Tournament Tours Plaza Premiere III (Signups)

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PS Name: Eggs McGee RICEMAN
Timezone: GMT +12
Preferred Tiers: WE A JACK OF ALL TRADE BOIIIIIII (I take all tiers regardless of religion, race, gender, or sexuality)
Forseen Inactivity: Potentially starting a new job in the next month, otherwise not much.

The Bannedorus-Therians are spurting out onto the scene of our first TPP with a sole goal: to share jollification! We do not foresee rigorus sweaty and demanding battles, rather my co-manager Eggs McGee and myself will nurture a wholesome and captivating team habitat. We want to bbuild up the next generation as well as other players that would like to put in an honest effort and try out something new!

New & inexperienced players are encouraged to join, we'll be there to support you on your journey with the Bannedorus Therians and the new formats you explore!

Become a member of our discord at, and feel free to ask us any questions!
PS Name : RichardPepper

Timezone : +2

Preferred Tiers :
1 STAAAB / STAB N MEGA / CaMonotype / ND Ubers (no particular order)
2 Random 10 pick 6, ND Same Six

Better die than play Doubles NU

Availability / Significant Time Missed : study but I'll try to be present
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