Tournament Tours Plaza Premier IV - Commencement thread

Personal PR:
1. Absolposters: Busted starter lineup.
2. Frosmoths: God Memo + Solid starters
3. Runerigus: Was No.1 .... but then they went and spent 89.5k on mere mortals
4. Greninjas: Solid
5. Bounsweets / Articunos: Both very solid teams but lack the star power some of the other drafts have.
6. Golbats: outside of their 37k SnM core, :shrug:


Party rockers
The real mystery of Mystery OU is explaining how the most pointless rules are consistently picked for each OU tier. It is currently about finding a publicly available team and changing minimal details to fit the simple requirements.

Simple example:
Gen 6 - You must use Mega Abomasnow + activate (unique) Item Clause
Gen 7 - One mon in each of OU, UU, RU, NU, PU, ZU
Gen 8 - Monocolor (You must have a team of 6 mons whose dex colors are all the same. For example, /dt Rotom-Wash gives a "red" dex color.)

This took 2 minutes of brainstorming.

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