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The TD team has decided to formalize the process for appeals and reviews regarding tournament bans. This procedure will be implemented immediately for all tournament bans with a duration of 6 months or greater. Once 50% of the ban term has elapsed, the TD team will review the ban and, in some instances, may determine that shortening the remaining period is warranted. Tourbanned users who believe that they have relevant information to provide to Tournament Directors when considering their review are encouraged to submit this information to a member of the TD team.

These reviews will be automatically calendared to occur halfway through the ban's term. The TD team will review the initial ban, as well as all subsequent conduct and activity (both within the tours community and on Smogon as a whole). Things that will be taken into consideration include the seriousness of the initial offense, the tourbanned player's conduct both prior and subsequent to the ban, engagement with the tour community following the ban and general contributions to Smogon and the tour community.

Please note that the mere absence of further ill conduct is NOT a reason to reduce a tourban. Reduction of bans is the exception, not the rule; barring new information regarding the initial incident or demonstrated and significant good conduct, the initial tourban will likely stand. Again, the TD team will not reduce any existing tourbans lightly. In the majority of cases, we expect to uphold the initial ban sentence.


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Since this policy is effective immediately, we will now review all Tournament Bans that have already elapsed their 50% mark:

The following Tournament Bans have not yet reached the 50% mark, they will be reviewed at the times outlined below:

Rozes' Tournament Ban:

Upon review of rozes initial tourban, many members of the TD team felt it was unnecessarily harsh. The evidence of rozes' involvement was minimal when compared to others on the same team, nor was there evidence that rozes was aware of some of the more extreme instances of ghosting. Several members felt that, taken on its own, it would not have warranted even a 6-month tourban for a typical user. In addition, rozes has remained quietly contributing behind the scenes to the tours community as well as to the NU community, as can be seen by his recent addition to the NU Council, and his conduct seems to indicate a genuine regret for the circumstances that led to his ban and a willingness to contribute in a positive manner.

However, the seriousness of even a minor violation while holding the position of Tournament Director cannot be overstated. Even though the worst of his violations appear to be more a result of looking the other way than of active participation, this type of behavior is completely unacceptable for a Tournament Director, and any such offenses are magnified accordingly. For this reason, the TD team was not comfortable with a full reduction of rozes' ban, and instead has agreed on a 25% reduction. The total period of rozes' tournament ban will be 9 months, and will expire on April 26, 2018.
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We are closing this thread.

The main issue is that the current setup requires us, the tournament directors, to automatically check every ban at its halfway point. This process is inefficient because the large majority of ban lengths will be upheld. Therefore, we have decided to stop automatically reviewing every ban.

That being said, any user can still feel free to send us a personal appeal, as our standards and guidelines for reviewing bans are not changing. The only thing this changes is that we will only review upon receiving an appeal, not at every ban's halfway point.
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