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Starting December 2019, we will now start infracting players who cheat in 1v1 Tournaments. This takes a page from Monotype, who cannot directly give sitewide Tournament Bans for their specific tournaments (like MPL), but instead can infract cheating players for unsportsmanlike conduct after adding them to a Monotype Tourban list. Previously, 1v1 had been doing only the latter, but considering the growing popularity of 1v1 + 1v1 Tournaments becoming more serious, we will now start doing the former.

Naturally, whether or not punishments are given will take into account several factors (the severity of what was done, history of previous misbehavior/infractions, repeated offense, frequency done in a tour game, etc). 1v1 bases our Cheating/Ghosting policy off of what is stated in Tournament Forums + moderator discretion.

This applies, to a lesser extent, to unofficial tournaments not listed in the 1v1 Tournament Circuits.

Infractions will not be applied retroactively to any tournament bans given before December 2019.
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