will give a general warning in the chat to everyone. The next person to talk after disregarding the warning will be given an infraction and be de-voiced permanently from the server. I am saying this here in this thread so that there are no surprises.

As the overseer of Smogon Tour, I have a lot of respect for our hosts and the time they put into doing so, and all of you should as well. Without them, you guys would have no Smogon Tours to participate and play in. I have been seeing participants disrespect our hosts for far too long and this won't go unpunished anymore.

With that said, tours have been dragging along for some seasons now and there are several reasons as to why they do. One of the reasons is that a lot of battles during a Smogon Tour drag on for far too many turns, delaying the whole thing significantly. As such, we are going to start being more strict with how long we allow a game to go on. I, the other TDs and the host can use their judgment to call a game that is dragging on the entire tour. I am announcing this here so you guys are all aware of this. Don't complain if we call your game if it's dragging on an entire tour - we reserve the right to call it and move things along and you are receiving word of this now.

Don't expect to get away with things anymore, whether it's trying to game the system through cheating, making snide comments about our hosts and so on or you may eventually find yourself under the cozy ban list here.
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