Tournament Tours Plaza Premier IV : Week 6

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Welcome to the fourth edition of the TOURS PLAZA PREMIER. For this edition, the tournament will be composed of 8 teams of 8 players and a minimum of 3 subs that will compete in a straight round-robin tournament, and every team will get to play against every other team. At the end of the round robin, the top four teams will move on to our series semi-finals, where the #1 seed will take on the #4 seed, and #2 will take on the #3 seed, to determine our grand finalists. A win will be worth 2 points, a draw 1, and a loss 0.

Basic Tournament Rules - you absolutely should read this, especially if you're new to forum tournaments
Tiers (Click on each of them for the challenge code!)

- Gen 8 Tier Shift + Almost Any Ability
- Gen 8 STABmons Mix n' Mega
- Bring 12, pick 6 Gen 6 / 7/ 8 Multi Gen Random Battles
- Gen 8 Camomons Doubles OU
- Gen 8 National Dex Same Six
- Gen 8 National Dex Ubers - Obtainable Formes
- Gen 8 Monotype CAP
- Best of 3 Mystery OU (Gen 6/ Gen 7/ Gen 8)
Gen 6 OU, add up to only 2 OUBL Pokemon to your team (Greninja, Aegislash, Landorus, Hoopa-Unbound, Sablenite)
Gen 7 OU, Cloak and Dagger. A randomly generated Pokemon from that tier will be given to every manager. Each player must have that Pokemon on the team. There are two ways to win in this format. Either knock all your opponent's out (standard) or knock out the provided Pokemon. Therefore, you will have to forfeit the match from the moment your Cloak is knocked out.
Gen 8 OU, Usually useless moves. All the Pokemon of your teams should only use moves from the Usually useless moves category in the team builder.

Matchups :

The Absolute Absolposters (4) vs The Grand Order Greninjas (4)

Managers: Icemaster The Number Man -- sasha Ainzcrad

TSAAA: The Number Man vs sasha
STABnMega: Icemaster vs Sage
Bring 12, pick 6 Multigen Rands (6/7/8): Casual dot exe vs Expulso
Camo Doubles: Yoda2798 vs K3ppr
National Dex Same Six: TonyFlygon vs Askov Edgar

NatDex Ubers - Obtainable Forms: WSun1 vs Star
Monotype CAP: Meta vs gum Byleth
Mystery OU: lax vs TPP

The Gotham Golbats (3) vs The Anistar Articunos (5)

Managers: Eggs Ducky -- Latias TDR

TSAAA: The Dragon Master Clastia vs PociekMociek
STABnMega: DerpyBoi vs Aggrometaile
Bring 12, pick 6 Multigen Rands (6/7/8): Crunchman vs LoSconosciuto
Camo Doubles: martinvtran vs Shadowmonstr7
National Dex Same Six: TDK vs Leru

NatDex Ubers - Obtainable Forms: baconeatinassassin vs Fc
Monotype CAP: roxie vs Trichotomy
Mystery OU: astralydia vs Spl4sh

The Balete Drive Banettes (5) vs The Bouncing Bounsweets (3)

Managers: Euphonos PokeArt2004♥ -- Sificon Frixel

TSAAA: Euphonos vs Mossy Sandwich
STABnMega: Axzel vs WMAR
Bring 12, pick 6 Multigen Rands (6/7/8): MichaelderBeste2 vs crying
Camo Doubles: zee vs Frixel
National Dex Same Six: PokeArt2004♥ vs Sificon

NatDex Ubers - Obtainable Forms: shiloh vs lotiasite
Monotype CAP: spoo vs Dj Breloominati♬
Mystery OU: ez vs robjr

The Ruhenheim Runerigus (5) vs The FullMoon Frosmoths (2)

Managers: blce fabwooloo -- Memoric frostyicelad

TSAAA: longhiep341 vs RICEMAN
STABnMega: fabwooloo vs Elgino
Bring 12, pick 6 Multigen Rands (6/7/8): London13 vs Fragments
Camo Doubles: Roldski32 vs Memoric
National Dex Same Six: TheFranklin vs GXE

NatDex Ubers - Obtainable Forms: BasedWhat? vs Skooma
Monotype CAP: tier vs RSB
Mystery OU: Ewin vs Roginald


This week ends 18th September at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck everyone!


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(to feed my boredom after putting Week 6 lineups in my sheet, especially because their records speak for themselves)

Absolute Absolposters vs. Grand Order Greninjas
Camo DOU: Yoda2798 (4-1) vs. K3ppr (4-1)
ND Ubers: Will / WSun1 (4-1) vs. Star[master] (3-2)

Gotham Golbats vs. Anistar Articunos
MG Rands: Crunchman (3-1) vs. LoSconosciuto (4-0)
MonoCAP: roxie (4-0) vs. Trichotomy (5-0)

Balete Drive Banettes vs. Bouncing Bounsweets
Mystery OU: ez (4-0) vs. robjr (4-0)

Ruhenheim Runerigus vs. Fullmoon Frosmoths
Same Six: TheFranklin (3-0) vs. GXE (4-0, +1 dead game)

>inb4 Micoy and my fellow manager PokeArt2004♥ use this as reference in their predictions
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Posting something on behalf of my player Axzel who happened to actually wait for a little longer because we realized WMAR wrongly calculated timezones.



Tagging my co-manager PokeArt2004♥, and Bounsweets managers Sificon and Frixel how to make of this moving forward; hope this gets resolved asap
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