Tournament Tours Plaza Premier IV - Commencement thread


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Art by Albi, kindly refreshed by Clementine

You have been waiting for it, here it is! Welcome to TPP IV's commencement thread!
Ready, set, GO!

Feel free to post anything that comes to mind, you can promote your team, discuss managers, in short, this thread is yours!

Note that Smogon rules also apply on this thread and that even though we tolerate memes and such, breaking Smogon rules will result in punishment.
hi i got bored here are snm player rankings blah blah dont take it personally anyone can prove me wrong! :3

S: kDCA, Axzel,
PRESTIGIOUS snm individual winner, axzel close second with individual finalist, council member, and both picked up the tier really quickly.

A: Andyboy, ong, DugZa, MichaelderBeste2, PociekMociek, WMAR, Temp,

B: Tranquility, Clastia, TectonicDestroyer, Adem, Aggrometaile, Career Ended, Amberr

C: The Dragon Master, Keahi, martinvtran

D: nvk :haha:

never seen them: beauts, Elgino, Sulo

will be updating this as more signups come as there's a week left of signups have a nice day
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Due to a lot of potentially unfamiliar players to the managers signing up, like OMPL, I'm going to make a tier player rankings (but for the Ubers format) to ensure that good players don't go undrafted and get a chance to play. Sorry if I missed your name it just means I have not seen you hopefully you can prove me wrong in this tournament.

S - Skooma, Fc, Kate, BaconEatinAssassin, Lotiasite, Lunala
A - Royal, Reje, Farce Of The Death Pannuracotta, Ayaka, Lasen, Mncmt, Crucify, Smart Kid, Jase Duken
B - Inder, Amberr, RuthlessDragon, Meminger
C - MimikyuStardust, YippieDreepy
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hiiii wig im doing the same for mono, i dont like rating skill bc im not good so it feels WRONGGGG but like umm idk. mono is slay and heres who i think is the best bang for your buck. not a huge amount of mono signups that i can recognize but ill do what i can

SS- trichotomy
S - meta, felines, roxie, tier | good mono players
A - ashbala, k3, seo, atrax madara | play in mono tours + are consistent
B - dj breloom, perish song, omi, silver grace | dj just managed mpl so i imagine he has a decent amount of cg experience + cappl exp, omi dabbles in mono i think. silver has a lot of mono exp and motivated
C - lasen, spoo, dc | only here cuz lack of mono exp, i think theyre all B tier worthy tbh, lack of mono exp might hurt them in builder/may need support

to be honest past this the rest of the signups i dont know much about minus some people like sulo, giove, and jordy004 who ive seen play mons before but i have no info on their mono/cap exp so i wont rank them. cap mono is a really fun tier and i encourage others to try it if theyre hesitant and truly see that monotype is creative and not a coinflip tier, gl this tour :D

will update as i see more mono signups
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Thank you all for participating in our first mock, here are the results we got:

Team composition:

Pricelist by teams:

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STABnMega - Elgino
Multigen Rands - LoSconosciuto
Camo Doubles - Memoric
Same Six - TheFranklin
NatDex Ubers - baconeatinassassin
Monotype CAP - Jordy004
Mystery OU - Michaelderbeste2

Subs: Zen, javitu, clean


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Time to burn my 1,500th post to do my lineup from the inaugural TPP IV Mock Draft:

Tier Shift AAA: longhiep341 [15k] / The Dragon Master [5.5k]
. .STAB n Mega: WMAR [6.5k] / PociekMociek [13k] / Clastia [3k]
MG B12P6 Rands: Irpachuza [3k] / Superstrike66 [3k]
. . . Same Six: TonyFlygon [20.5k]
. Camo Doubles: Yoda2798 [4.5k] / stravench [3k]
. NatDex Ubers: Kate [10k] / BasedWhat? [6k]
. Monotype CAP: PociekMociek [13k] / omicorio [4k]
.MG Mystery OU: crucify [7k] / sanguine [3k]

Where to place myself [3k lol] among all these potentially op people? Anywhere! (probably MonoCAP which looks like a question mark there)


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Hello gamers, it is i - the one-st fan of the game OMORI here to bless you all with a lineup to my mocc draft.

TSAAA - The Number Man [22k]
Stab N Mega - Aggrometaile [3k]
Multigen Rands - blce [4k] / HugeNoobLmao [8k]
Same Six - Tour Plaza Premiere, in the flesh [14k]
Camo Doubles - Vaboh [3k]
DN Oobers - pannuracotta [17k]
Mono - roxiee [20k] / TNM [22k]
Multigen OU - shiloh [3k] / Leo [5k]

Now for support slots / subs we have:
Ron - Ron
The Tour Plaza enthusiasts - Zygarde12, Uta The Clown

Huge shoutouts to my (moc)comanager sundays n sundaes for drafting so well and even huger shoutouts to King Daki for letting me mocc manage the Grand Order Greninjas and letting me mocc steal teams from The Euphonoseses's.


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Crunchman (Self-buy)12500
TSAAA - Frixel
STABnMega - Skooma
Multigen Rands - Crunchman
Camo Doubles - Yoda2798
Same Six - TonyFlygon
NatDex Ubers - Meminger21
Monotype CAP - Trade
Mystery OU - Xrn


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We decided to host a second mock, here are the results:
thanks to the participants!

Team composition:

Pricelist by teams:



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Mossy Sandwich18000

TSAAA - Mossy sandwich, I've payed a lot for you, but deserved. Experienced player
STABnMega - MichaelderBeste2, is a mega player and he clicks the STAB
Multigen Rands - our best random mainer in the team losc....TheFranklin!!
Camo Doubles - lax, he has two trophies so I think it's right to put him in doubles
Same Six - talah, I use the same six talah samples in OU...oh this isn't about me
NatDex Ubers - MANNAT, name in caps as big as pokémon in Uber, Leru is gonna watch his back
Monotype CAP - Bruno, our CAPtain
Mystery OU - For this tier we need a real Star...mammalu!
No ok Star
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TSAAA - fabwoolo
STABnMega - derpyboi
b12p6 Multigen Rands (6/7/8) - crucify/expulso
Camo Doubles - k3
Same Six - GXE (but its actually me subbing in cuz hes never playing a game)
NatDex Ubers - Obtainable Forms - fc
Monotype CAP - roxiee
Mystery OU (Gen 6-8 + Ruleset) - tpp

this slayed i think

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