Trick room team

We are making a small and customized tournament with friends. The rules are:
-No legendaries
-An item can only be carried by a single pokemon in the team.
-gen 4
I am building a trick room team.

Bronzong@Macho brace
252 HP/152 Atk/96 SDef/8 Def, 0 speed IV
-Trick Room
-Stealth Rock
My lead. With levitate, his only weakness is fire, but with 252 EV's in HP he won't be OHKO'ed by a fire move, thus being able to set up trick room. He may also set up stealth rock. As for damage, with macho brace, gyroball will always have 150 power and gets STAB. And earthquake is always good.

Gallade@Fist Plate
252 Atk/252 HP/4 SDef 0 IV speed
-Close Combat
-Trick room
-Night Slash
-Psycho cut
Gallade is awesome since he can serve as physical sweeper and trick room setter. Close combat is the main move, he gets 1.5 STAB and 1.2 bonus because of the fist plate. Psycho Cut is a physical psychic move, which gets STAB as well, and Night Slash deal with psychic and mainly ghosts pokemon.

Dusknoir@Left overs
252 HP/252 Def/4 SDef 0 IV speed
-Trick room
-Will o wisp
The last of the 3 trick room setters. Will o wisp is good, especially against physical sweepers. Wish will support the team, and earthquake because earthquake is good.

Swampert@Expert Belt
252 HP/252 Def/4 SDeF 0 IV speed
-Stone Edge
Tanker who can hit nearly anything. His low speed is great with trick room, his moves are effective against 11 types, thus I gave him expert belt, with only one weakness and those EV's, he can last very long.

Salamance@Life orb
252 Atk/252 Satk/4 hp 0 IV speed
-Dragon Claw
Salamnce will serve as a mixed sweeper. Since he doesn't need to worry about speed, I can give more EV to his attacks. Roost will pay for life orb.

Porygon-z@Wise glasses
252 SAtk/128 Def/128 SDef 0IV speed
-Nasty Plot
Special sweeper. Without having to worry with speed, I can focus on making porygon live more increasing its defenses. Nasty plot increases even more porygon's absurd special attack, thunderbolt and icebeam hit most pokemon, and tri attack get STAB.

that's it.

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