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I noticed that there was no channel for trading on the server. I would like to trade with a more trusted group of trainers, and I'm sure most of you would too. It can get to be a pain when looking for trades and #pokemon says to ask in #smogonwifi and #smogonwifi suggests to ask in #pokemon. I am not trying to draw attention to some sort of identity or brand for self absorbed pride in some meaningless total of idlers I could attract. It just seems to be a feature that the network lacks and I have noticed many people ask "why don't we have a trade channel!?"

With all that said, maybe we could get a trade room going. I started #trade last night and have been idle to keep ops. I wouldn't mind giving up control over the channel, just looking for somewhere to trade with the community in a more fluid and real time environment.

Thanks for reading. =)

Edit: I have registered the channel under the advice of Level 51. I've never actually owned my own channel, so I needed a seasoned user to help me dot my i's and cross my t's. Feel free to idle for however long. I am sure it will be a while before the channel generates enough traffic to provide a constant availability of transactions.
We'll take that under consideration. In the meantime I've decided to move this to the Suggestion Box, where I think it is a tad more appropriate (given it is a suggestion).


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I think it's a good idea, yeah. Although, isn't this something that would fall into your realm more than mine, Wild Eep? I'll leave it up to you and the other WiFi moderators to decide if you want to start a channel like this. Let us know what your decision is when you make it!
Thanks for the redirection to a more applicable sub-forum Eep and both of you for being courteous enough to give the idea consideration.


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yeah we've accidentally redirected people to #smogonwifi for this before. up until recently a lot of people, myself included, were under the impression #smogonwifi was a trade channel (which it is not, as was brought to my attention about a month ago). most of the auths are aware of this now so we direct people to the forums when they want to arrange trades, since #pokemon is usually not very responsive to those requests. tbh i was kind of surprised we DIDN'T have a channel for this. is there another channel we should send them to until something more official is established? (for example #vgc is a thing right)


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As cool as it'd be, I don't see it working out very well. I picture it being a ton of people asking for requests, and not enough people there to fill the requests. That would result in a lot of spamming of the same requests because people would feel like their requests were being ignored.
That being said, there are a good amount of people willing to help, so it could work, but I have a feeling it wouldn't turn out very well.
I talked with a bunch of the other wi-fi mods, and we won't be making #trade official, because there are already so many splinter channels, it'll be tricky to populate (Tolan's concerns), and the forums could use the trade traffic.

talpa is certainly free to continue running #trade as he pleases.

Also thanks for the suggestion!
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