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Art by Albi, kindly refreshed by Clementine

Welcome to the fourth edition of the TOURS PLAZA PREMIER. Ready to take up the challenge? It's over here!
  • The tournament will be composed of 8 teams of 8 players and a minimum of 3 subs that will compete in a straight round robin tournament, and every team will get to play against every other team. At the end of the round robin, the top four teams will move on to our series semi-finals, where the #1 seed will take on the #4 seed, and #2 will take on the #3 seed, to determine our grand finalists. A win will be worth 2 points, a draw 1, and a loss 0.​
  • Each team has 110,000 points to spend on their draft of 8 players plus 3 subs minimum, with everybody on the team playing at least once. Each player starts at 3000 points in the auction, with playing managers fixed at 12,500 points per manager. This means that each team can have two managers playing.

If you are willing to participate in this edition of the tournament, your signup post should follow this exact format:
PS! username:
Tiers that you'd want to play:
Any foreseen inactivity:
Signups will extend until Friday, August 5* at 11:59 PM GMT-4. The draft day will be haleld at Sunday, August 7th at 10:00AM, GMT-4 in the TPP room on Pokemon Showdown

This year, the tiers that will be played throughout the competition have been selected by the community.

What would a team tournament be without teams? Find all the teams that will have the honour to participate in this competition below!

:frosmoth: The FullMoon Frosmoths managed by frostyicelad & Memoric! :frosmoth:

:golbat: The Gotham Golbats managed by Eggs & Ducky! :golbat:

:runerigus: The Ruhenheim Runerigus managed by blce & fabwooloo! :runerigus:

:bounsweet: The Bouncing Bounsweets managed by Sificon & Frixel! :bounsweet:

:absol: The Absolute Absolposters managed by Icemaster & The Number Man! :absol:

:banette: The Balete Drive Banettes managed by Euphonos & PokeArt2004♥ :banette:

:greninja: The Grand Order Greninjas managed by cy and Ainzcrad! :greninja:

:articuno: The Anistar Articunos managed by TDR and Haail! :articuno:

Rules and prizes:

Activity Calls :

Make contact with your opponents! Every season we have to make activity calls that displease one party member. To prevent this, post a VM on their Smogon wall to try to set a date for the battle. If you do this via any other medium, save logs and screenshots so that in the event of an activity call, you get it to go your way. Leave time zones, preferred time to play, and be specific. No activity calls will be made if neither team's players nor managers post about it, so take initiative on that.

Dead Games :
In the event that a game is not played and neither team posts for an activity call, it will be deemed a dead game, which means that the game will be taken as to not exist. This will also be the case if an activity post is made but neither player showed a satisfactory level of activity. Schedule properly to not let these occur!

What if there is a tie?
As this will only come into effect in playoffs, for the majority of the tournament, this will not matter and the result will be noted as a tie.
If it happens in playoffs, the two teams will have to compete in 3 different matches. Each manager of each team will have to submit a tier and the third tier will be defined randomly.

What about the prizes?

The winning team will receive the following prizes:

- Room Prize Winner (^) in Tours Plaza's room.
- Winner Role in the Official Tours Plaza Discord Server
- A 20€ Amazon gift card
- $100 for each member of the winning team (courtesy of temp)

I hope everyone enjoys this tournament! Feel free to use this thread to discuss TPP and ask any questions that you may have and please keep this thread on topic as possible. Any offensive or irrelevant posts will be removed, let's try to keep things civil, peeps.

Make sure to check out Tours Plaza for some wacky tournaments and more TPP Discussion!

Now good luck, have fun, stay safe, and let Tours Plaza Premier IV COMMENCE!
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PS! username: martinvtran
Timezone: gmt +10
Tiers that you'd want to play: all, but i have most experience in tsaaa and bring 12 randbats, and maybeee snm
Any foreseen inactivity: school
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PS! username: 70to90gxe
Timezone: GMT -4
Tiers that you'd want to play: Same Six
Any foreseen inactivity: riding bench pls, prob play like 2 games max and deadgame both of them

A poem now:
Welcome back to tpp,
This post is to enroll,
A message to the other teams,
Do not lose to absol
(Unless they draft me)
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