Tours Plaza Winter Seasonal Round 7 (losers only)

Tours Plaza Winter Seasonal

Round 7

Welcome to Tours Plaza Winter Seasonal! The tier for this seasonal being played will be Gen 9 Random Battle Mayhem!


Shared Power:
Once a Pokémon switches in, its ability is shared with the rest of the team. Your team's abilities are all active at the same time. That means if you have a Blastoise with torrent and a Scizor with technician, your Crawdaunt would have torrent and technician in addition to its Adaptability.
Camomons: Pokémon change type to match their first two moves.
Inverse: Weaknesses become resistances, while resistances become weaknesses.
Scalemons: Pokemon's stats, barring HP, are scaled to give them a BST as close to 600 as possible, meaning that some BSTs might be a bit lower or higher than 600, with all recalculated stats being rounded down.

Deadline for this week is Tuesday February 28th at 11:59pm -5
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