Tournament Tours Plaza Premiere III - The Semi Finals

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Alright, we have a tiebreaker in the semi-finals! Who will go on to face the Lavaridge Lopunnies in our grand finals? Let's find out!


Absolute Absolposters (1) vs Full Moon Frosmoths (2)

[Gen 8] STABmons + Almost Any Ability : The Number Man
vs TectonicDestroyer
Best of 3 No Team Preview Gen 6 /7/ 8 OU :
Gray vs Stareal
(Replay 1) | (Replay 2) | (Replay 3)
[Gen 8] Doubles NU :
crying vs Memoric

Replays are MANDATORY. Deadline is up until Sunday, October 17th, 11:59 PM GMT-4.

Good luck and have fun guys!
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And that concludes the tiebreakers, and overall semi finals week! Good games, everyone!

Now that the Absol Dynasty has fallen, which one of these 2 teams will be the bloodthirsty successor and will be crowned TPP 3 Champions? Tune in to our grand finals to find out!

Finals will be know what, i'll leave it as a secret :).
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