Announcement Tournaments + Tours Plaza 2022 Tournament Schedule

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Tours Plaza Winter Seasonal - January 3
1v1/2v2 Duos Tour - January 17
Tours Plaza Classic - February 6
Best Leaderboarders Tour Qualifiers Begin - March 16
Tours Plaza Spring Seasonal - April 3
Best Leaderboarders Tour Auction - May 21
Best Leaderboarders Tour - May 22
Unofficial Metas Trio Tour - July 10

Tours Plaza Premiere - July 31
Tours' Leaderboard Tour Qualifiers Begin - September 1
Tours Plaza Fall Seasonal - October 23
Tours' Leaderboard Tour - November 6
Tours Plaza Ghosting Tour - November 20

All dates are subject to minor change.
Dates represent the days that signups will go up, except BLT and TLT.
Italics indicate a team tour.
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