Tournament Tours Plaza Premiere III - The Semi Finals

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Let the Playoffs Begin! It's time for our series semi-finals!
Format :

Our 8 noteworthy teams will compete in a straight round-robin tournament, and every team will get to play against every other team. At the end of the round-robin, the top four teams will move on to our series semi-finals, where the #1 seed will take on the #4 seed, and #2 will take on the #3 seed, to determine our grand finalists. A win will be worth 2 points, a draw 1, and a loss 0.

Tiers (Click on the links to view the code so you can practice!) :

Gen 8 STABmons + Almost Any Ability

- Gen 8 STABmons + Mix n' Mega

- Bring 10 Pick 6 Random Battles w/ Dynamax (Reminder : This is now Best Of 3 due to this).

- Best Of 3 No Team Preview Gen 6 / 7 / 8 OU

- Gen 8 CaMonotype (Monotype Applied After Camomons) (Example Paste)

- Gen 8 Doubles NU

- Gen 8 National Dex Ubers w/ No Obtainable Formes

- Gen 8 National Dex Same Six

Sportsmanship: Don't be an ass. Not to your opponents, not to your team, not on PS, not on Smogon, not to me. A bit of friendly banter is ok, but please know where to draw the line. Think before you type, please.

Scheduling and Activity Wins: Contact your opponent as quickly as possible on their Smogon wall, and look out for them on PS. You will have one week from the posting of the week's matches to get it done, and I will not be granting any extensions for any reasons. If your opponent is not responding to your post on their wall, cannot be found on PS, or miss multiple scheduled times, make a detailed activity post in the thread letting me know why you deserve the win. No activity post means no activity call. As long as you have visible attempts at scheduling (such as wall posts), you will be fine.

Disconnections and Timer: A timer loss is a loss. No if's, and's, or but's about it. If your opponent is nice enough to replay that's fine, but they are by no means obligated to.

Ghosting and Identity: Don't take or give battle advice or make moves based solely on the suggestions of others, and don't pretend to be someone else in order to play as them. You will be caught, and you will be disqualified from this season as well as future PS! tournaments (BLT, PSPL, etc.).

Substitutions: Managers are free to substitute out inactive players at any point during the week with any subs they chose during the draft. Be sure to post in the thread when making a substitution.

Announcements and Tiering Decisions
Commencement Thread
Game Schedules



Absolute Absolposters (4) vs Full Moon Frosmoths (4)

Gen 8 STABmons + Almost Any Ability : The Number Man vs TectonicDestroyer
Gen 8 STABmons + Mix and Mega : Icemaster vs Akashi
Bring 10 Pick 6 Random Battles w/ Dynamax : Casual dot exe vs trace
(Replay 1) | (Replay 2) | (Replay 3)

Best of 3 No Team Preview Gen 6 /7/ 8 OU : Gray vs Stareal
(Replay 1) | (Replay 2) | (Replay 3)
CaMonotype : Ron...5 kythr vs not a racist

Gen 8 Doubles NU : queso vs Memoric

Gen 8 National Dex Ubers w/ No Obtainable Formes : WSun1 vs Elgino10
Gen 8 National Dex Same Six : shiloh vs 100%GXE



Lavaridge Lopunnys (5) vs Bouncing Bounsweets (3)

Gen 8 STABmons + Almost Any Ability : PokeArt2004♥ vs Don Vascus

Gen 8 STABmons + Mix and Mega : InvalidOS vs WMAR
Bring 10 Pick 6 Random Battles w/ Dynamax : p4P1//0n vs i want a lamp
(Replay 1) | (Replay 2) | (Replay 3)

Best of 3 No Team Preview Gen 6 /7/ 8 OU : ez vs Splash
(Replay 1) | (Replay 2)
CaMonotype : Jolly Togekiss ^-^ vs PA
Gen 8 Doubles NU : Surfy vs Zoaw
Gen 8 National Dex Ubers w/ No Obtainable Formes : FatFighter2 vs Kate

Gen 8 National Dex Same Six : TonyFlygon vs Sificon

Replays are MANDATORY. Deadline for this week is up until October 10th, 11:59PM GMT-4.


Good luck and have fun guys!


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can you see me?
it’s the end of the season for the pults so i’m here with some last words and shoutouts for the fam. i’m not the best with words so please bear with me - i hope that i can convey my feelings!

i know that this season didn’t go as any of us intended, through hax, bad matchups, misplays and other circumstances, but know that i’m so proud of all of you and i believe that if not for these things, we definitely could’ve gone further. nonetheless, i hope that you all had fun in the server! our preseason teamcord was definitely one of the most fun and active environments i’ve ever been in and it was an absolute honour to have been a part of that. it was super fun playing skrib and gartic with you guys, and i can’t thank everyone enough for watching me draw! i even got to challenge myself with our pult logo, and draw requests for my team. i’m glad that we had such a caring and wholesome environment. if there’s one thing i can do, it’s having an active server, i guess!

i’m sorry that i wasn’t able to be as active as i wanted and that i wasn’t able to help more with prep. i really wish i could’ve done more game nights! that said, it was a goal of mine to draft players that could self sustain with their prep due to my lack of experience and skill in that area, and know that throughout all of TPP iii, you guys were the roster that trade and i wanted. love you guys and i hope that we can meet again in another tournament if we’re still around. i’m so happy that i got to meet all of you and please feel free to talk to me as a friend!!
Trade i don’t think that i can thank you enough as a friend and as a co-manager. you helped me through a lot of my personal problems and i was honestly overjoyed when such a skilled player accepted me as a comanager. it’s my first time managing and i’m glad to have made such a great and relatable friend through it! thanks for carrying me with your experience and wisdom, and i hope that we will continue to be friends. i look up to you a lot.

23Gz i don't think that there’s anyone better than you to start off my player shoutouts. i know that you feel down because of your losses, but i hope that you noticed the appreciation both myself and the team have for you, because you were without a doubt one of the most impressive players out of any team in this entire tournament. you were a player that i wanted from the very start and i can’t be any more happy with your play, from the absolutely thrilling game against TNM to you being able to prep by yourself. you’re just incredible man.

Euphonos who better to mention next than the one and only E♯? another one of the players that i wanted from the start, you are an absolutely stellar camomons player. your dedication to your tier is incredible, and combined with your innovative teambuilding itch, you are a force to be reckoned with in camono. thank you so much for your commitment to the team, whether it be through game streams to hosting some jackbox, you really stepped up with both your gameplay and camaraderie.

PociekMociek thanks for always being active in chat and supporting the team! you’re a super chill dude, whether it be to talk with or play unite with (best lax). you pulled through with some sick wins and teams. i know that this season wasn’t the best for you be it from matchup or hax, but you are super impressive as a player so don’t let that get ya down :)

snorlax142857 our resident rands player! you’re one of the best rands mains in the pool and we (trade) had our eyes set on you. but since rands is rands, the matchups have been rough for you. nonetheless, you definitely showed your prowess as a rands player to all the “idk who snorlax numbers is” predicts. thanks for helping us determine the poffs probabilities, and i wish you luck with your studies!

javitu i was impressed by your desire to be on the team and commitment to it once we drafted you. whether it be through your tryout games or helping your fellow rands players with practice, you put in a lot for your tier. it was super fun playing skrib with you! thanks so much for helping the team man, you’re such a cool guy and i hope to see you around!

lph one of the realest people i’ve met on here. it’s a small world! you’re an awesome guy and player, thanks for coming in clutch with your sub, and congrats on your wins! you were super dedicated to your prep and i really appreciate that. i hope that you find success in whatever you do, be it with mons or school, my friend!

Drud you’re a cool guy, i’m glad that trade chose you as our OU player as i got to meet you! congrats on your wins this season, it was always fun to watch your games (nice one bringing that same SM team every week). i hope we get to meet again in another server or tour!

Roginald oi chav you have a real cool accent. real posh and stuff, mate. ok on a real note you’re a really good guy and i’m glad that i got to spend time with you this TPP, it was really fun chilling in vc with you. i’m sorry about how i forgot about the scout that one time :’) but you were always dedicated to your prep and that’s awesome. i know that you’ve been busy irl and i hope that everything’s been going well for ya.
p.s.: gxe says you suck.

toxya i hope that everything’s going okay for you and that you’re safe.

pannuracotta the one and only KAMI SAMA COTTA! you’re always super fun to talk to in vc or text. thanks for forgetting mons like pogre and caly in prep, that’s some #WholeLottaCotta! jokes aside, you had a super impressive season, in game and in your teams. you’re one of my best friends on here and i’m really glad that we got to take part in a team tour together.

Frito to be honest, i wasn’t too familiar with you prior to the tournament but boy am i glad that trade picked you up. i really enjoyed the talks we had and i’m glad that we got to meet each other through TPP. you’re super thorough with your prep and definitely a great player - i’ll be watching you! real #GrookeyGang

LTG it’s hard to play and build for such an unexplored tier, but you did just that. it was really cool to watch you build your teams from scratch and come up with cool ideas! i know that it was definitely a challenge to play DNU with such a strong pool and an inconsistent metagame, but you did well and i hope you continue with your doubles career.

Axelsior my skrib brother! of course, a mighty thank you for coming through to the game nights - it’s always a joy to play with you. it’s also a joy to watch you prep for your games, since same six is always won in the builder. i know that you aren’t the happiest with your record and performance this tour, but the effort and energy you put in is incredible and already deserving of respect.
p.s.: gxe says you’re the only player worse than rogi.

100%GXE alright pulp hater/anti vaxxer squadron leader/pb8/donda/etc. where do i start? i can’t believe i made such a great friend from BLT into TPP. i say this from time to time but i was really such a HUGE fan of you before we met, i was so excited that we got to talk in the turts server LOOL. you’re seriously one of the best people i’ve met on here, you’re super fun to talk to and watch all sorts of videos with. i’m also happy i got to help one of the players i look up to the most prep for (an awful) same six! not only am i extremely grateful for our friendship, i cannot thank you enough for being our same six prep carry. the amount of time that you put into helping us in that tier was so incredible and inspirational, from your builds to test games. thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us, and for being my friend. good luck in the playoffs - just don’t forget about any megas!

Mishimono i can’t thank you enough for helping us with DNU. we didn’t talk too much in the cord but i’m so incredibly thankful for all of your help. you’re one of the best DOU players and it was an honour having your support! all the best to you brother. mish mish

Ainzcrad bro you’re awesome, thanks so much for all the advice you give me as a manager and a friend. your advice to my team and myself was invaluable, i’m really glad i have a friend like you that tells it like it is. idk what you were thinking with your draft plan but hey that’s a nice ubers channel you have in your cord!

StitChuu for being one of my best friends, fellow likewhore, sharer of a bad sleep schedule, pulp enjoyer, among other titles. some strange drama at the start of this season but i hope you had fun in your team! thanks for providing some test teams for camono and your advice brother. i hope things are going well for ya!

omicorio adem DerpyBoi p4P1//0n Gray not a racist i want a lamp Ax Mossy Sandwich Stareal fabwooloo cy gum and others, for your support and help this season, and for being great friends/teamcord members! you guys are awesome and i’m so sorry that we weren’t able to draft you guys honestly. congrats on a great run this TPP brother fab and gl to the fellas in the playoffs!

ibleachyourskin for being active in the cord, joining our game nights and supporting. thanks so much for your dedication!

Z Strats you’re cool ig.

Baloor Reje as always for being awesome friends and the one and only comedic duo. will not forget the speed at which reje joined the vc when i told him baloor fell asleep in call and we sat in there waiting for him to snore LOL. fr though you two are some of the coolest people i’ve met on smogon and i’m really glad i know you guys. best wishes to both of you!!

Eeveekid10 HaaiL for always cheering for the team. thank you so much!

Micoy CONGRATS ON RO!!!!! you’re an awesome host and super nice guy in general! i don’t think you johnned a single week and you were always super consistent. what an improvement from the last TPP. one thing that didn’t improve throughout this TPP were the awful same sixes. seriously what was this one… right 100%GXE TheFranklin?

thus concludes my first manager experience and TPP. it was a blast - thanks everyone, even the folks that i didn’t mention. you’re all wonderful.

best of luck to all the teams heading into the playoffs! blce out.
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hi welcome to semi finals and the playoff season where absols will take it all
time for more predicts!

Absolute Absolposters (6) vs Full Moon Frosmoths (2)

STAAAB : The Number Man (70) vs TectonicDestroyer (30): TNM, with some luck, remains undefeated in the tour. Meanwhile, tect hasn't played much staaab and I think tnm should take this with more experience
SnM : Icemaster (60) vs Akashi (40): same as above but this should be kinda close as ice is less consistent in this tier compared to last year
Rands Bo3 : Casual dot exe (55) vs trace (45): cde is 6-1 in this tier with getting insanely lucked last week, although trace has been doing well too, I think cde should take this in 3
Bo3 OU : Gray (52) vs Stareal (48): Gray has been doing great under absols but this can definitely go either way
CaMonotype : kythr (65) vs not a racist (35): nate matchup'ed me last week but I don't really find the team or the plays good at all and kythr should take this kinda easily
Doubles NU : queso (40) vs Memoric (60): memoric has more experience in doubles in general
National Dex Ubers : WSun1 (70) vs Elgino10 (30): same as above, I have never seen elgino play this and will has shown to be quite dominant in this tier
National Dex Same Six : shiloh (49) vs 100%GXE (51): this should be very close as they are both very good players, bolding gxe bc of turtwig bias + making it close is more fun

Lavaridge Lopunnys (5) vs Bouncing Bounsweets (3)

STAAAB : PokeArt2004♥ (55) vs Don Vascus (45): Don has more experience, Pokeart has better consistency, Pokeart won last year so my bet says same for this year as well
SnM : InvalidOS (40) vs WMAR (60): Seen wmar win more than invalid, rip
Rands Bo3 : p4P1//0n (40) vs i want a lamp (60): papillon is a good player in general but can he break through near-undefeated Lamp?
Bo3 OU : ez (60) vs Splash (40): Both are good players but ez has had a better record so far
CaMonotype : Jolly Togekiss ^-^ (55) vs PA (45): This is a fun matchup as they're the best record holders in this tier but PA is rather unlucky
Doubles NU : Surfy (55) vs Zoaw (45): Zoaw had a rather unimpressive win last week and Surfy is better in this tier
National Dex Ubers : FatFighter2 (40) vs Kate (60): Both are p good but Kate has been doing better
National Dex Same Six : TonyFlygon (60) vs Sificon (40): Better player in general but sifi has been doing alright too so I think this should be closer than expected

StitChuu for being one of my best friends, fellow likewhore, sharer of a bad sleep schedule, pulp enjoyer, among other titles. some strange drama at the start of this season but i hope you had fun in your team! thanks for providing some test teams for camono and your advice brother. i hope things are going well for ya!
ly fam u2
SEMIS TIME! And getting to be a part of them for once is awesome. Now without further ado, lets get to the goods. Predicts!

Last time these 2 teams faced off... it was a 7-1 massacre of the frosmoths by the absols. This time ain't looking so good for the frosmoths either.

Absolute Absolposters (6) vs Full Moon Frosmoths (2)

Gen 8 STABmons + Almost Any Ability : The Number Man vs TectonicDestroyer - Ok so tnm is the only 7-0 player in the entire tournament, which means by default he is the best in this pool. Meanwhile tect started the tour off by being 0-1 for the first 4 weeks, but then scored 3 wins straight in the last 3 weeks, earning a 3-1 record overall, not bad at all. However, his only loss was in staaab. Tect is a bit of a wild card and can sometimes pull unexpected upsets, but being the staaab overlord that he is, I'm gonna say tnm wins. The Number Man has been, and may always be favored by the numbers in rng, guy was 1 unfrozen mon away from getting his first loss, but the numbers man...

Gen 8 STABmons + Mix and Mega : Icemaster vs Akashi - I know several of these are rematches, but perhaps worth mentioning anyways, its a rematch, and ice won last time. Ice has the best snm record at 5-2 (wmar may have the same record but one of the wins was in staaab, so he's 4-2 in snm) and has shown pretty consistent and solid play throughout the whole tour. Jeran on the other hand... is 2-4. He's not inconsistent, I just think he's generally not as well versed in omms as players who are more so omm mains. Jeran's a good player but just like the case of tnm vs tect, he's facing the best player in the pool. Considering more is at stake, I expect jeran to step it up and put up a really good fight, but I still feel ice will win, as his performances have been contrary to his name, they've been heat.

Bring 10 Pick 6 Random Battles w/ Dynamax : Casual dot exe vs trace - Casual definitely has one of the better records for the randbats pool at 4-2, while trace hasn't played as much and only has a record of 2-2. One could say trace is being more casual about this than casual himself, while casual himself has been casually dominating most of the competition, including users like Irpachuza and pujo. The only 2 losses casual gained were from lamp (the best rands record holder) and mystras leoxes to some unparalleled parahax. Looking at performances, I think casual's been doing better in games overall. Trace is no slouch when it comes to rands so this could be close but I expect casual to win here because of my aforementioned reasons.

Best of 3 No Team Preview Gen 6 /7/ 8 OU : Gray vs Stareal - Hl rematch! In most cases I would probably say Star here... but gray's been doing quite a bit better in this tour with a record of 6-1. Star had a pretty rough start in tpp losing the first 2 weeks, but ending up coming back nicely with a record of 4-3. Although, even if star came back, I just can't bring myself to say he's the real star of ou for this tour after seeing what gray has showcased. Overall I feel gray has been more consistent for this tour, and has played very solidly. Star played pretty solidly too but he wasn't as consistent. Just like what happened the last time they faced in week 4, I think gray will win again, but this could easily either way. Who will be the real star of ou?! Find out on the next episode of The Real Stars of TPP. Starring Stareal.
Update: Gray won, but we all know the real star of ou is ez. It's ez to tell :).

CaMonotype : Ron...5 kythr vs not a racist - Kythr is among the best players in this pool, and this pool was pretty stacked with users like Jolly Togekiss, Euphonos, PA and others. Not a racist is not a racist, and the same can be said when you look at all the tiers he's played over the course of this tour, 4 different tiers and he's 3-3 overall. Not a racist isn't a bad player overall, and 2/3 of his wins came from camomono, but kythr is an absolute (absolposter) goat as a player, who is capable of playing many things really well. He also has quite a bit of mono experience and prowess, and I think his 4-1 record further proves these points. Unless kythr gets a bad mu, I don't see him losing here. In fact, I see this as an absolute win.

Gen 8 Doubles NU : queso vs Memoric - Memoric has been a very dominant goat during this tour, even if he skipped out on facing 2 of the other solid doubles mains who've been doing well too. Queso on the other hand hasn't done too well in this pool, finding himself to be the only player on the absols who was a consistent starter throughout the tour and went negative. Last time the absols faced the frosmoths, the frosmoths were obliterated in a 1-7 loss, and the ONLY win was from Memoric himself, vs queso too. Memoric's game should be the game the frosmoths have the most confidence in winning here, as his overall performance, consistency, experience, solid play and building all outshine queso by quite a bit. Memoric will win, he is goated, that is all that actually needed to be said here.

Gen 8 National Dex Ubers w/ No Obtainable Formes : WSun1 vs Elgino10 - Elgino may be a decent player who's played multiple different tiers and ended up with a 2-2 record, but this is his first time playing this tier. Wsun1 has the best record in the pool (unless we count fc) at 6-1 and its no wonder with how well he consistently plays and his ag experience. So this is an experienced ag main who has played this tier every week and only lost once vs a non ag main who hasn't played every week and is playing this tier for the very first time this tour. Unless Elgino pulls a frostyicelad, idt WSun1 will lose here. I have made this joke a lot already but it needs to be said here. Wsun1 has this w sun won.

Gen 8 National Dex Same Six : shiloh vs 100%GXE - Hl rematch!! Probably the closest game among these, so by default the hardest to predict. Both are absolutely goated players who've done pretty good in the tour so far, shiloh being 3-1 and gxe being 5-2. As players, they're just about even in terms of skill, shiloh and gxe even share a common loss against tony(goat)flygon, and gxe's only other loss was against shiloh himself. Comparing their performances in games... I think gxe might have been a bit better? Maybe just a little bit? I also believe that gxe is the more creative team builder. Considering gxe has played the entire tour (shiloh played 4 weeks), gxe has more creative team building, possibly more motivation than shiloh to win here, and the fact that the last time these 2 faced, gxe only lost to a crit, I think gxe will get his revenge. Although, this could very easily go either way with no surprise. Winner here could try for revenge against tonyflygon!

Rooting for Frosmoths! Please pull an upset in nearly every game. The Absol Dynasty needs to end at some point.

Just like always, here's Pap's Schedule Doc. Anyways, thanks for reading and normally I'd say see you next week but if Lops get to finals these will be my last predicts of the tour. So if that's the case, its been fun. Until next time!

(Apologies to anyone I may have possibly offended, please do not take these very seriously.)
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