Tours Plaza Winter Seasonal Round 5 (losers only)

Tours Plaza Winter Seasonal

Round 5

Welcome to Tours Plaza Winter Seasonal! The tier for this seasonal being played will be Gen 9 Random Battle Mayhem!


Shared Power:
Once a Pokémon switches in, its ability is shared with the rest of the team. Your team's abilities are all active at the same time. That means if you have a Blastoise with torrent and a Scizor with technician, your Crawdaunt would have torrent and technician in addition to its Adaptability.
Camomons: Pokémon change type to match their first two moves.
Inverse: Weaknesses become resistances, while resistances become weaknesses.
Scalemons: Pokemon's stats, barring HP, are scaled to give them a BST as close to 600 as possible, meaning that some BSTs might be a bit lower or higher than 600, with all recalculated stats being rounded down.

  • Best of three, double elimination.
  • All rounds will be First to 2 Wins.
  • Matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown!
  • Replays are required.

Swiffix  vs  Sificon
metagross does architectu  vs  Zygarde12
Natcrozma  vs  Commander Awesome
brokenmotor  vs  Spcplayzz
Tenebricite  vs  DragonPhoenix333
Don Vascus  vs  Nael222
Aggrometaile  vs  Latias
Lalaya  vs  Mossy Sandwich
Liimpy  vs  Jadinobambino
Takatk  vs  blinkboy
Trefleuh  vs  Kinetic1000
PieBob  vs  NumbNinja
SpaceSpeakers  vs  Clastia
Keahi  vs  The Dragon Master
A-drago destroyer  vs  Shady Icy
King Griffin  vs  Tea Guzzler

Deadline is Tuesday February 14th at 11:59pm -5
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I was late in attempting to schedule due to real life stuff going on for the past ~2 weeks but my opponent hasn't seemed active since they made their account

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