Tournament Triple Threat Tournament (Won by zxgzxg)


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welcome to the first playtesting triple threat tournament. i apologize for being mostly inactive for a long time as i was bogged down with irl activities, and i hope this will drum up some more activity and interest in the mod since i do sincerely like its premise.

to those unaware, triple threat is a micrometa dedicated to pokemon with up to three typings. this creates an interesting dynamic where typing matchups are radically changed, and some movesets are bolstered or limited by the option of having a third stab.
as for the resources, here is the original thread, spreadsheet, and discord.

Tournament Specific Rules:
- All general rules apply. Click here for guidelines about scheduling matches.
- Matches are Best of 3, which means that the first person to win two games wins the set and moves on in the tournament.
- Matches are to be played in the New Dragon Heaven Server. It is very highly recommended that you use the Dragon Heaven client, which makes teambuilding and battling much easier. Said client is linked above.
- Replays are mandatory. It's highly recommended that you download the replay, to ensure that we have enough data to go off from.
- This is a single elimination tournament.

additional note: i've noticed that vanilla mons in dlc2 get the new dlc2 moves in triple threat. because i have not decided on what to do with those yet, they will be disallowed for the time being.

to ease one's entry, i've made some albeit rushed sample teams:
(:iron-bundle: for chilupo, :urshifu-rapid-strike: for hammerhelm, :aegislash: for deliriophage, :mamoswine: for brrrwtick)

signups will be open for a week (extension added if necessary). reply in to join. good luck and have fun


long day at job
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it has come to my attention that i forgot to add terastal clause to the format. oops.

all games last round will be kept but this round please refrain from clicking the funny button at the bottom

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