Tournament Tours Plaza Premier IV : Week 3

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Welcome to the fourth edition of the TOURS PLAZA PREMIER. For this edition, the tournament will be composed of 8 teams of 8 players and a minimum of 3 subs that will compete in a straight round-robin tournament, and every team will get to play against every other team. At the end of the round robin, the top four teams will move on to our series semi-finals, where the #1 seed will take on the #4 seed, and #2 will take on the #3 seed, to determine our grand finalists. A win will be worth 2 points, a draw 1, and a loss 0.
Basic Tournament Rules - you absolutely should read this, especially if you're new to forum tournaments

Sportsmanship: Don't be an ass. Not to your opponents, not to your team, not on PS, not on Smogon, not to me. A bit of friendly banter is ok, but please know where to draw the line. Think before you type, please.

Scheduling and Activity Wins: Contact your opponent as quickly as possible on their Smogon wall and look out for them on PS. You will have one week from the posting of the week's matches to get it done, and I will not be granting any extensions for any reason. If your opponent is not responding to your post on their wall, cannot be found on PS, or miss multiple scheduled times, make a detailed activity post in the thread letting me know why you deserve the win. No activity post means no activity call. As long as you have visible attempts at scheduling (such as wall posts), you will be fine.

Disconnections and Timer: A timer loss is a loss. No if's, and's, or but's about it. If your opponent is nice enough to replay that's fine, but they are by no means obligated to.
Ghosting and Identity: Don't take or give battle advice or make moves based solely on the suggestions of others, and don't pretend to be someone else in order to play as them. You will be caught, and you will be disqualified from this season as well as future PS! tournaments (BLT, PSPL, etc.).

Substitutions: Managers are free to substitute inactive players at any point during the week with any subs they chose during the draft. Be sure to post in the thread when making a substitution.

Tiers (Click on each of them for the challenge code!)

- Gen 8 Tier Shift + Almost Any Ability
- Gen 8 STABmons Mix n' Mega
- Bring 12, pick 6 Gen 6 / 7/ 8 Multi Gen Random Battles
- Gen 8 Camomons Doubles OU
- Gen 8 National Dex Same Six
- Gen 8 National Dex Ubers - Obtainable Formes
- Gen 8 Monotype CAP
- Best of 3 Mystery OU (Gen 6/ Gen 7/ Gen 8)
Gen 6 OU bring 9, pick 6, with 2 ability clause
Gen 7 OU mono colour, the colour of your pokemon can change when it mega-evolves, as long as the original form shares the same colour as the rest of the team, you're fine. You'll refer to the sim dex, by using the command (/dt pokemon) such as:

Gen 8 OU, add up to 2 restricted only to your team (Cinderace, Darmanitan-Galar, Darmanitan-Galar-Zen, Dracovish, Zygarde, Kyurem, Pheromosa, Spectrier, Urshifu and Naganadel)

Matchups :

:absol: The Absolute Absolposters (5) vs The Ruhenheim Runerigus (2) :runerigus:

Managers: Icemaster The Number Man -- blce fabwooloo

TSAAA: Tranquility vs longhiep341
STABnMega: Icemaster vs fabwooloo
Bring 12, pick 6 Multigen Rands (6/7/8): Casual dot exe vs bruno
Camo Doubles: Yoda2798 vs Xrn
National Dex Same Six: TonyFlygon vs Poek

NatDex Ubers - Obtainable Forms: WSun1 vs Ayaka
Monotype CAP: DugZa vs crucify
Mystery OU: lax vs Ewin

:frosmoth: The FullMoon Frosmoths (4) vs The Balete Drive Banettes :banette: (4)

Managers: Memoric frostyicelad -- PokeArt2004♥ Euphonos

TSAAA: RICEMAN vs oaklies
STABnMega: Elgino vs Axzel
Bring 12, pick 6 Multigen Rands (6/7/8): Fragments vs MichaelderBeste2
Camo Doubles: stravench vs zee
National Dex Same Six: GXE vs shiloh

NatDex Ubers - Obtainable Forms: Skooma vs Euphonos
Monotype CAP: RSB vs Perish Song
Mystery OU: Leo vs ez

:bounsweet: The Bouncing Bounsweets (3) vs The Gotham Golbats (5) :golbat:

Managers: Sificon Frixel -- Eggs Ducky

TSAAA: Mossy Sandwich vs The Dragon Master
STABnMega: adem vs Andyboy
Bring 12, pick 6 Multigen Rands (6/7/8): crying vs Crunchman
Camo Doubles: Frixel Ninja vs Instruct temp
National Dex Same Six: Sificon vs TDK

NatDex Ubers - Obtainable Forms: lotiasite vs baconeatinassassin
Monotype CAP: Dj Breloominati♬ vs roxiee
Mystery OU: robjr vs astralydia

:articuno: The Anistar Articunos (5) vs The Grand Order Greninjas (3) :greninja:

Managers: Latias TDR -- sasha Ainzcrad

TSAAA: PociekMociek vs Byleth
STABnMega: Aggrometaile vs Sage
Bring 12, pick 6 Multigen Rands (6/7/8): LoSconosciuto vs Expulso
Camo Doubles: Shadowmonstr7 vs K3ppr
National Dex Same Six: Leru skimmythegod vs sasha

NatDex Ubers - Obtainable Forms: Fc vs Star
Monotype CAP: Trichotomy vs Askov
Mystery OU: AtraX Madara vs TPP


This week ends 28th August at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck everyone!
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