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Largely adapted from CAP Forum Tournament Queue/Approval Thread

Tournament NameHost(s)Signups Date

This thread exists first as a way for Tournaments/Tours Plaza users to request + host tournament ideas that aren't already covered by events such as TPC, BLT, and TLT, and second as a place to easily find the schedule for approved tournaments.

Posting Rules and Format:
  • ONLY post if you intend to host/co-host the tournament yourself
  • This is NOT the place for extensive discussion on other people's proposals. Constructive comments are acceptable, but Tournaments Room Staff will have the final say on if a tournament will be approved/denied.
  • If you wish to host a tournament that's on the main schedule, contact a Tournaments roomstaff member about that directly. This is NOT the place to post for that.

Tournament Proposals must follow this format:

Tournament Name: The name of your tournament

Tournament Host(s): Your name plus the name of any co-hosts. Any co-hosts must be tagged in this line and they must like the application post to confirm that they are committed to be co-hosts.

Tournament Time Frame: The time in which you want the tournament to run AND the length of each round. You do not need to have an exact end date if you want to have the end of the tournament be flexible, but you must have a concrete date for sign ups, a concrete date for the start of round 1, and an estimated end date.

Host experience: Do you have experience in hosting tournaments of any nature? If so, please provide links to examples. If you do not have hosting experience, what other Smogon experience do you have that you think helps prove you would be a reliable host?

Tournament Description: Provide a general description for your tournament that includes:
  • Tournament Style: Is the tournament Round Robin, Elimination (single, double, etc), partner/team based?
  • Tournament Banlist: Does the tournament follow a pre-existing banlist(s) for the meta(s) it features? it If not, what are the additions/subtractions to the ruleset(s).
  • Tournament Justification: What do you hope the tournament will accomplish? Why do you think it would be a tournament that people will be interested in signing up for?
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Tournament name : Randbats Mayhem Tour
Tournament hosts : Limpy Lucario TDR
Tournament time frame : Signups to begin from 16th jan, will last a week roughly.
Time for a round would be 5 days to 1 week form the time matchups are posted.
Tournament will be single elimination.
Host experience : TDR is hosting oras ou ssnl, i haven't hosted any forum tours, but I've hosted tours in the tours room multiple times.
Tournament description: The tournament will be single elimination.
The tournament will be a a random battles tournament with the mayhem mods. Players can challenge using the following code :
/challenge [Gen 8] Random Battle @@@[Gen 8] Shared Power,[Gen 8] Camomons,Inverse Mod,Scalemons Mod

Tournament justification : As random battles is a very popular tier, I expect people to be interested in the tour.

Sure, go for it--just make sure to post the threads for this tournament in the "Random Battles" subforum instead of here in PS! Tournaments. - Think
Tournament Name: STABmons Mix and Mega Seasonal

Tournament Hosts: Aggrometaile, Tranquility

Tournament Time Frame: Signups to begin from 14th of April, and will last for a week or less depending on the number of signups.
Time for a round would be 1 week from the time matchups are posted and it will go on for 4+ weeks (depending on the number of signups)

Host experience: Tranquility has hosted many forum tours before (basically RoA tours like this) and is also the Room Moderator of Tournaments and Tours Plaza in PS!. I haven't hosted any forum tour before, but am a member of STABmons MnM (SnM in short) council and have created multiple (and still is) roomtours in Mix and Mega Mashups room on ROM.

Tournament Description:
  • Tournament Style: Single Elimination
  • Tournament Banlist: Their is no specific banlist.
  • Tournament Justification: Basically, the tournament would help the council to analyse the metagame (especially after the recent Phermosa ban). STABmons Mix and Mega is a very popular OM Mashup. It has also featured as a metagame in TPP (III, I guess?). So, I expect people to sign up for the tour.

    Sure, looks fine to me - Isaiah
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Tournament Name: (Gen 8) 2v2 Any Mon
Tournament Host: ChristFire777
Tournament Time Frame: Friday, April 29, 2022 at 11:55 A.M. (sign-up); Friday, April 29, 2022 at 12:00 P.M. (start of Round 1); Friday, April 29, 2022 at 2:00 P.M.
Host Experience: None
Tournament Description: Elimination (Double); All Pokémon Welcome (Including Dynamax); I believe this Tournament will allow people to expand their creativity and use Pokémon they never thought would work together.
tournament name: Gen 6 ubers
Tournament host: Destarte
Tournament time frame: Monday July 4th 2022 10:00 Am CT sign up. Round one begins Tuesday July 5th at 1:00 Pm Ct. projected end date of tournament is 3:00 Pm CT but is flexible depending on the amount of people signed up. Each round should last between 20-30 minutes depending on amount of people signed up but the estimate is also flexible
Host experience: some, my last tournament was in 2016 but none since.
Tournament description: this tournament is a double elimination (losers bracket for 3rd place) tournament. Current gen 6 ubers banlist applies. My justification for this tournament is that ubers has long been a popular tier and this is a good opportunity to play a tournament in a great generation that isn’t available for normal play.

I not sure how this was intended to start a day after the request was posted, so I think you'll have to reschedule. Also, considering that this is gen 6 ubers + double elim, I don't see how the entire thing could end in just a day. If you want it to be quick, maybe this could be a no johns tour instead? (normal forum tour but with just a few days for each round instead of a week) - Isaiah
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Tournament name: Garchomp’s Pokebattle League
Host: Garchompfan1512
Sign ups: July 18 9:00 am GMT-6 to July 30 9:00 am GMT-6
Tournament start: August 5 5:00 p.m. GMT-6
Tournament ends: August 20 Noon GMT-6
Host Experience: None
Goals for tournament: For people to have fun
Description: An almost anything goes tournament where the only rules are no Dynamax/Gmax and no mythical Pokémon
It will be a 16 team bracket tournament
Single elimination tournament

When you say "16 team", what do you mean by that? If this tour is just meant to be a regular single elim tour with teams, it would be good to have that specified - Isaiah
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Tournament name: Garchomp’s Pokebattle League
Host: Garchompfan1512
Sign ups: July 18 9:00 am GMT-6 to July 30 9:00 am GMT-6
Tournament start: August 5 5:00 p.m. GMT-6
Tournament ends: August 20 Noon GMT-6
Host Experience: None
Goals for tournament: For people to have fun
Description: An almost anything goes tournament where the only rules are no Dynamax/Gmax and no mythical Pokémon
It will be a 16 team bracket tournament
Single elimination tournament

When you say "16 team", what do you mean by that? If this tour is just meant to be a regular single elim tour with teams, it would be good to have that specified - Isaiah
It is 16 people

Alright, sure--although for such a small tournament, you could also consider just doing it through challonge as a user-hosted tour in the Tournaments room itself :]
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Tournament Name: National Dex OU and Friends Tournament

Tournament Host(s): PowerOfMemes, carti, gamer but swag

Tournament Time Frame: Signups will end be posted a soon as possible (if this is approved), and they will close July 30th (or 37th). Each round will last one week, ending around September 24th (or October 1st), with Round 1 starting July 31st (or August 7th). [All the (...) depend on when-if-this is approved]

Host experience: None.

Tournament Description: "OU and Friends" is a Single Elimination-Best of 3 Tournament with (around) 24 players playing with National Dex OU bans, but you may include a banned Pokemon or item, from the list below, to put onto your team. It would be interesting because of the unbanned Pokemon shaking up the metagame a bit.

List: Blazikenite, Cinderace, Deoxys-Speed, Dragapult, Giratina, Giratina-Origin (with Griseous Orb), Genesect, Lugia, Lunala, Magearna, Metagrossite, Naganadel, Necrozma-DW, Pheromosa, Solgaleo, Spectrier, Tornadus-Therian, Urshifu-S.

This seems like it'd be most successful if you just asked natdex ou mods about doing it in their forum tbh
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Name: End of Summer 2022 Super VGC Melee
Host: GarchompFan1512
Timeframe: Manager Signups will start on August 21st
Player signups will start on August 28th
Player Draft will be September 1st
Regular season starts on September 8th and goes until October 1
Round 1 October 2 to October 4
Championship October 6
Host Experience: Hosted Garchomp’s Pokebattle League
Description: A week by week VGC tournament with teams of 4
Tournament Name: STours OU Trios tour

Tournament Host(s): Limpy Lucario

Tournament Time Frame: I'll open signups as soon as this gets approved.

Host experience: I've hosted a forum tour here (rands mayhem), and i have a lot of experience in hosting UH tours in the room.

Tournament Description: It will be a trios tour,of STours tiers(Gen6,7,8 OU) participants have to signup in teams of three
Example signup: Captain : Player A
Gen 8 player: Player A
Gen 7 player: Player B
Gen 6 player: Player C
It will be a bo3, single elimination tour.
The banlist will be in accordance with the tier bans.

Looks good to me - Rage
Tournament Name : 1v1 Alphabet Cup
Tournament Host : Akeras
Tournament Time Frame : Start 1 week after signups (signups start the week after its approved)
Host Experience : Some discord tours
Tournament Description : Each week, i send a fraction of the alphabet (like C to J) and players have to build teams with 3 mons (its 1v1) and each first letter of mons name have to follow them (like for STU, Shedinja+Tapu Fini+Urshifu) and the 3 letters habe to be on the frzction of letters i have select before.
Bo5 and Double Elim
Banlist : 1v1 Banlist

Honestly don't know how I missed this, but it seems totally fine, only thing is that I ask you have someone more experienced w/ hosting on Smogon to help you as needed - Isaiah
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Tournament Name: Same Duos Cup
Tournament Hosts: mathfreak231 aka Mathy, HugeNoobLmao aka Pika Sup
Tournament Time Frame: Assuming this gets approved quick enough, signups will open on the 11th, and Round 1 will start on the 18th. 1 week per round.
Host Experience: I frequently make Same Solo/Duo tours in Lobby and did a few silly hosts in the Tours room earlier this year. As for correspondence tournaments I've hosted a couple in community Discord servers that pretty much mirror Smogon's structure. Pika Sup has many hosts in Tours, especially auction-type tournaments.
Tournament Description: Same Duos Cup is a single elimination tournament where each round the hosts will select 3 pairs of Pokemon. Contenders will battle each pair against the same pair from their opponent, and the best out of 3 moves on.

The Pokemon chosen each round are not limited solely to what is normally allowed in [Gen 8] 2v2 Doubles -- natdex and ubers may be selected as well. For Pokemon with multiple forms (such as regional variants), any forms may be used. Otherwise, the [Gen 8] 2v2 Doubles banlist applies, except the 3rd duo of each round, which will be played in an old gen.

This is an example of what players would see each round:
Duo 1: :lopunny: Lopunny and :drapion: Drapion
Duo 2: :kyogre: Kyogre and :regieleki: Regieleki (You must manually unban Kyogre, use the format string gen82v2doubles @@@ +kyogre when challenging)
Duo 3 (Gen 6): :malamar: Malamar and :sudowoodo: Sudowoodo (You must battle in [Gen 6] Doubles OU following this banlist)
The Pokemon above are not necessarily representative of what would be in the tournament, honestly we'd probably just roll random pokes until we see something that looks balanced
Tournament Justification: When Monita hosts Same Duo tours they tend to be quite fun and competitive. I've had great success with hosting them in Lobby as well, even though they tend to be more casual there. Now people who want more Same Duos can get their wish :)

Seems pretty fun, go for it - Isaiah
Tournament Name: ADV Lowers Tiers Trio tournament
Tournament Hosts: Cdijk16
Tournament Time Frame: 1 week per round. Will open signups as soon as this gets approved.
Tournament Details:
1. Tiers Played:
ADV Ubers
2. Teams will have 3 people each.
3. BO3, Single Elimination
4. Each tier will be BO3 individually.
5. Players may switch tiers between rounds.
Name USA Randbat Melee
Host GarchompFan1512
Time frame 4 battles per week for 10 weeks for 40 battles With a 2 week preseason Signups open as soon as approval occurs
Details Everybody will be matched up with somebody to do a Randbat. It will be divided up into divisions based on preseason records
Also, there are only 20 slots for non American players
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